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This is the 89th episode of season 2 and the 272nd episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Constant defeats multiple Nightmares to get to the Demon World and can't tell if what he's seeing is real or fake. The Best Swordsman defeats Nightmare The Best Swordsman, but his Nightmare clone is resurrected by Hardcore Leveling Warrior's lucky coin.

Nightmare The Best Swordsman then uses The Best Swordsman's memories to provoke him, which leads The Best Swordsman to use his ultimate skill that completely wipes out Nightmare The Best Swordsman's existence.

Once again, Nightmare The Best Swordsman is resurrected by Hardcore Leveling Warrior's skill, and as he is about to finish off the mana depleted The Best Swordsman, Constant steps and saves The Best Swordsman.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode is listed as '2부 89화 - 버프' by Naver Webtoon which translates to 'Season 2 Episode 89 - The Buff'. It is simply listed as '[Season 2] Ep. 89' by LINE Webtoon.
  • The flashback with The Best Swordsman, Armes, Choco Bibi and Constant is from Episode 52 when Zara Guild were celebrating Constant's Job Advancement celebration.
  • Kim Sehoon was praised in this episode for his direction and artwork. Some even called him "God of Comics" (만신).
  • Naver fans rejoiced at seeing Constant, with some calling him a crazy yandere. They predicted that Hardcore Leveling Warrior will block Constant's ability because he can control Nightmare mana.
  • A lot of fans said this arc was a reunion of Zara Guild members. The Best Swordsman, Constant, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and they believe No Name is Armes. A few commented on the level all these members have reached, citing Zara Guild producing the strongest people in the game despite being such a small guild. Some also cited that it was a strange fate of the Zara Guild being destroyed by Nightmare that they are then reunited by Nightmare.
  • Some fans criticised the author about The Best Swordsman's use of Origin (元). They wondered if he had this skill during his fight with Ruud Ra Kan, why didn't he use it back then instead of letting himself be permanently damaged.

Setting Errors(?)

Translation Notes & Errors

  • Constant: "오는길에 적이 너무 많았어." "내 한계 이상으로 능력을 사용했다.""...능력의 반동이다." "이 상처들이 진짜인지 가짜인지 구분이 안돼..." "....여기까지 와서 무슨 약한소릴 하는거야?" "정신차려, 곧있으면 형을 만날 수 있어!" "이번에는 반드시 형에게..."
    • LINE: There were too many enemies on the way. I overused my ability past my limit. As a side effect, I can't tell whether these wounds are real or not. Damn it, what am I whining about? I better pull it together. I'll be able to meet Hardcore Leveling Warrior soon! This time, I'll get to him no matter.
    • Literal: "There were too many enemies on the way here. I used my ability beyond it's limit." "...This is the drawback of my ability". "I can't tell if these wounds are real or fake..." "...What kind of weak talk am I saying?" "Wake up, I'll meet you soon hyung! This time, I'll make sure hyung..."
  • The Best Swordsman: 까마귀...!!! 이 자식, 내 한쪽 시야가 상실된 걸 알고 그 틈을 노렸어. 정통으로 맞았다면 심장을 찔렸다!
    • LINE: "The Crow...!! This bastard knew I lost one side of my vision and went for my blind spot. If I didn't react quickly enough, my heart would've been stabbed!
    • Literal: The crow...!! This bastard, he knew I lost one side of my vision and went for my blind spot. If I didn't react quickly enough, my heart would have been stabbed!
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 역시... 쉽게 죽어주진 않는군? 사각에서의 급소를 공격에 반응해 비껴 맞다니. 그래! 그래야지, 오리지널! 더 날뛰어 보라고!! 전력을 다해라!! 버둥거리는 벌레를 밟는쪽이 더 즐거우니까 말이다!!
    • LINE: Just as I thought...you won't go down easy, huh? You dodged the attack that came from your blind spot so it would miss your heart. That's the spirit original! Show me what you got! You better go all out!! It's more exciting to take down someone who's struggling with all their might!!
    • Literal: Just as I expected...you won't go down easily, huh? You managed dodged my my vital point attack on your blind spot! Alright! That's it original! Show me more! Do your best! It'll be more fun stepping on struggling bugs!"
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 흑룡참파!!
    • LINE: Black Dragon Blast!!
    • Literal: Black Dragon Slash Wave!!
  • The Best Swordsman: 마족과 붙었을 때보단 할만하지만 문제는 여기서 마나를 다 써버릴 수는 없다는 거야! 스킬로 하나하나 받아칠 수 없어! 최소한의 마나로...최대한의 효율을 내는 스킬..!! 평타 연계로 터지는 패시브다!!
    • LINE: He's an easier opponent than the demon, but the problem is I can't use up all my mana here! I can't afford to counter each attack with my skills! I need a skill that delivers an attack with maximum efficiency...using minimum mana...!! So I'll use a passive skill linked to a basic attack!!
    • Literal: He's much easier than the demon, but the problem is I can't use up all my mana here! I can't counter each one with skills! A skill that achieves maximum efficiency with minimum mana...!! It's a stabbing passive linked to a normal attack!
    • 평타 is a game term that means normal attack.
  • System: 활성화하고 있는 동안 체력을 소비합니다. 적에게 접근할 때 스피드 + 50%
    • LINE: Energy is used while the skill is activated. Speed goes up by 50% when approaching the enemy.
    • Literal: Consumes stamina when activated. +50% speed when approaching the enemy.
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 처음부터 전력을 다하지 않은거냐..!! 오리지널!!
    • LINE: Were you saving your best for now..?! Original!!
    • Literal: Weren't you doing your best from the start...?! Original!!
  • The Best Swordsman: 빠이빠이다. 거머리 같은 놈아
    • LINE: Bye-bye now...you leech.
    • Literal: Bye bye. You leech-like bastard.
  • System: 두개의 검이 상대를 퀘뚫었습니다. 패시브 발동! 칼의노래의 효과 해일폭풍을 불러옵니다.
    • LINE: Two swords have penetrated the opponent. Passive skill activated! Song of sword in effect. A storm surge is summoned.
    • Literal: Two swords have pierced the opponent. Passive activated! The effect of The Song of the Sword. A storm surge is summoned.
  • System: 진 개방이 비활성화 되었습니다.
    • LINE: Jin has been deactivated
    • Literal: True Awakening has been deactivated
  • The Best Swordsman: 아슬아슬했다 진개방까지 익혔을 줄이야! 개념마법까지 펼쳤다면 내가 당했을지도...나이트메어를 쓰러트렸지만 공간마법은 해제되지 않는군..시전자인 나이트메어 비비를 쓰러트려야 해제되는 식인가, 까다롭군.
    • LINE: That was close. I didn't expect him to have mastered jin! I might've lost if he had used conceptual magic too...This spatial magic is still intact even though I defeated the Nightmare...I guess it'll be removed only when Nightmare Bibi is down since he's the caster. What a nuisance!
    • Literal: That was close. I didn't expect him to have mastered the true awakening! If he had used some conceptual magic, I might have lost...I defeated the Nightmare, but the spatial magic hasn't been released...Will it only be lifted only when the caster, Nightmare Bibi is defeated? That's tricky.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior: 크콕...내 허락 없이는 못죽어! 다시 싸워, 경험치 셔틀!
    • LINE: Haha...without my permission you can't die! Fight again and earn me more EXP points!
    • Literal: Haha...you can't die without my permission! Fight again, experience shuttle!
    • 셔틀 literally means "shuttle". In the 2010s, shuttle was used to refer to "bread shuttle". In South Korea, bread shuttles are bullied students that take bread to their bullies. "Shuttle" began being used in online games to refer to people that gave players experience points, so players refered to NPCs that could give them EXP and items as enemy-shuttles.
  • System : 파티효과! 버프로 전투에 참여. 전투경험치 500획득. system : 레벨업! 레벨이 2가 되었습니다.
    • LINE: Party effect activated! 500 combat exp points have been earned from participating in the combat with a buff. System: Level up! You are now level 2
    • Literal: Party effect! Join the battle with a buff! 500 experience points have been acquired! System: Level up! You have reached level 2
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 젠장... 이게 축복인지 저주인지 헷갈리는군. 크콕.. 자나게 고맙구만, '우리' 비밀병기씨!
    • LINE: Damn it...I don't know id this is a blessing or a curse. Haha...I'm thankful as hell...our secret weapon!
    • Literal: Damn it...I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse. Haha...Thank you so much...'our' secret weapon-ssi
    • Ssi (씨, 氏) is the most commonly used honorific used amongst people of approximately equal speech level. It is attached after the full name, such as 'Park Jaehyung ssi (박제형 씨), or simply after the first name, Jaehyung ssi (제형 씨) if the speaker is more familiar with someone. Appending ssi to the surname, for instance Park ssi (박 씨) can be quite rude, as it indicates the speaker considers himself to be of a higher social status than the person he is speaking to
  • The Best Swordsman: 쌍절!!
    • LINE: Twin Slash!!
    • Literal: Twin Lacerate!!
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 이 기술 ...위험해! 크. … 크웃!! 또...두동강 나줄것 같냐!!
    • LINE: This skill...it's dangerous! A-argh!! Not again...I won't let you cut me in half this time!!
    • Literal: This skill...it's dangerous! A-argh! Again.... do you think you'll cut me in half?!!
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 나이트메어 스킬사용! 비기 흘려치기!!
    • LINE Webtoon: Nightmare - Use skill! Secret Skill - Side Slash!!
    • Literal: Use Nightmare skill! Secret Skill - Secret Skill Parry!!
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 뭐지? 더 강해진 기분이다! 그 '절'을 가볍게 쳐낼줄이야! 이봐, 그 열랩전사 라는 놈 굉장하잖아? 우리 편이 되니까 이렇게 든든할수가 없어!
    • LINE: What the hell? I feel much stronger now! I fended off that slash easy!
    • Literal: What's this? I feel much stronger! I didn't expect to beat lacerate that easily!
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 이봐, 그 열랩전사 라는 놈 굉장하잖아? 우리 편이 되니까 이렇게 든든할수가 없어!
    • LINE: You know, Hardcore Leveling Warrior is really something! He's quite helpful when he's on our side!
    • Literal: Hey, that Hardcore Leveling Warrior guy is amazing, isn't he? It's reassuring that he's on our side!
  • The Best Swordsman: 이자식, 전투중에 기술이 발전하고 있어!!
    • LINE: His skills are improving during combat!!
    • Literal: This punk, his skills are improving during the battle!!
  • System: 럭키코인의 효과! 두번째 버프 적용! 무기에 인챈트 효과가 적용됩니다.
    • LINE: Lucky Coin in effect! Second buff activated! Enchant effect applied to the weapon.
    • literal: Lucky Coin's effect! Second buff applied! Enchant effect is applied to the weapon
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 네 옛친구가 무기에 인챈트까지 해주는구만! 이걸로 예전에 네가 엿먹은적이 있다면서 말이야! 네놈에게 '추억' 이었던 것이 결국 네놈을 죽이는 독약이 된 꼴이야!
    • LINE: Your old friend is enchanting my weapon as well! He says you were once screwed with the same buff! What you cherish in your memory...has now become poison that kills you!
    • Literal: Your old friend is even enchanting my weapon! He said you've been screwed with this before! What used to be a 'memory' to you is like a poison that kills you in the end!
  • The Best Swordsman: 추억.. 이라고..?!
    • LINE: How do you know about that...?!
    • Literal: My...memories...?!
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 크콕..!! 모르고 있었나? 나이트메어는 유저의 어두운면에서 태어났지! 그 말인즉, 네가 갖고있던 기억들은 나에게도 있다는 것이다! 네가 그렇게 목을 메는 그 과거 말이다! 생각하면 생각할수록 가관이더군! 애써 즐거운 기억으로 남겨두려고 하고 있지만 사실, 그렇게 기억하려고 노력하는것 이잖아? 나만 알 수 있지, 네 진짜 마음을! 넌 사실 열랩전사를 구하고 싶은것이 아니잖아? 마음속의 그녀를 잊지못해서 그 마음을 붙잡기 위해 이 짓을 하고 있는거잖아? 넌 사실 열랩전사를.. 아르메스에게 선택 받았던 그를 마음 깊이 질투하고 있었으면서 말이야! 크콕, 어때? 네 마음을 들킨 기분이..!!
    • LINE: Haha...!! Didn't you know. A nightmare is born from a user's dark side! That means I have all your memories! The past that you dwell on so much!It just made me laugh. You want to remember your past as a happy one...but you're only forcing yourself to remember it that way! Only I know what's really in your mind! You...don't want to save Hardcore Leveling Warrior. You're only doing this because you can't get over the woman your heart is after. Deep down...you're jealous of Hardcore Leveling Warrior because he's the one Armes chose! Haha! I read your mind Didn't I? How does that feel?
    • Literal: Haha...!! Didn't you know? Nightmares are born from the user's dark side! In others words, the memories you have, I have them too!! The past that you treasure so much! The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it becomes! You're trying to keep it as a pleasant memory, but in fact, that's just how you're trying to remember it, right? I'm the only one who knows, your true feelings/mind/heart! You don't want to save Hardcore Leveling Warrior, do you? You can't forget her in your heart, so you're doing this to hold on to her, right? Hardcore Leveling Warrior...the truth is that you're deeply jealous of him, who was chosen by Armes! Haha, how does it feel? Doesn't it feel like I've read your mind?
  • The Best Swordsman: 그입 닥쳐.
    • LINE: Shut up you asshole
    • Literal: Shut your mouth
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 아직까지도 이런 힘을 감춰 뒀었다고?!
    • LINE: He still had this much power left?!
    • Literal: You still had this much power left?!
  • The Best Swordsman: 내 소중한 사람들을 그런식으로 말하지 마라.
    • LINE: They're my precious people. Don't talk about them like that.
    • Literal: Don't talk about my precious people like that.
  • Narrator: 완벽한 절, 유저중 그 경지에 도달한것은 열랩전사 밖에 없었다. 반쪽짜리 절을 향상시키기 위해 지존검사가 만들어낸 스킬 '원(元)'검사의 극의에 달한 그가 무수한 미완성의 절을 겹쳐 만든 유저의 검술 스킬중 최강의 스킬. 완벽한 '절'이 존재의 형태를 개념부터 완전히 끊어내는 것이라면 지존검사의 '원'은 검격을 극도로 압축시킨 하나의 점, 그것을 초월적인 속도로 반복하여 적에게 찔러 넣는다. 나노미터단위의 소멸점은 반복되어 소멸선이 되며, 선은 모여 면을 이룬다.
    • LINE: Out of all the users, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was the only one who mastered the perfect slash. Master Swordsman created a skill called Core to improve his slash that was only half as good. This is the ultimate swordsmanship skill that he created by piling incomplete slashes on top of another repeatedly. While the perfect slash cuts off an entity from its existence completely...Master Swordsman's Core is an extremely condensed dot of sword strikes, which pierces through the enemy at an incredible speed. These nano sized dots pile up to make a line, and lines pile up to make a surface.
    • Literal: The perfect Lacerate, the only user who has ever reached that level was Hardcore Leveling Warrior. 'Origin(元)', a skill created by The Best Swordsman to improve his half-lacerate. It is the strongest skill of the user's swordsmanship, which he made by overlapping countless incomplete lacerates to reach the extremes of a swordsman. If the perfect lacerate completely cuts off the form of an existence from its concept, the 'origin' of The Best Swordsman is an extremely compressed dot of sword attacks, which repeatedly stabs the enemy at transcendental speeds. The extinction dots of nanometer size (literal. nanometre units) are repeated to form an extinction line, and the lines gather to form a surface.
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 물리차원의 공격이 아니다..!! 이건 존재의 근원부터 소멸되는 느낌이야!! 오리지널, 어떻게 이런 경지까지..!!
    • LINE: This isn't some normal physical attack...!! I feel like the origin of my existence is perishing!! When did original reach such a stage...?!
    • Literal: This isn't a physical attack...!! This is a feeling of being erased from the origin of my existence!! Original, just how did you reach such a level..!!
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 젠장... 당해낼 수가 없구만, 역겨운 녀석..
    • LINE: Damn it...he's just unbeatable. That nasty bastard.
    • Literal: Damn it...I can't overcome him, that nasty bastard
  • Narrator: 다만, 이 스킬은 마나 소모량이크고 시전시 움직일 수 없었기에, 육체가 망가져 마나재생이 더 이상 불가한 지존검사는 써서는 안될 스킬 이었지만-
    • LINE: But this skill requires a lot of mana and the caster can't move while using it. Since Master Swordsman couldn't regenerate mana anymore due to his ruined body, he should've avoided using the skill at all costs.
    • Literal: However, since the skill consumes a lot of mana and the caster cannot move when the skill is execute, it was a skill that should not have been used by The Best Swordsman since mana regeneration was no longer possible due to his damaged body -
  • Narrator: 사라진 사람, 망가진 관계. 그 속에 남은 유일하고 소중한 것- 즐거웠던 기억을 더럽히는 나이트메어를 지존검사는 용서할 수 없었던 것이다.
    • LINE: But Master Swordsman couldn't forgive the Nightmare who defiled his happy memories, the only precious thing he had left from his missing people and ruined relationships.
    • Literal: A lost person, a broken relationship. The only thing left in that is precious - The Best Swordsman could not forgive the Nightmare who tarnished his precious memories.
  • Narrator: 지존검사는 그의 스킬 '원'으로 분명히 나이트메어의 육체를 소멸시켰다.재생할 육체가 없으면 럭키코인으로도 부활할 수 없는 것이었지만, 열랩전사는 찾아냈던 것이다. 지존검사와 나이트메어가 첫 합을 나눌때 나이트메어가 흘린 단 한 방울의 피를!
    • LINE: Master Swordsman used his Core and destroyed the Nightmare's body. Without a body to regenerate, even the Lucky Coin couldn't resurrect the Nightmare. But Hardcore Leveling Warrior managed to find one single drop of blood that the Nightmare spilled while exchanging the first attacks with Master Swordsman!
    • Literal: The Best Swordsman undoubtedly destroyed the Nightmare's body with his 'Origin' skill. Without a body to be resurrected, it was impossible to revive with the Lucky Coin, but Hardcore Leveling Warrior found it. The only drop of blood that nightmare shed when the nightmare and The Best Swordsman first clashed!
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 크...크큭...!! 이번엔 정말 죽는줄 알았다고, 오리지널!! 엄청나잖아? 열랩전사란 놈!!...!!! 텅텅 비어버린 네게 더이상 볼일은 없다!! 네 기술들은, 네 카르마를 흡수하여 내것이 될거야!
    • LINE: Ha...haha...!! I thought you really killed me this time, original! Hardcore Leveling Warrior is amazing!!...!!! I'm done with you now that you're all out of mana!! All your skills will be mine once I absorb your karma!
    • Literal: Ha...haha...!! I thought you really killed me this time, original! Isn't he amazing? That Hardcore Leveling Warrior guy!!...!!! I've got nothing more to do with you now that you're completely empty! Your skills, they'll become mine after I absorb your karma.
  • The Best Swordsman: ...다행인걸까. 그 녀석들이 안 볼 때 죽을 수 있다는 게..
    • LINE: Maybe it's a good thing...that I can die when my friends aren't watching.
    • Literal:...Maybe it's fortunate. The fact that I can die without those guys watching...
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: 쌍룡 혹참파!!
    • LINE: Double Dragon Blast
    • Literal: Twin Black Dragon Slash Wave
  • system: 초월스킬의 효과로. 스킬 - 쌍룡흑참파가 지워집니다.
    • LINE: Due to the effect of a transcendental, the skill double black dragon blast is erased.
    • Literal: Due to the effect of a transcendental skill. The skill - Twin Black Dragon Slash Wave is erased
  • The Best Swordsman: 설마 너... 코.. 콘스탄트냐?
    • LINE: Wait...are you... Constant?
    • Literal: Could it be...Co..Constant?
  • Nightmare The Best Swordsman: (짙은 농도의 악몽마나...)......뭐야 넌? (정말 유저가 맞나? 용케 붕괴되지 않고 버티고 있군.)
    • LINE: (That's a great deal of Nightmare mana...) Who are you? (Is he really a user? It's surprising he's still in one piece.)
    • Literal: (Such a dense concentration of Nightmare mana...) What are you? (Is he really a user? He's holding up without breaking down.)
  • Constant: ...천하의 지존형이 마나가 딸려서 빌빌대는거야?
    • LINE: This isn't like you Master Swordsman. Did you lose all your spirit because you ran out of mana?
    • Literal: ...Are you moving slowly because of your short on mana The Best hyung?
  • The Best Swordsman: 인마, 네가 어떻게 여길...
    • LINE: Hey, what are you doing here..?
    • Literal: Hey, What are you doing...
  • Constant: 걱정마. 기억하지? 나, 버프 하나는 기가 막히게 넣었었잖아.
    • LINE: Don't worry, you remember right? I've always been exceptional at giving people buffs.
    • Literal: Don't worry. Remember? I can do some pretty amazing buffs.
  • 몸을 속이는 거짓말
    • LINE: Body Fooler!
    • Literal: Lies that Deceive the Body!
  • System: 지존검사의 몸을 속입니다. 최상의 컨디션이 됩니다. (남은 시간 : ???)
    • LINE: Master Swordsman's body is fooled. He is in his best condition. Remaining time: Unknown.
    • Literal: The Best Swordsman's body has been deceived. It is in the best condition. (Time remaining: ???)
  • Constant: 가자. 열랩이형 만나러.
    • LINE: Let's go...Meet Hardcore Leveling Warrior
    • Literal: Let's go...meet Hardcore Leveling hyung