Jeno Lee, more commonly known as Chairman Kim as well as Sad Smile in Lucid Adventure, is the leader of a famous workshop, current Chairman of Miso Corporation and Lord of Cobalt Castle.

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President Kim is a very business savvy person and was able to anticipate the currency implementation in Lucid Adventure 3 years prior to the start of the series and took advantage of it by opening the workspace in Miso Tower, where he could take advantage of people who play Lucid Adventure.

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  • Dark Magician Book:

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On the top of a 4 floored building, President Kim gave Ethan Gong the option of being thrown off the 4th floor or working for him in his 'workspace' in order to pay back his debt of $40000. Ethan chose the latter and signed a contract.

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  • Sad Smile was first mentioned as 'The Lord of Cobalt' in Episode 1. His real life persona, President Kim was first introduced in Episode 4. Sad Smile made his début in Episode 8. It wasn't until Episode 66 that it was revealed that President Kim was Sad Smile.
  • The name 'Jeno Lee' was seen on the contract Ethan Gong signed in Episode 4. This is possibly Chairman Kim's name but it is unclear.
  • His Appearance is very similar to that of the the infamous Batman villain, The Joker.
  • Episode 176 is the only Episode where Chairman Kim does not wear his signature sun glasses.

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