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Scallion Head's Guild (tentative name) is Guild led by Scallion Head.


Scallion Head's Guild that is composed of thousands of players. The guild has been defeated by Hardcore Leveling Warrior multiple times in the past.

It has allied with the One and Zero although it is currently unknown whether this alliance still stands.

Know Members

Name Position Notes
Scallion Head Guild Master
Dongchun Guild Member
Bat Girl Guild Member
Za'qul Guild Member
Stickman Guild Member



The Guild has been defeated by Hardcore Leveling Warrior in the past so many time that the entire guild itself harbored great anger against the No.1 Ranker.

Season 1

The Reset Arc

Pooh Upooh Retrieval Arc


Notes & Trivia

  • The Guild's official name was never revealed in the webtoon. It will be called Scallion Head's Guild in this wiki.