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A man is a man when he keeps his promises. If he doesn't, he is trash.

Lee Je-No,[1] more commonly known as Chairman Kim,[1] and known as Sad Smile[5] in Lucid Adventure. He is the Chairman of Miso Corporation and the owner of an infamous workshop in South Korea.[1] In Lucid Adventure, he is the Lord of Cobalt Castle and the Union Leader of the Yopi Land Union.[5][4]

In the early days of Lucid Adventure, Sad Smile was confronted and mortally wounded by Han Gun-Ho when he refused to join Giga. In order to save his character's life, he used his Contractor personal attribute to bind himself to Han Gun-Ho and has been under his command ever since.

He planted Constant as a mole in the Zara Guild and under the behest of Han Gun-Ho, he manipulated Constant into inadvertently betraying the Zara Guild which led to Armes getting captured and Zara Guilds eventual dissolution. Secretly, he has been plotting to betray Giga and he planned on using the power of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior to do it.

During the Miso Corporation Stabbing Incident, Chairman Kim was stabbed in the neck by Gong Won-Ho and was mortally wounded, but he somehow survived. During the two year time-skip, the 4 bosses of the underworld that included Sad Smile, teamed up with Yopy to form the Anti-Giga Coalition.

After Yopy was deleted by from the game by Nightmare Yopy, Sad Smile became the Union leader of the Yopy Land Union.[4]


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Real World

Lee Je-No is black haired dark skinned man with a side parted hairstyle. He wears a black blazer with white collared long sleeve shirt, black pants and shoes. He also wears black aviator glasses..

In the past, Lee Je-No wore a hawaiian shirt, black pants and shoes. His hair had an unkempt hairstyle.

Lucid Adventure

Sad Smile is plain white skinned man with blue hair, and black lips. His entire eyes were pure black with white pupils. He wore a purple robe with black and yellow linens, black pants and black boots. He was also shown wearing a white long sleeved collar shirt underneath. He had numerous gold and silver bracelets and rings. He also wears a dark colored eye circlet on his head.

Two years later, his attire has entirely changed. He now wears the same attire he wears in real life.


Lee Je-No is a brutal, cruel and ambitious man. He willingly hurts other people for any reason he considers that offends him. He had beaten Gong Won-Ho like a dog for saying that he should've knocked before coming in as the latter was taking a dump. He had even ordered the guards to not feed Won-Ho any food for two weeks so that he wouldn't shit at all and had beaten Jin-Won numerous times for failing his orders.

A testament to how brutal and violent Lee Je-No was when he brutally beat a man to death with his bare hands. When he is being friendly, it is always because he wants something out of someone or plans to make a deal. He is an ambitious as he had tried to match Giga's success in the past before he was captured and bounded by Han Gun-Ho but even then, Je-No still tries to get the upper hand by trying to use Hardcore Leveling Warrior and states that he hasn't given up yet.

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Real Name Alias
LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Jeno Lee Chairman Kim Sad Smile LINE Webtoon (English) English
Lee Je-No Boss Kim Sad Smile LINE Webtoon (French) French
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Notes & Trivia

  • Sad Smile was first mentioned as "The Lord of Cobalt" in Episode 1. His real life persona, President Kim was first introduced in Episode 4. Sad Smile made his début in Episode 8. It wasn't until Episode 66 that it was revealed that President Kim was Sad Smile.
  • The name "Jeno Lee" was seen on the contract Ethan Gong signed in Episode 4. This was suspected by many to be his actual real name and it was finally confirmed to be in Episode 176.
  • Chairman Kim is a middle school student.
  • His Lucid Adventure appearance is very similar to that of the the infamous Batman villain, the Joker.
  • Episode 176 is the only Episode where Chairman Kim does not wear his signature sun glasses.