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This is the 78th episode of season 2 and the 261st episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Haru and Ge Des face off with both trading powerful attacks. Haru eventually defeats the Nightmarized Ge Des. After the Dragon of Light leaves Stone's side, Nightmare surround Stone bait him into fighting whilst Nightmare Choco Bibi steals Ge Des's Soul Fragment. Nightmare Choco Bibi gives the karma fragment to the One-Eyed Nightmare, who then places it with the soul fragment of the other 2 demon princes. All three of the karma are absorbed by Hardcore Leveling Warrior's body. Hardcore Leveling Warrior awakens with one of his eyes having the Demon King insignia and says that he is "hungry".

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode is listed as '2부 78화 - 최강의..' by Naver Webtoon which translates to 'Season 2 Episode 78 - The Strongest..'. It is simply listed as '[Season 2] Ep. 78' by LINE Webtoon.
  • The title is possible a play on both Haru regarded as the "strongest human of All Time" in the previous player, The Demon King the "Strongest Monster", Hardcore Leveling Warrior "The Strongest Player" and of course Hardcore Leveling Warrior "The strongest" entity in the game currently. It is mostly talking about Hardcore Leveling Warrior being the strongest
  • Haru said "This is the sword with the soul of the seven knights that sealed your father". Some Naver fans pondered if there is a connection with the "Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths".
  • It is actually unclear what sword(s) Haru used during the fight. It is possible that it is Light Sword - Will but Ge Des called it a "Sword of the Knights". Also the sword with the soul of the seven knights might be different. It maybe could be the Sword of Creed that Le Zilk spoke about in Season 2 Episode 67. Until the author confirms the exact nature of the sword(s), any statement made on the sword(s) are assumptions.
  • Stone is also an All-Stat like Hardcore Leveling Warrior.
  • After 85 chapters, 571 days, 1 year 6 months & 24 days, Hardcore Leveling Warrior" returns. His character avatar appeared in Season 2 Episode 41 but this episode marks his debut in Season 2.
  • Fans commented that Hardcore Leveling Warrior saying "I'm hungry" reminded them of the "blue-eyed" God of Time and Space who constantly asked "are you hungry" and said "I'm hungry" as well.
  • Some fans drew parallels between the development that occurred in this episode with regards to The Heroes. They see Hardcore Leveling Warrior as the friendly demon akin to Hoi, They see Dark as the Black Wizard skin to Darkist and they see Stone as the warrior akin to The First Warrior.
  • Some Naver fans believe that Dark will try and save Hardcore Leveling Warrior similar to the way he tried with Rajie by going into his soul space. They believe that he will try and use The Protection of the Absolute God
  • Korean fans asked if Haru was using Light Sword Will because the sword Haru was using had no handle and also Light Sword - Will was swallowed by Ego in the PvP Round Semifinals.
  • Some fans wonder what Hardcore Leveling Warrior will appear as in Dark's friend list. Would he appear as dead and disappear?

Translation Notes & Issues

  • Haru said: "새기는 것은 정의(正義) 멸한다 - 악(惡)을 -"
    • LINE: "In the name of Justice...I destroy ...The Evil."
  • Haru said "...성가셔 졌군. 내 시대땐 이런것은 없었는데."
    • LINE: "Well this is annoying. I didn't have to deal with this kind of thing in my time".
  • Haru said: "빠르군 거기다 변칙적...보통의 마족과는 다른 움직임!!"
    • LINE: "He's fast...and unpredictable. His moves are different from other demons!"
    • Different translation: "He's fast and unpredictable/unconventional...his movement is different from the average/ordinary/regular demon."
  • Haru said "확실하게 없앨 생각으로 한 공격이었는데..!!"
    • LINE: "That was an all-out attack to finish him..!!".
    • More literal: "That was an attack with the intention of eliminating him..!!" or "That was definitely an attack with the intention of eliminating him..!!" or "That was an attack with the intention of eliminating him for good..!!"
  • Ge Des said "고대의 신물과 하나가 된 이몸은"-; "기사단의 검 따위로는 벨 수 없다!!"
  • LINE: "...I became one with the Ancient Divine Item"; "You can't cut me with a mere sword of the knights!"
    • Ge Des said: "영혼을 녹이는 내 불꽃이.."; "통하지 않았다고-?!"
    • LINE: "My soul-melting flame..."; "...Didn't work?!"
    • Translation: "My flames that melt the soul..."; "...didn't work?!"
    • Both translations not bad
  • Haru said: "다음은 없다. 네 아버지의 봉인을 한 일곱 기사의 영혼이 실린 검이다."
    • LINE: "You won't get a second chance. This is the word with the souls od the seven knights that sealed your father"
    • Other: "There won't be a next time. This is the sword with the soul of the seven knights that sealed your father"
  • Stone: "위험했어.. 나혼자서 쓰러트릴 수 없을줄이야.."
    • LINE: "That was close...I didn't think it would be beyond my power to defeat him alone..."
    • Other: "That was dangerous...I never thought that I wouldn't be able to take him down on my own..."
      • Basically the same thing. The first part is the more literal.
  • Dragon of Light: "그래도.. 가장 큰 산을 넘었으니, 의미는 있습니다."; "전..좀 자야할것 같군요.."; "마나가 바닥이라 이 형태를 이루기가.."
    • LINE: "But it was worth it since we overcame the biggest challenge."; "I need to get some sleep"; "It's hard to stay in this form without much mana.."
    • Other: "But/However/Nevertheless...it was worth it since you've climbed the greatest mountain"; "I..I need to get some sleep"; ""It's had to stay in this form without much mana.."
  • Stone thought to himself: "크콕..이거 너무 얕보는거 아냐?"; "용의 가호가 없다해도 난 이미 올스탠이라구."
    • LINE: "haha...they've underestimated me."; "All my stats are at max even without the protection of the dragon.".
    • Literal: "Haha...aren't they looking down on me/Haha..aren't they underestimating me?"; "Even without the dragon's protection, I'm already an All-Stat"/"I'm already an All-Stat, even without the dragon's protection"
  • Stone: "좋아!! 마왕에 이어서 악몽여왕까지 잡았다고-!!"
    • LINE: "Nice!! I've defeated the Nightmare Queen too!"
    • Literal: "Nice/Great!! I've defeated the Nightmare Queen right after the Demon King!!"
  • The One-Eyed Nightmare: "강력한 몬스터를 '플레이어' 와 섞는 것 부터 해서.."; "드래곤, 고대의 종족을 마족과 융합하는것 까지.."; "모두 융합도중까지는 '에고' 를 유지했지만 완벽히 융합되고 난 후 악몽의 마나를 견디지 못하고 '완전한 융합' 까지는 도달하지 못하는 실패의 반복."
    • LINE: "From mixing powerful monster with a player.."; "..To combining Ancient Species, The Dragon with a demon..."; "..They've managed to maintain their ego during the process...but we repeatedly failed to fuse tem perfectly because their ego couldn't stand the Nightmare Mana till the end."
    • Other Translation: "From mixing powerful monsters with 'players.."; "To fusing the ancient species such as dragons with demons..."; "All of them managed to maintain their 'ego' until they were fused, but after they were completely/perfectly fused, they could not withstand the mana of Nightmare and failed to reach "Complete/full/perfect fusion".
  • The One-Eyed Nightmare said "하지만 그 모든건 지금 만나게 될 궁극의 개체를 위한 '연구' 였으니, 그걸로 충분한 가치가 있었죠."
    • LINE: "But all of those were experiments needed for the ultimate entity that you're about to meet, so it was well worth it."
    • Other Translation: "But all of that 'research' was needed for the ultimate entity you're about to meet, so it was worth it"
  • The One-Eyed Nightmare: "그 모든것을 위해서는 '절대적인 힘' 이 필요합니다."
    • LINE: "To achieve these ideals, Absolute Power is needed"
    • Translation: "All of that requires 'absolute power'. or "For all that, you need 'absolute power'/'absolute power' is needed."
  • The One-Eyed Nightmare said "불확실성을 없애는것 입니다. 99%가 아닌 100%!!"
    • LINE: "We must remove the uncertainty and have a 100 percent chance of winning!"
    • Literal translation: "It's about eliminating/getting rid of uncertainty. Not 99% but 100%!!"
  • The One-Eyed Nightmare said "마왕의 영혼을 담을정도의 그릇은..."; "...이 자 이외엔 없죠"
    • LINE: "He's the only one..."; "...who can house the soul of the master devil". It's not actually incorrect.
    • A more literal translation: "A vessel strong enough to house the soul of Demon King..."; "...There's no one else but than him".