This is the fourth episode of season 2 and the 187th episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Sora returns to Dark Land and reunites with Dark...

Character Appearances 

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode is listed as '2부 4화 - 재회 (완)' by Naver Webtoon which translates to 'Season 2 Episode 4 - Reunion (Complete)'. It is simply listed as '[Season 2] Ep. 4' by Line Webtoon.
  • In the previous Episode, fans were shocked at what appeared to be a bulkier Sora. This episode confirms that it was just her attire and her physique is identical to that of her Season 1 self.
  • Sora states that Hardcore Leveling Warrior is alive and that she was told by someone she trusted. A lot of fans believe that it is Lila but this is just speculation.
  • Gurland used Hell Fire but it was unnamed. 
  • It appears that the title 'Reunion' (not used in the English version) meant a reunion between Dark and Sora, not Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Some fans believed that he would make an appearance.
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