Secretary Kim is a player in Lucid Adventure. She is a member of the Giga Empire and the secretary of the Giga Vice President, Light. She was Ranked no.43 in the Giga Scout Ranking System and is a member of Totoras. She was a part of Team Light that took part in the last ever Combat Tournament. They were defeated by Team Dark in the PvP Round Finals.




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Skills & Abilities

Secretary Kim is one of the strongest players in Lucid Adventure. She was ranked the 43rd strongest player by Giga Scouts in the first season.

Strength: Secretary Kim was able to shatter the barrier of the Yopi Land's Assassin's stealth magic with a single blow.[2]


High Level Perception: Secretary Kim was able to detect the exact location of the VIP Assassins of Yopi Land despite the group being covered with stealth magic.


Lucid Ball Skills:

  • Information Analysis:

Flight: Secretary Kim was seen flying during the Preliminary Round. It is unclear if this her own skill or because of a magic used by Light although it is most likely the latter.

Personal Attribute

Main Article: Valkyrie - Geirskögul:
  • Secretary Kim kills Firecracker
  • Secretary Kim showing off her spearmanship
  • Clash with Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  • Secretary Kim sharing her wings with party members

Secretary Kim transforms into a Valkyrie and gains wings, a shield and her spear transforms. In this form, all Secretary Kim's power explodes and her spear attacks are imbued with holy attributes which is the weakness of dark magic.

In this form, she easily overwhelmed Firecracker who was using Dark Element Magic; for reference, she was struggling to deal with the Firecracker in her base form.

Enhanced Spearmanship: An unskilled spear thrust from Secretary Kim easily shattered Firecracker's High Barrier and killed Firecracker; in her base form, Secretary Kim's spear attacks could not damage Firecracker. She was able to block an unskilled slash from the Rank No. 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior; Hardcore Leveling Warrior theorised that she might have had a "Blessing of invulnerability" presumably from God of Blessings.[3] She is able to use powerful attacks such as Spear of Heavenly Summoning.[3]

Holy attribute: In this form, Secretary Kim's spear attacks are imbued with Holy attribute, which can counter Dark element magic.

Healing: Secretary Kim can heal her party members using Angelic Cradle.

Flight: In this form, Secretary Kim has wings and is able to fly at high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground. She was fast enough to catch a Light that had been flicked away at high speed by the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[3] In Season 2, she is seen with the Valkyrie wings in her base form.[4]

  • Flight Manipulation: Secretary Kim is can grant her allies the valkyrie wings which enables them to fly.[4]

Skill Tree

Golden Weapon Skills

Valkyrie - Geirskögul skills

Lucid Ball Skills

  • Peek: A skill that lets the user analyse the a target. The higher the skill level is, the more information you can get about the target.




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Translation Issues

'김비서' literally translates to 'Secretary Kim'. Line Webtoon incorrectly translated her name as 'Miss. Kim' in Episode 10. In Episode Episode 29, her name was translated as 'Kim'. It has been correctly translated as 'Secretary Kim' in the Episodes since then.

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