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Scallion Head[1] is the leader of the Scallion Head's Guild. Both him and his guild have had several unfortunate run-ins with Hardcore Leveling Warrior which caused them to resent the former Rank 1 Player.

At the start of the series, Scallion Head gathered an alliance of strong players to try and kill Hardcore Leveling Warrior during one of his quests but they were all defeated.[2] After Hardcore Leveling Warrior's level was reset, Scallion Head and his guild beat him up in Yopi Land Square and he warned the former Rank 1 to quit the game or face the consequences.[3]

A level 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior ended up provoking him into a Legal PK, where he was defeated and lost some of his stats as a result.[1][4] His guild was later taken over by Sad Smile and he joined Nightmare. He was given the Golden Gauntlets and Golden Boots and tasked with retrieving No Name.

He ran into Hardcore Leveling Warrior once again and was tricked into accepting a 'Bet'. He lost the bet and gave up his Golden items to save his guild from Hardcore Leveling Warrior's retribution. After leading Hardcore Leveling Warrior to 'the one', he vowed to get his revenge on the former #1 Ranker before disappearing.


Scallion Head is a pale green man with a lean built body, orange eyes and a green shaggy beehive hairstyle. He often has an angry expression on his face.

At first, Scallion Head wore a white head band with a pink heart shape in the middle and a large white cloth worn around his neck that acted as his cape with a big stand up collar. He wore a very sleeveless white robe with a red cross in the front, exposing his entire sides, which was then wrapped with a thin brown belt around his waist. He wore short baggy white pants, white gloves and shoes.

After siding with Nightmare, almost his entire appearance changed, replacing the entire attire he wore with Nightmare Bandages that wrapped around his entire body and had a large cape made out of it as well. He had a more shaggy beehive hairstyle and his face was partially covered with Nightmare bandages. He also wore the Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon and the Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon before they were forcibly taken from him by Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

After his last fight with Hardcore Leveling Warrior, he no longer wore the golden armor parts and had stitches across his limbs as they were put back together after it was sliced off by Lacerate (切). Almost his entire hair was sliced off as well, giving him a bald patch as well.



Lucid Adventure

Video Games


Scallion Head is a person that very much values his guild above all else. So much so that he swore vengeance against the Ranked No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who had constantly raided his guild multiple times, despite his power and reputation. He's a very determined individual, spending all of his resources just so he could take his revenge on Hardcore Leveling Warrior, even allying himself with Nightmare just so he could have the power to do so.[5]

However, his hatred of Hardcore Leveling Warrior does not go above his care of his fellow guildmates as when Hardcore Leveling Warrior threatened him by spreading the bodies of his guildmates across Lucid Adventure, Scallion Head became worried and relented into returning the golden armor parts which he was possessive of before, telling Hardcore Leveling Warrior to leave his guild out of this.[6]

He is also quite the ambitious person as he thought he could not only defeat the one, but even her if he had all three pieces of the Golden Armour Set.[6] He also has a sense of justice as he tried to take revenge on Hardcore Leveling Warrior as well for forcing many players to quit Lucid Adventure because of the latter's playstyle by beating him senselessly for a while. Scallion Head is also easy to taunt and is quite gullible as Hardcore Leveling Warrior lured him many times into a duel, first taunting him into a duel for his stats[1] and lastly for the Golder Armour Pieces and defeated him both times.[6]


Scallion Head's Guild

Scallion Head loves and cares for his guild very much, declaring revenge on the powerful Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior despite being defeated so many times. He is always looking for ways to make his guild rise in power, colluding even with the One, Nightmare, and Zero. He sought to also take their castle back after Zero took it from them by using all three pieces of the Golden Armour Set.[6]

He values his guild so much that he would prioritizes them above his great hatred of Hardcore Leveling Warrior as when the latter threatened to kill his guildmates and spread their bodies across Lucid Adventure, Scallion Head became very worried and agreed to return his armour which he was very stubborn to let go of before. Scallion Head apologized to his guildmates after his fight as well.[6]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Scallion Head absolutely detests Hardcore Leveling Warrior and wants to see him suffer for everything he's done. He spent all of his resources just to kill Hardcore Leveling Warrior and was extremely angered when it was all wasted.[2] When he managed to get hold of a Lvl 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, he was rejoiced and took great pleasure in beating him up for a long while with his fellow guildmates.[3]

Scallion Head had two of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's armour parts and taunted the latter with it.[5] In their last fight, Scallion Head managed to cut Hardcore Leveling Warrior's hair off, making him bald. He then teased Hardcore Leveling Warrior by calling him "Bald Head". Despite being defeated by Hardcore Leveling Warrior many times before, Scallion Head thought he was weak as he was no longer Ranked No.1 and became worried and shocked when the former managed to defeat him once again in their last fight. Even so, Scallion Head still vowed to take his revenge on him some day after he agreed to Hardcore Leveling Warrior's request and took him to "The One".[7]

Sad Smile

"The One" that Scallion Head refers to and considers more powerful than him. For unknown reasons, Scallion Head and his guild became subordinates to him and was supplied with Nightmare powers and equipment (though the One gives them this under the orders of Zero).

Sad Smile took over Scallion Head's Guild Castle and Scallion Head had planned on taking it back with three armour parts of the Golden Armour Set.


It is unknown how Scallion Head knows Zero but he knows her and considers her more powerful than him, than even Sad Smile as well. Zero was the one that gave them Nightmare Powers and ordered Sad Smile to supply Scallion Head and his guild with equipment such as the Gauntlets and Plate Boots of the Golden Armour Set.[6]

Skills & Abilities


As the Guild Master of his Guild, Scallion Head has complete authority over his guild. He was a particularly strong player as when the Lvl 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior was punched by him, the latter was quite surprised and questioned if he was this strong all this time.[1]

He possesses notable healing capabilities, able to quickly heal a person multiple times to full health and prevent them from dying as they are repeatedly beaten senselessly by a mob.[3]

Strength: A blow from Scallion Head was enough to halve a Lvl 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior's health which also made the latter question if he was this strong after all.[1]

Healing Skills: Scallion Head prevented a Lvl 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior from dying and logging out by healing him multiple times despite being repeatedly beaten by an angry mob of players.[3] He healed Hardcore Leveling Warrior over and over, bringing him to full health a hundred times as he beats him senselessly during their first fight.[1]


After allying with Nightmare, Scallion Head, along with his guild, greatly improved his overall power as a result and was even given better equipment such as the Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon and the Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon. Scallion Head was fast and strong enough to be able to capture Pooh Upooh and even paralyzed her with a Nightmare Sword.[5]

He was fast enough to save his fellow guildmate from Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Bash and even dodged his Moonlight Slash immediately. He also managed to dodge both Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Le. Rajie's attacks[5], even No Name's attack as well.[8]

Enhanced Speed: Scallion Head's speed was greatly enhanced to the point that he looked like he was vanishing whenever he dodged his opponents attacks. He was so fast that he could dodge Hardcore Leveling Warrior's attacks, even Moonlight Slash, twice, dodging even both Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Le. Rajie's attack as well.[5] Scallion Head was fast enough to dodge No Name's surprise attack.[8]

Swordsmanship: Scallion Head managed to learn swordsmanship and was proficient to the point he could consecutively use the Sword Dance of Nightmare which was capable of deleting players from Lucid Adventure.[6]

Combat Style

Scallion Head is a direct and straightforward combatant, preferring to beat his opponents senselessly whilst sometimes healing them at the same time in order to prolong his attacks and prevent them from dying.

After allying with Nightmare, he still uses his fists however he now uses a Nightmare Sword to paralyze and delete his opponents when he takes them seriously.

Skill Tree

Healer Skills

  • Heal: Scallion Head fully restores the health of the target.

Nightmare Skills

  • The Sword Dance of Nightmare: A nightmare skill used by Scallion Head to delete players from the game.
    • The Sword Dance of Nightmare Lv.1: Scallion Head slashes his Nightmare Sword a red crescent shaped beam is released towards the target.
    • The Sword Dance of Nightmare Lv.2: Scallion Head's Nightmare sword glows red and multiple red waves are fired at the target.



  • Gold Staff: Scallion Head was seen wielding a golden staff during his group's ambush on Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It's stats and attributes are unknown.[2]
  • Nightmare Sword:


  • Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon: The gauntlets of The Golden Armor set. All Stats +50, Armor 880 and Increases the damage 3 times if used with The Treasured Sword of the Knightsr. Scallion Head acquired the gauntlets from Sad Smile who himself got them from Zero after she took them from Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[9][10]
  • Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon: The Boots of The Golden Armor set. They double the speed of their wearer.



Season 1

The Reset Arc

Scallion Head during Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Hell Fire (Episode 1).jpg

Alongside the Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Alliance, Scallion Head ambushes Hardcore Leveling Warrior while he is in the middle of a quest in the Cobalt Castle Plain. The alliance hits Hardcore Leveling Warrior with a 20 chain spell that noone had previously survived. Hardcore Leveling Warrior is unhurt and wipes out the front line of the union with Hell Fire.

Scallion Head tearing up after Hardcore Leveling Warrior uses Hell Fire to wipe out the front line of his alliance (Episode 1).jpg

This shocked Scallion Head who wondered what Hardcore Leveling Warrior's class was because he used a wizards skills. The enraged Scallion Head has tears in his eyes as had put everything he had to kill Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He orders the rest of the alliance to hit Hardcore Leveling Warrior with what they've got and not hold anything back. Hardcore Leveling Warrior killed him and the remaining members with a Moonlight Slash.[2]

Major Battles

  • Scallion Head and the Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Alliance vs Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Cobalt Castle Plain)
  • Scallion Head and Scallion Head's Guild vs. Level 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Yopi Land Squre)
  • Scallion Head vs. Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Legal PK)


  • (To Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "I spent my everything on this operation...Hardcore Leveling Warrior...you!!!"[2]

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