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This is the first episode of season 2 and the 184th episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Two years after the end of last season, a new adventure begins...Dark logs into Lucid Adventure to investigate the Nightmare incidents for a school project. Some familiar faces are seen and some new ones.

Character Appearances 

Skills Used

No skills used

Known Items

Known Locations

Real World

  • Han Gun-Woo's Home

Lucid Adventure

Notes & Trivia

  • The Episode is listed as '2부 2화 - 재회 (1)' by Naver Webtoon which translates to 'Season 2 Episode 1 - Reunion (1)'. It is simply listed as '[Season 2] Ep. 1' by LINE Webtoon.
  • There is a two year time skip. This is most likely in real world time, which would be 14 years in Lucid Adventure time. It is possible that this time difference has changed due to the events in Episode 174 but this has not been confirmed.
  • Dark was referring to Hardcore Leveling Warrior when he spoke about looking for the person for 2 years, not his grandfather. His grandfather died after the Combat Tournament.
  • The security lock Han Gun-Woo uses to get into his apartment has Samsong an it. It's an easter egg in reference to Samsung , a South Korean multinational conglomerate.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior logging in (Left); Dark logging in (right)

    There are a few parallels here between this episode and the first episode of Season 1 with regards to Dark and Hardcore Leveling Warrior:
    • Both appear in the real world before logging into Lucid Adventure.
    • When the both of them log in they have their back turned and say "I'm Back!".
    • Both meet Heart Heater in Quest House and sign papers without reading them and with Rim present in the room and making tea for Heart Heater.
  • Han Gun-Woo has been fighting everyday in the real world which made him stronger. He says,"Those guys won't quit, I left the house but that wasn't enough for them. I think they are trying to break me completely". The house may be referring to his old flat and they is possibly be Giga. As of now this is just speculation.
  • The character Chota is heavily implied to be Choco Flavoured Potato Soup in Episode 1.

Translation Notes & Errors

Speaker Korean LINE Webtoon Literal Translation


...왕궁이라도 지었다면

서류정리가 좀 더

수월했을것 같습니다만,

...I think it would've been easier

to organise these papers if we had built a castle.

...I think it would've been easier

to organise these papers if we had built a royal palace.



왕이시여(1), 이제 다크랜드는..

고작 수백명이 사는 마을이 아니라..

수많은 영지를 거느린 대국.

Your highness(1)..

Dark Land isn't just a village of a few hundred people...

It's become a nation with a vast territory

O King(1), Dark Land is...

It isn't just a village/town with just a hundred people...

It's become a great nation/major power/big country with

numerous/a lot of/lots of/many territory.

Rim 국정운영에 진지하게 임하세용!! Take the affairs more seriously!! Take state the state affairs more seriously!!
Lu Bu 야, 금수저(2). 또 늦었냐? Hey, silver spoon boy(2).

You're late. Again.

Hey, silver spoon(2). You're late again?
Dark 어엉. 17:1로 싸우다가 늦었다. Yeah, I was fighting seventeen to one. Ugh. I'm late because I had to fight 17 to 1.
Lu Bu 자식, 구라는.. Yea, right... Bastard, you're lying...
Dark ...전학생? Are you the new kid? ...transfer student?
Chota 와, 이게 그 말로만 듣던거구나.

'악몽의 핵!' 요즘 이슈가 되고있다는..

Wow, so this is the thing I've only heard stories about,

'The Nightmare Core'...They talk about this all the time.

Wow, so this is the thing I've only heard stories about...

'The Nightmare Core'! It's become an issue these days...

Dark 낯간지러운(3) 소리하지마..

뭐, 우리도 인원이 부족했고..

Don't be so cringy(3..

Well, we were short on members anyway..

Don't be so cringy/embarrassing(3...

Well, we were short in numbers anyways...

Lu Bu 한 조에 세명씩인데 부족하긴 뭐가 부족해!

우겨서 네가 넣었으면서.


It's supposed to be one per group!

What do you mean short on members?!

You insisted that we needed more.


Three people in a group is more than enough!

You insisted we needed more.

Werewolf 촌데레.(4)

다크 너 은근(5) 촌데레야.


That's what you are, Dark. You act all cold outside but in fact, you care about others.


Dark, you're kind of(5) a tsundere.

Chota 그래서 해킹당한줄 알고 쭉 안하다가..

최근에야 루시드고 가려고 겨우 시작했어.

So I thought my account has been hacked.

I didn't play for a while...

I only started playing again to go to Lucid High School.

So I thought my account has been hacked.

I didn't play for a while...

I only started playing again to go to Lucid


Chota 생각해보니까 그때 나 죽인 랭커가 되게

유명한 사람이었다는데..


Come to think of it, the ranker who killed me

back then turned out to be quite famous...

What was his name again...?

Come to think of it, I heard that the ranker who killed me back then was a very famous/infamous/notorious man/person...

Who was he again? (Literally means: Who was it?)

Lu Bu 괜찮냐?! 전학생! Are you okay, new kid?! Are you okay?! Transfer stsudent!
Gurland 소중한 물건을...

이렇게 내팽개 치면 안되지!

Well, well...

You shouldn't throw away something so


A valuable item...

You shouldn't just throw it away like that!

Reference Korean Info
1 이시여 A postpositional particle used to address someone politely.
2 금수저 It is an advantage that son and daughter have from parents, something like money, family power,

family background. 금수저 means a "gold spoon" in Korean, but in English, ‘a silver spoon’ is usually

used to express similar meaning. In Korea, this word is one of the most popular buzzword or slang word in 2015.

3 낯간지러 Short form of 낯간지럽다. means "face"; 간지럽다 means "tickle; itchy". So 낯간지럽다 would literally mean "Itchy Face"

or "tickled face". Itchy face can be a result of many different situations but bugs biting is not one of them.

A person would say 낯간지럽다 when they feel slightly embarrassed.

For example: "칭찬 받기가 낯간지럽다" would means "I'm embarrassed to be complimented".

Another good example is: Let's say you friends who always tease and play with each other. One day, one of the friends says "thank you"

seriously and he is not the kind of person who says it like that. The receiving friend who is kind of embarrassed in this situation would say

"낯간지럽게 왜 그래?"

4 촌데레 It means Tsundere. Tsundere is a a Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person

who is initially cold (and sometimes even hostile) before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time

5 은근 In English it would be the equivalent of "a bit; slightly; kind of-". Basically "Steadily but not too strongly" or "In the manner

of behaving secretly so that others do not notice."