Sandbag Slime is the Monster Attribute Type personal attribute of Chota.


It is one of the new Monster Attribute Types in Lucid Adventure that appeared after the God's died. Chota is able to use the distinctive skill of a Sandbag Slime. Like a Sandbag Slime, Chota is able to save an enemy's skill after they attack him. Unlike Sandbag Slime, Chota can come back even after dying so he can then use the skill of his attacker if he is lucky.[1]

After unlocking his personal attribute, Chota found out that he can't use skills that are beyond his tier. Even when Chota borrows a skill, he cannot use a skill that is outside of his abilities.[1]

The attribute can become very strong and even broken if Choa develops it.[1]

Due to getting hit and killed by the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Chota is able to use Lucky Coin and Borrow.[2][1]

Notes & Trivia

  • It is actually unclear if Borrow is a skill of Chota's personal attribute, Chota's class or if it is from Hardcore Leveling Warrior. This wiki assumes it is one of the skills Chota acquired from Hardcore Leveling Warrior. it will be updated once more information is provided.
  • There appears to be a setting error as Chota's account was created before The Gods perished. Personal Attributes were said to be given after character creation. It is possible the author might have retconned it or personal attributes can change depending on the users personality change. This will have to be confirmed by the author to get a definitive answer.


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