This is the twelfth episode of season 2 and the 195th episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Character Appearances 

Skills Used

No named skill used in this episode

Known Locations

Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode is listed as '2부 12화 - 루시드 어드벤처 (4)' by Naver Webtoon which translates to 'Season 2 Episode 12 - Lucid Adventure (4)'. It is simply listed as '[Season 2] Ep. 12' by Line Webtoon.
  • Heriach made his first appearance in the series. A 15% clone of his was seen in Episode 70 and a an image of him was first shown in Season 2 Episode 11.
  • Apple makes her first appearance in the series although her image was first seen in Season 2 Episode 11.
    • Curiously, in AE 5, Dumpling Prince's girlfriend is also called Apple. As of this episode it is not known if they are the same characters.
  • Both Heriach and Apple are part of the Giga Mythical Team.
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