Scallion Head is the leader of the Scallion Head's Guild. Both him and his guild have had several unfortunate run-ins with Hardcore Leveling Warrior which caused them to resent the former Rank 1 Player.

At the start of the series, Scallion Head gathered an alliance of strong players to try and kill Hardcore Leveling Warrior during one of his quests but they were all defeated.[1] After Hardcore Leveling Warrior's level was reset, Scallion Head and his guild beat him up in Yopi Land Square and he warned the former Rank 1 to quit the game or face the consequences.[2]

A level 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior ended up provoking him into a Legal PK, where he was defeated and lost some of his stats as a result.[3][4] His guild was later taken over by Sad Smile and he joined Nightmare. He was given the Golden Gauntlets and Golden Boots and tasked with retrieving No Name.

He ran into Hardcore Leveling Warrior once again and was tricked into accepting a 'Bet'. He lost the bet and gave up his Golden items to save his guild from Hardcore Leveling Warrior's retribution. After leading Hardcore Leveling Warrior to 'the one', he vowed to get his revenge on the former #1 Ranker before disappearing.




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Scallion Head's Guild

Scallion Head loves his guild. He


Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Scallion Head absolutely detests Hardcore Leveling Warrior and wants to see him suffer. He spent all of his resources just to kill Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[1]

Sad Smile


Skills & Abilities


As the leader of Scallion Head's Guild, Scallion Head he has complete control of his guild.

Strength: A blow from Scallion Head was enough to

Healing Skills


Combat Style

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Nightmare Skills



  • Gold Staff: Scallion Head was seen wielding a golden staff during his group's ambush on Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It's stats and attributes are unknown.[1]
  • Nightmare Sword:


  • Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon: The gauntlets of The Golden Armor set. All Stats +50, Armor 880 and Increases the damage 3 times if used with The Sword of Honor. Scallion Head acquired the gauntlets from Sad Smile who himself got them from Zero after she took them from Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[5][6]
  • Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon: The Boots of The Golden Armor set. They double the speed of their wearer



Season 1

The Reset Arc

Scallion Head during Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Hell Fire (Episode 1)

Alongside the Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Alliance, Scallion Head ambushes Hardcore Leveling Warrior while he is in the middle of a quest in the Cobalt Castle Plain. The alliance hits Hardcore Leveling Warrior with a 20 chain spell that noone had previously survived. Hardcore Leveling Warrior is unhurt and wipes out the front line of the union with Hell Fire.

"I spent my everything on this operation...Hardcore Leveling!!!"

Scallion Head tearing up after Hardcore Leveling Warrior uses Hell Fire to wipe out the front line of his alliance (Episode 1)

This shocked Scallion Head who wondered what Hardcore Leveling Warrior's class was because he used a wizards skills. The enraged Scallion Head has tears in his eyes as had put everything he had to kill Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He orders the rest of the alliance to hit Hardcore Leveling Warrior with what they've got and not hold anything back. Hardcore Leveling Warrior killed him and the remaining members with a Moonlight Slash.[1]

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