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Secretary Kim is a player in Lucid Adventure. She is a member of the Giga Empire and the secretary of the Giga Vice President, Light. She was Ranked no.43 in the Giga Scout Ranking System and is a member of Totoras.

She was a part of Team Light that took part in the last ever Combat Tournament and were defeated by Team Dark in the PvP Round Finals.


General - Secretary Kim has long brown hair which is usually seen tied into a ponytail, with braids running through her hair. She has angular brown eyes and a generally slim and muscular body size.

Giga Uniform - Secretary Kim wears a regular female version of the Giga Uniform to formal events, such as visiting Yopi Kingdom and Conferences. It consists of a long white cape and white suit and pants. The whole uniform is decorated with gold embroidery (i.e. Shoulder piece, Belt, Buttons)

Battle Uniform - Secretary Kim wears a golden glove on her right hand and a golden shoulder piece on her left shoulder. Her suit is skin tight to assist with mobility. She wields a golden spear.

Valkyrie - Secretary Kim's hair has been sliced by a sword during the Combat Tournament, making it slightly less than shoulder length. She wears a set of revealing body armour, coloured purple and white. Pieces of translucent purple silk are attached throughout the outfit. Large white wings sprout from her back due to her attribute, which can be used for flight. A headpiece with small twin angel wings on each side frames her head. Her spear is now silver and purple instead of gold.



Real World

Lucid Adventure

Video Games


Secretary Kim is a loyal and a condescending person. She's shown to be loyal and care for Han Gun-Soo all through out the events as she protected and served him multiple times.

However, she can be cold and condescending sometimes such as when she first appeared, she had mercilessly kicked the head of a Giga employee for failing to do his job and asked the Vice President if they can fire him. She snickered at General Manager Park for throwing a tantrum against the Vice president and mocked Cocomori, calling her an abandoned dog that found a new home.

From what Han Gun-Soo said during her first introduction, it can be assumed she has a temper problem.




Secretary Kim is loyal to Light and holds him to a high standard. She has shown care and concern for his wellbeing on multiple occasions. Whenever Light was somehow beaten or attacked, she would take matters into herself to protect him as shown when Dark pushed him back in Giga's invasion, ordering the soldiers to attack Dark. She was concerned when Choco Bibi managed to wound Light and was distraught when Light was incapacitated by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. This would continue on during and after the years had passed, she worried on Light's handicapped condition.

Secretary Park

Secretary Park is her fellow secretary working under Light. As teammates, they are on good terms and Secretary Kim respects Secretary Park as she knew that things will be fine when he faced off against Top Baldhead.

General Manager Park

They were fellow employees but Secretary Kim seems to look down on him as she mocked him for trying to argue with Light.

Skills & Abilities

Secretary Kim is a strong and highly skilled player that serves Light in Lucid Adventure. She was ranked the 43rd strongest player under the the Giga Ranking System.

Strength: Secretary Kim was able to shatter the barrier of the Yopi Land's Assassin's stealth magic with a single blow.[2]

Agility: Secretary Kim has great dexterity as she was able to block and deflect every single one of Cocomori's attacks who was teleporting every single second, coming at her from all sides.[3]

High Level Perception: Secretary Kim was able to detect the exact location of the VIP Assassins of Yopi Land despite the group being covered with stealth magic.[4]

Spearmanship: Secretary Kim possesses a splendid spear technique and was able to deflect every single bullet Tempest shot at her team.[5]

Lucid Ball Skills: items that provide a variety of functions to aid rankers and regular users.

  • Information Analysis: Lucid Ball is able to rank each player based on the power of the World itself and can be used to identify situations and other players.

Flight: Secretary Kim was seen flying during the Preliminary Round. It is unclear if this her own skill or because of a magic used by Light although it is most likely the latter.

Personal Attribute

Main Article: Valkyrie - Geirskögul:

Secretary Kim transforms into a Valkyrie and gains wings, a shield and her spear transforms. In this form, all Secretary Kim's power explodes and her spear attacks are imbued with holy attributes which is the weakness of dark magic.

In this form, she easily overwhelmed Firecracker who was using Dark Element Magic; for reference, she was struggling to deal with the Firecracker in her base form.

Enhanced Spearmanship: An unskilled spear thrust from Secretary Kim easily shattered Firecracker's High Barrier and killed Firecracker; in her base form, Secretary Kim's spear attacks could not damage Firecracker. She was able to block an unskilled slash from the Rank No. 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior; Hardcore Leveling Warrior theorised that she might have had a "Blessing of Invulnerability" presumably from God of Blessings.[6] She is able to use powerful attacks such as Spear of Heavenly Summoning.[6]

Holy Attribute: In this form, Secretary Kim's spear attacks are imbued with Holy attribute, which can counter Dark element magic.[7]

Healing: Secretary Kim can heal her party members using Angelic Cradle.[8]

Flight: In this form, Secretary Kim has wings and is able to fly at high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground. She was fast enough to catch a Light that had been flicked away at high speed by the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[6] In Season 2, she is seen with the Valkyrie wings in her base form.[9]

  • Flight Manipulation: Secretary Kim is can grant her allies the valkyrie wings which enables them to fly.[9]

Skill Tree

Golden Weapon Skills

Valkyrie - Geirskögul skills

  • Angelic Cradle: Secretary Kim encompasses the target with a sphere that restores their HP. A bonus effect of the skill is that it removes the stun status of the target. It takes at least five to ten seconds to remove the stun status.
  • Valkyrie Cannon Shot: fires a blast from her spear that creates a huge explosion.
  • Spear of Heavenly Summoning: Secretary Kim charges her spear with heavenly energy before emitting a large purple wave of destruction.

Lucid Ball Skills

  • Peek: A skill that lets the user analyse the a target. The higher the skill level is, the more information you can get about the target.




Secretary Kim has served Giga under Light and at some point in time, she was revoked from her job for a time because of her violent tendencies.

Season 1

Black Magic Dungeon Arc

Secretary was first introduced at the end of this arc when Manager Jang Kim reported the incident regarding Dark's assassination as a failure, she kicked the head of Manager Park and asked Light if they could fire him. Light tells her to stop and reminded her that she has just been reinstated. She accompanied Light as part of the diplomatic team to have a meeting with Yopi in Yopi Land. After Light told Yopi to back away from Dark, they left Yopi Land.

Preliminary Round Arc

Before the Preliminary Round began, she was evaluated alongside her team, Light and Secretary Park, by BJ Umai with an estimated combat rank of SS. When the Preliminary Round began, her team encountered VIP assassins from Yopi Land using a cloaking barrier, Secretary Kim broke the barrier by punching it then afterwards Light eliminated them with a single spell.

They then encountered Team Dark at the end of the Preliminary Round, just as she and Secretary Park were about to attack Team Dark, Light ordered them to stop and cross the finish line with his puppet. She and Secretary Park followed his orders and left the scene.

Siege Round Prelude Arc

During the Siege Round, she was seen along with her team, discussing their strategy whilst observing the teams they hired take down a monster. Secretary Kim was then seen surprised with Secretary Park when the system announced Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeating this round's boss.

Dark's Birthday Arc

During the invasion of Giga, Light was beaten back by Dark. As he was being healed, Secretary Kim took charge of killing Dark and ordered the soldiers to enhance their bodies with magic and enter physical attack mode to destroy the Demon God's Bone Wall and Dark at the same time. This failed as Hardcore Leveling Warrior entered the scene and defeated the soldiers wit his bare fists.

After Han Gun-Jae talked with his Gods, she and all of Giga were teleported back to their territories by the Gods of Time and Space.

Giga's Special Recruitment Interview Arc

Secretary Kim reported to Light about the amount of interviewees they had. Light said that he'll evaluate them himself but Secretary Kim remarked that it wasn't necessary to which Light answered that if you want to see something good, you'll to see it for yourself. At some point before this event when Light announced that they'll recruit players for the PVP Round, Secretary Kim mocked General Manager Park for throwing a tantrum at Light, Vice President.

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

Team Light faced off against Team Grass Roots. Before the round, she mocked Cocomori as an abandoned hound who finally found a home. When the round began, Tempest opened fire immediately but Secretary Kim deflected them all but it was a diversion as she was surprised by Tempest's angels dropping a barrage of bombs. She was then seen being protected by a barrier of Light who told her to watch out. She and Hungry Ghost were forcefully teleported somewhere else by Choco Bibi whilst Drip Soup launched a powerful attack on Light and Secretary Park.

She was then seen blowing away Drip Soup and being attacked by Cocomori in return. After Light's powerful spell was teleported by Choco Bibi back to them, she and her team were protected by Hungry Ghost. She then prepared to engage Team Grass Roots when they charged in. Secretary Kim tried to attack the teleporting Cocomori but missed as the latter immediately teleported behind her but Secretary Kim dodged her attack by a hair. Throughout the fight later on, she was seen deflecting Tempest's bullets until the latter was hooked by Secretary Park. She was then seen again deflecting and blocking Cocomori's attacks. Secretary Kim was shocked when a transformed Drip Soup easily killed Secretary Park and went straight after Light.

After Light transformed and killed Drip Soup and Cocomori, Secretary Kim then told Choco Bibi to surrender. She tried to intercept Choco Bibi when he began to launch a series of teleporting attacks on Light. She finally caught and speared through Choco Bibi after the latter attempted a surprise attack on Light again. Her team then won that round.

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

Team Light faced off against Team Ultimate Healer. Before the round began, she asked Light a question regarding the matchup. As the match began, Secretary Kim and her team observed the Tower of Ultimate Healer as it buffed its own allies. She then began to charge as Light ordered them to and engaged with Firecracker. Secretary Kim dodged one of Firecrackers dark element spells, remarking that it was dangerous and she could absorbed her spells. She then tried to attack Firecracker with a physical attack but was blocked by a shield and seemingly exploded. Secretary Kim was then seen revealing her personal attribute, Valkyrie and pierced through all of Firecrackers barrage of spells and killed her.

After they dealt with Ultimate Healers teammates, they faced off against the tower which spawned numerous drones. She and her team began to shield and deflect the barrage of dark element bullets by the drones. As Majin Light engaged the transformed Ultimate Healer, she was surprised and worried along with Secretary Park for the Vice President when the Ultimate Healer summoned the Sword of God. As the conclusion of the fight came, she and the others were shielded by Light from his Mana Storm and they won the match.

PvP Round Final Arc

Team Light faced off against Team Dark. As both teams were introduced, their stats were shown to the audience. The match starts and Secretary Kim along with her teammates immediately charged in full power, her in her Valkyrie mode, as Light ordered them to end things fast and as a demonstration of their strength. Secretary Kim's attacked was deflected by Heart Heater. She was then shocked alongside her team when Dark rewinded Hardcore Leveling Warrior back to his prime.

After Hardcore Leveling Warrior returned to his prime, Secretary Kim and the others became careful and feared his power. She was distraught alongside her team when Hardcore Leveling Warrior immediately flicked away and knocked out Light. Secretary Kim caught Light and proceeded to say that they'll have to quickly heal Light and fight Hardcore off with his Majin form. Secretary Kim then casted Angel's Cradle on Light and hoped to protect him even just for a few seconds. When Hardcore charged in, she was able to block his attack with her Blessing of Invulnerability. She attempted to blind Hardcore with a skill and lure him away to the air but Hardcore Leveling Warrior was too fast to be distract and she proceed to retaliate with Spear of Heavenly Summoning but this did no effect as her wing was grabbed by Hardcore Leveling Warrior and she was thrown to the ground, killing her instantly.

At some point in the past, she made a report on Hardcore Leveling Warrior when he was Rank One and told Light that they couldn't recruit him as Hardcore knew that Giga was a part of his previous Guild's dissolution. She was then asked a question by Light on who would win between him and Hardcore to which Secretary Kim answered that it would be Light but she quickly warned that Hardcore Leveling Warrior had magic immunity.


What Giga Does

Secretary Kim checked up Light's recovery and reported to him that he will be on support duties while recovering. She was then seen accompanying Light to a meeting.

Season 2

Lucid Adventure Arc

Secretary Kim was with Light when Veganic reported to Light about the events of Lakiren Castle and the condition of some of his employees. After Light warned Veganic and told him off, she worried and told him that he still can't use spells yet to which Light answered that it was fine.

Finding Lucky Coin Pieces Arc

Secretary Kim accompanied Light to the Tower of Abstinence to retrieve a divine item. After Light's encounter with Dark, she was seen standing by his side at the top, waiting for Dark's team. After they were transported to another space by the Guardian, she and Light met up with Heriach and Apple. When Light casted a spell, she expressed her worries again but was ignored by Light. When Heriach and Apple fought Dark and Sora, she said that it would be a good time to judge the Ace of Miss Sua's team and tried to read and identify the personal attributes they used.

She thought Dark lost to Heriach but Light said it wasn't finished yet. As Dark attempted to attack her and Light with the Ancient Dragon's breath, she was shielded by Light. Secretary Kim, along with almost everyone, were removed from the Tower by the Guardian after two powerful skills and returned to their territories.

Major Battles

Video Games

Playable Appearances

Translation Issues

'김비서' literally translates to 'Secretary Kim'. Line Webtoon incorrectly translated her name as 'Miss. Kim' in Episode 10. In Episode Episode 29, her name was translated as 'Kim'. It has been correctly translated as 'Secretary Kim' in the Episodes since then.

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