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This is the 86th episode of season 2 and the 269th episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Han Gun-Ho is revealed to be the real culprit behind Taek's death and the enraged Yopy and Akira attempt to kill him but are defeated by their Nightmare Doppelgangers. Han Gun-Ho's identity as the mysterious Nightmare by Queen No Name's side is revealed. In an attempted coup d'état to take over the Giga Empire, Han Gun-Ho permanently deletes Han Sung-Gong and Han Soo-Ah from the game but fails to delete Light from the game, which leaves Light as the leader of the Giga Empire. Yopy and Akira are eventually deleted from the game by their Nightmare doppelgangers.

It is revealed that Light escaped Totoras thanks to the information from Heart heater and is asked to join hands with Dark Land. Dark's Party runs into their Nightmares and Sora and Nightmare Sora engage in battle.

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Lucid Adventure

Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode is listed as '2부 86화 - 진범' by Naver Webtoon which translates to 'Season 2 Episode 86 - The Culprit'. It is simply listed as '[Season 2] Ep. 86' by LINE Webtoon.
  • The title is with regards to Han Gun-Ho (LINE: Nathan Han) being the culprit behind both Taek's death and Nightmare.
  • Han Gun-Ho is revealed to be the One-Eyed Nightmare by Queen No Name's side. That is how The Crow's that attacked Constant in Season 2 Episode 58 knew target his tongue.
  • Naver fans theorised that Han Gun-Ho had something to do with the creation of No Name, citing the fact that he was involved with Zara Guild's fall and also captured Armes, who they believe has something to do with No Name.
  • A lot were shocked that Han Gun-Ho was revealed to be the One-Eyed Nightmare and praised the Writer's writing. In Season 2 Episode 79, The One-Eyed Nightmare called Dark "Han Gun-Woo" so that was a small hint. Also, the fact that Han Gun-Ho had the Nightmare chimera's when he captured Helen in Season 2 Episode 21 and he spoke about the "missing people" who were then revealed to be chimeras in Season 2 Episode 22. Han Gun-Ho mentioned that the success rate wasn't high with reference to his Chimera Project.
  • Sad Smile being under control of the Yopi Land Union may mean that Nightmare has control of Yopi Land. Remember, Sad Smile is under Han Gun-Ho's direct control due to the events from Episode 98. Sad Smile and the rest of the 4 Underbosses were suspiciously absent when Giga's War Weapons appeared
  • Han Gun-Ho used The Sword of Fate to Kill the Father to delete Han Sung-Gong. In Episode 104, Han Sung-Gong attempted to do the same thing to Han Gun-Jae.
  • Han Gun-Ho claimed that the Gods would have stepped into the real world after the death of Han Gun-Jae, which means that it wasn't a troll that Yopy killed the Gods, but the new rules were an unexpected variable that were created after the Gods were dead. Han Gun-Ho also claimed that Han Gun-Jae used Yopy to kill the Gods.
  • Han Sung-Gong, Han Soo-Ah, Yopy and Akira are permanently deleted from Lucid Adventure, which means that they will lose their memories of the game. Han Soo-Ah's "death" happened off screen. Some fans complained that Han Soo-Ah's abilities were never seen.
  • Naver fans were sad that Yopy and Akira will lose their memory of Taek. Some called Akira a "troll" and blamed him for both his death and Yopy's death while many praised him for saving Yopy from committing an unforgiveable act of murder. Some argued that Yopy's character was wasted by the writer.
  • As with before, there are arguments in the Naver fan base on the mechanics of how Nightmare makes a player lose their memory. Some still believe that only the Player's Nightmare clones can lead to memory loss which is why Han Gun-Ho summoned Yopi's and Akira's clones.
  • Lime and Pooh Upooh were both killed.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior is attempting to restore his damaged Golden items. By the end of Season 1, Hardcore Leveling Warrio had the Memory of Cintamani, The Gauntlets, The Boots and The Sword. The Golden Plate Suit was taken by Zero so that may be how he has access to it seeing as he is with Nightmare now.

Setting Errors(?)

  • The writer made an error in the this sentence: "넌 결국 한건제의 의지대로 움직인 꼭두각시에 불과하지 않다는거지." (English: After all, you are not just a puppet who moved according to the will of Han Gun-Jae.) It should have said Yopy was a puppet that moved according to Han Gun-Jae's will based on the previous sentences.

Translation Notes & Errors

  • Yopy: 한마디만..!! 한마디만 더 하면 끝이었는데...!! 한건호 !! 저 자식이 여긴 어떻게..?!
    • LINE: All I had to say...was just a few more words...!! Nathan Han...how the hell did he get here...?!
    • Literal: Just one word..!! Just one more word and it was over...!! Han Gun-Ho!! How is that bastard here...?!
  • Han Gun-Ho: 이거, 뭐 기가를 아주 난장판으로 만들어 놨네. 크콕, 그래, 너 아니면 누가 이런 미친짓을 하겠어? 아주 잘했다. 요피. 네 덕에 일정이 많이 앞당겨졌거든.
    • LINE: Jeez, what a mess you've made Giga. But then again, who else would do this kind of thing except for you? Well done Yopi. Thanks to you, I'm ahead of schedule.
    • Literal: Oh my, what a mess you've made Giga. Haha, yeah, who else would do this kind of crazy thing? Good job. Yopy. Thanks to you, I'm way ahead of schedule.
  • Han Gun-Ho: 네놈이 만들어준 '몽유' ...아니, '악몽' 덕분에 가장 혜택을 많이 보는건 아마 나일거야.
    • LINE: I'm probably the one who benefits the most from sleepwalking...no, Nightmare that you created.
    • Literal: The 'sleepwalking' you made...no, it's probably me that benefits the most thanks to 'Nightmare'.
  • Han Gun-Ho: 루시드 어드밴처와 관련된 모든 기억을 사라지게 만들어주잖아? ...그전엔 내가 직접 '처리' 해야 했었거든. 이거, 마음같아선 살려주고는 싶은데... 어쨌든 우리 회장님을 개떡을 만들어놔서 그럴수도 없고...
    • LINE: It wipes all memories related to Lucid Adventure. Before then, I had to get rid of them myself. I wish I could spare you...but...I can't since you beat the chairman to a pulp.
    • Literal: It makes all the memories related to Lucid Adventure disappear, right? Before then, I had to 'handle/take care of/deal with' it myself. This, I would like to spare you from the bottom of my heart...anyway, I can't do that because you made our Chairman-nim look like worthless trash.
  • Han Gun-Ho: 아! 그래...그럼 상으로 재미있는 이야기 몇가지 해줄까? 어차피 다 까먹을 거니까.
    • LINE: Oh! How about I tell you some interesting stories to make it up to you? You'll forget them anyway.
    • Literal: Oh! Okay...How about I tell you some interesting stories as a reward? You're going to forget everything anyway.
  • Han Gun-Ho: 첫번째. 한건제 전회장 님이 네게 그 카드를 준건 너를 이용하기 위함이었어. 제로 뿐만 아니라, 다른 신들 역시 창세신이라는 억제책이 사라지면 현실을 침식하려 또 다른 전쟁이 벌였을거 거든. 그래서 마지막 힘을 사용할 방법으로 널 찾은거야. 넌 결국 한건제의 의지대로 움직인 꼭두각시에 불과하지 않다는거지.
    • LINE: first of all, the former chairman Roy Han gave you that card only to exploit you. It wasn't just Zero, but the other gods were also going to wage another war to invade the real world once the creator was gone. So he chose you as a last resort. You were nothing but a puppet that Roy Han controlled.
    • Literal: The first. The reason that the former Chairman Han Gun-Jae gave you that card was to exploit you. Not only Zero, but the other gods would have fought another war that would have eroded reality once the deterrent called the Creation God disappeared. That's why he found you as a last way to use his last power. You're nothing more than a puppet who moved according to Han Gun-Jae's will.
  • Han Gun-Ho: 두번째, 택을 죽인건 나다. 네 적개심을 불태울 장작이 필요했거든.
    • LINE: Second of all...I was the one who killed Tac. I needed something to burn your hostility.
    • Literal: The second, I killed Taek. I needed the firewood to ignite your hostility.
  • SYSTEM : 시전자의 모든 능력치가 강화됩니다.
    • LINE: All stats of the user are amplified
    • Literal: All stats of the caster are enhanced
  • SYSTEM : 시전자의 신체가 영원히 붕괴됩니다. 재생이 불가능 합니다.
    • LINE: The user's body collapses permanently. Regeneration is no longer possible.
    • Literal: The caster's body collapses permanently (lit. Forever). Regeneration is no longer possible.
  • Han Gun-Ho: 세번째-난 너희들 이상으로 강하다. 이젠 그걸 숨길 필요가 없어져서 말이야.
    • LINE: And third of all...I'm way stronger than both of you. I see no need to hide that now.
    • Literal: Third - I'm a lot stronger than you guys. I don't need to hide it anymore
  • Han Gun-Ho: 크콕.. 요피, 네가 난장판을 벌여준 덕분에 그 혼란한 틈을 타 한수아와 한건수를 제거했다. 이제 기가의 후계자는 나뿐이다. 요피, 아키라. 특별히 즉위식 참관을 허락하지. 회장즉위를 좀 축하해 주겠나?
    • LINE: Haha..Yopi, thanks to the ruckus you raised....I was able to get rid of Sua and Lucas rather easily. Now I'm the only successor to the throne of Giga. Yopi and Akira, I'll allow you the honour to witness my coronation. Congratulate me, will you?
    • Literal: Haha...Yopy, thanks to the mess you created, I took advantage of the confusion and got rid of Han Soo-Ah and Ha Gun-Soo. Now I am the only successor to Giga. Yopi, Akira. I'll allow you special access to my coronation. Can you congratulate me on my accession to the presidency?
  • 구현 아비를 죽이는 운명의 검!
    • LINE: Destiny Sword of Patricide!
    • Literal: The Sword of Fate that Kills the Father!
  • Han Gun-Ho: 곧 모든게 끝이날거에요, 아버지.
    • LINE: Everything will be over soon...father.
    • Literal: OR It will all be over soon, Father.
  • SYSTEM : 기가제국의 한성공이 소멸되었습니다. SYSTEM : 라이트가 기가길드의 길드장이 됩니다.
    • LINE: Sam Han of the Giga Empire has been eliminated. Light becomes the guild master of Giga.
    • Literal: Han Sung-Gong of the Giga Empire has been eliminated (literally. "eliminated; extinguished"). SYSTEM: Light has become the guild master of the Giga Guild
  • Han Gun-Ho: ...어라? ...건수녀석 제법이네? 제 아무리 마인이라도 빠져나갈수는 없었을텐데..그렇다면 이건 건수의 더미였다는 거군. ...하는 수 없군. 회장 즉위는 좀 더 뒤로 미루지. 쯧, 이거 체면이 말이아니네. 그두 내빈분, 치워버려.
    • LINE: ...Huh? I didn't expect Lucas to make it out of alive. Even a demon couldn't have escaped from there...Then it must mean that this Lucas is a dummy. I guess I have no choice. Let's postpone the enthronement. Well this is embarrassing. Get those two guests out of my face.
    • Literal:...Huh? ...Gun-Soo did better than I expected/Is pretty impressive Even a Majin/Mine couldn't have escaped from there. Then this must mean that this is Gun-Soo's dummy. Looks like it can't be helped. My Chairman ascendancy will have to be delayed a bit more. Tsk, I've completely lost face*. These two guests, get rid of them.
    • Face* is an intangible sociological construct in Chinese culture. Face can be roughly defined as “pride”, “dignity” or “prestige” although there is no direct translation in Western languages. Actions or words that are disrespectful may cause somebody to “lose face”; gifts, awards and other respect-giving actions may “give face”; "Saving face" is something that your peers allow you to do in order to preserve your reputation or self-confidence. Everyone involved - including you - is meant to understand that this courtesy has been extended to you.
  • SYSTEM : 요피랜드 연합의 요피가 소멸되었습니다. SYSTEM : 새드스마일이 요피랜드 연합의 연합장이 됩니다. SYSTEM : 다크랜드 소속 아키라가 소멸되었습니다.
    • LINE: Yopi of the Yopi Land Union has been eliminated. SYSTEM: Sad Smile becomes the representative of the Yopi Land Union. SYSTEM: Akira of Dark Land has been eliminated.
    • Literal: Yopy of the Yopy Land Alliance/Union has been destroyed/eliminated/extinguished. SYSTEM: Sad Smile becomes the leader of the Yopi Land Alliance/union. SYSTEM: Akira belonging to/from/of Dark Land has been eliminated/destroyed/extinguished
  • Han Gun-Ho: 여왕이시여, 이제 끝내시죠.
    • LINE: My Queen. It's time to finish everything off.
    • Literal: My Queen, let's end this now.
  • No Name: ...기가. 이렇게 모래성처럼 무너져 내릴 것이었다면 그때는 왜...
    • LINE: Giga...if you were going to fall apart like a sand castle...what was all that before?
    • Literal:...Giga. If you were going to collapse like a sand castle, why would you....
  • Giga Soldier: 즈..증원 이다!! 기가의 고대병기야!!
    • LINE: T...their backup is here!! They have the ancient weapons of Giga!!
    • Literal: It's... reinforcements!! It's Giga's ancient weapon.
    • The Giga soldiers thought it was their own reinforcements in the original not the enemy's in LINE
  • Lime: 요피님.. 결국.. 푸우푸-!!
    • LINE: Yopi couldn't make it...Pooh Upooh!!
    • Literal: Yopi-nim...in the end...Pooh Upooh-!!
  • Pooh Upooh: 부디, 다음 세상에서는 당신과 같은 세상에서...
    • LINE: I hope we'll meet again in the next world...
    • Literal: Please, I hope we live together in our next life...(More Literal: Please, in the next world, I hope I'm in the same world as you...)
  • Heart Heater: 악몽화된 기가의 전쟁병기-
    • LINE: Nightmarized war weapons of Giga
  • Heart Heater: 핵심부에 배신자가 있었다. 이것 이외엔 없죠.
    • LINE: Which means there was a traitor within Giga. That's the only possible explanation.
    • Literal: There was a traitor in the core. That's the only possible explanation
  • Light: 핵심부의 배신자... 한건호...!! 그 반쪽짜리가 은혜도 모르고 !!!
    • LINE: A traitor in the core, huh? Nathan Han...!!! That ungrateful half-wit...!!!
    • Literal: A traitor in the core...Han Gun-Ho...!!! That ungrateful half-wit...!!!
  • Heart Heater: 이제 기가의 희망은 당신뿐이군요. 라이트, 아니, 한건수. 다크님께서 저를 이곳에 보내게 된것이 결과적으로 적이 예상하지 못한 변수를 만들어 낸것 같습니다.
    • LINE: Now you're the only hope for Giga. Light...or Lucas Han. I think me being sent here by his majesty Dark created some variables that the enemy didn't expect.
    • Literal: Now, Giga's only hope is you. Light, no, Han Gun-Soo. The fact that Dark-nim sent me here seems to have created a variable that the enemy didn't expect
  • Heart Heater: 당신에게 거래를 제안하기 왕께서 위해서 입니다. 협상테이블에 올려놓으신건 다크랜드의 게임클리어 후, 얻게 될 기가의 모든 경영권.
    • LINE: To make you a deal. What the King put on the table is a complete right to manage Giga, which will be attained after Dark Land clears the game.
    • Literal: It is on behalf of the King to offer you a deal. What he put on the negotiating table is that all of Giga's management rights will be yours after Dark Land clears the game.
  • Light: 그것을 당신에게 모두 넘긴다고 하셨습니다. 뭐...?! 모든 사람들이 무엇때문에 이렇게 목을메고 게임따위를 하고있는데?! 경영권 때문이라고, 국내 1위 기업의 경영권!! 그럼 대체 그놈은 뭘 원하는건데?
    • LINE: He said he will hand over that right to you. What...?! Why do you think everyone is playing this damn game while putting their lives on the line?! It's for the exact right to manage the number one company in the country!! Then what the hell does he actually want?
    • Literal: He said that he will hand it all over to you. What?...Why do you think everyone is putting their neck on the line to play this game?! It's because of the management rights, management rights of the nation's No. 1 company!! So what the hell does he want?
  • Heart Heater: 그 질문에 왕께선 이렇게 답하시더군요. 돈 따위는 아무래도 상관없다. 그보다 더 소중한 것을 되찾을수만 있다면.
    • LINE: To that question...his majesty answered that he doesn't care about money. As long as he could get back his most precious one.
    • Literal: The king answered that question like this. I don't care about money. As long as I can get something more precious than that back.
  • Light: 뭐...? 소중한것? 그건 사라진- 열랩전사를 말하는거냐?
    • LINE: What...? His precious? Does he mean Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the one who disappeared?
    • Literal: What...? Something precious? The one that disappeared, are you talking about Hardcore Leveling Warrior?
  • Heart Heater: 네, 그렇습니다. 그를 되찾아오는데 힘을 보태어 줄 것. 현실세계에서의 당신의 힘이 필요하다고 말씀하셨습니다.
    • LINE: Yes, that's correct. His majesty needs your help to get back to him. He said he needs your power in the real world.
    • Literal: Yes, that's correct. He needs your strength to get him back. He said he needs your power in the real world.
  • Dark: 저기가 마왕성…!! 느껴진다!! 녀석은 저기에 있어!! 돈벌레 기다려!! 우리가 간다!!
    • LINE: That's the Master Devil's Castle...!!! I can feel Snob in there!! Wait there Snob!!! We're coming to save you!!!
    • Literal: That's the Demon King Castle...!!! I can feel it!! He's over there!! Wait there Hireling!!! We're coming!!!
  • Choco Bibi: 다크, 저녀석들이 우리의 나이트메어다. 공간마법은 금방 막혀, 뚫고 가야해!
    • LINE: Dark, those guys are our Nightmare doppelgangers. Spatial magic won't work. We must get past them!
    • Literal: Dark, those guys are our Nightmares. Spatial magic was blocked immediately, we have to get past them!
  • Nightmare Choco Bibi: 여어- ㅈ나게들 반갑구만-?
    • LINE: Hey! It's freaking nice to see you all!
    • Literal: Hey! It's nice to meet you all, huh?
  • The Best Swordsman: 원수는 외나무 다리에서 만난다더니.. 하나도 안반갑다, 이것들아!
    • LINE: Well, they Say you'll run into your worst enemy at the worst time....It's not nice you see you guys at all, punks!
    • Literal: They say you'll encounter one's enemy at the worst place and at the worst time...I'm not glad to see you at all, punk!!
  • Nightmare Sora: 목을 내놔*, 오리지널!!
    • LINE: You're dead original!!
    • Literal: I'll kill you, original!!
    • 목을 내놔 literally means "give me your neck".
  • Sora: 엄청난 박력인걸...!! 이게 내 나이트메어....!!!
    • LINE: What a spirit...!! So this is my Nightmare doppelganger...?!
    • Literal: What tremendous power....!!! This is my Nightmare....?!