This is the eleventh episode of season 2 and the 194th episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


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No named skill used in this episode

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode is listed as '2부 11화 - 루시드 어드벤처 (3)' by Naver Webtoon which translates to 'Season 2 Episode 11 - Lucid Adventure (3)'. It is simply listed as '[Season 2] Ep. 11' by Line Webtoon.
  • Lakiren was under Light's control before it was taken over by New Nightmare.
  • Bromorten was seen for the first time in the series. It was called the 9th castle of Giga when Sua Han made her series debut in Episode 26. In this Episode, it is called the 5th castle. The reason for this change has not been explained.
  • There is a Chairman successor Evaluation in the next month which Sam Han's children seem to be involved in.
  • Giga has a Myth Class Team which presumably has players with 'myth' personal attributes such as Heriach.
  • The item that New Nightmare retrieved from Lakiren in the previous episode is known as The Unknown Energy and it is a divine item.
  • There was a translation error by Line Webtoon. Light said; "한건호이 개자식 .. 날 약 올려?".
    • This translates to "Han Gun-ho, you bastard/son of a dare provoke me?"
    • Line Webtoon translated this as "Lucas, that dare you taunt me!". It should have been 'Nathan', 'Han Gun-ho's English translated name.
    • Light referred to himself instead of his brother 'Han Gun-ho' (Line Webtoon: Nathan Han).
  • Secretary Park and General Manager Park's avatars where killed during New Nightmare's invasion of Lakiren Castle in AE 7. Their bodies have become Nightmare Soldiers, which means that they can't log back into Lucid Adventure.
  • Giga put a big bounty on Nightmare which a lot of rankers took interest in. The destruction this hunt will bring could not be predicted at the time.
  • Dark is using Mini Hireling to track Hardcore Leveling Warrior's karma.
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