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My name is Ruud Ra Kan! I am the second son of the Demon King Sik, the true master of this world!
 ― Ruud Ra Kan

Ruud Ra Kan was a demon in Lucid Adventure. He was the second demon prince and son of the Demon King, Sik. Along with most of the other demons, Ruud Ra Kan was sealed in the Demon World by the Ancient Knights after the demons lost the Human-Demon War.

Ruud Ra Kan was released back into the world along with other demons after the seal on the Demon World was broken by Nightmare. He served as one of the Generals for Nightmare and was told to stay in Jelly Village by No Name.

Eventually, Ruud Ra Kan engaged the Grass Roots Guild, forcing The Best Swordsman to his 100% True Awakening for the first time. After a long battle that involved Ruud Ra Kan getting Nightmarized, Ruud Ra Kan was eventually killed by The Best Swordsman.

Due to his actions and role, he is one of the main antagonists in the Beyond the Boundary Arc.


Ruud Ra Kan is a magenta-skinned demon with white short hair and two massive black horns that protruded downwards. He wear full black plated armor and a black waistcloth. The collar of his armor was wide and makes his neck visible.

When he was a child, he wore a black long sleeved shirt with a red napkin tied on his collar, red cloth around his waist, black pants and boots.




As a Demon Prince and a direct descendant of Sik, Ruud is extremely confident in his abilities. He considers himself the greatest warrior of the Demon World and always wants to be in the heat of battle. He felts slighted that he wasn't allowed to take direct action in the Great War by No Name. Immediately there was a chance to face a strong opponent, he excitedly rushed to their location.

Just like Ligos and other demons, Ruud Ra Kan looks down on humans. He feels it is an honour for the humans that face him in combat. During the Human-Demon War, he used to go on human hunts.

Ruud respects the strong, regardless of what race they are. Despite the fact that most demons look down on humans, Ruud has shown respect for the Ancient Knights because of their power.

He despises the weak and feels it is beneath himself to fight them. He was annoyed that Drip Soup and Cocomori dared to draw their swords at him despite what he considered weak swordsmanship from the both of them.

As a Demon Prince, he feels disgusted when compared to other demons that are not of his rank as he showed when he was compared to Ligos.




Ruud is extremely proud to be the Demon Prince and the son of Sik and believes that he is the true ruler of the Demon World.


Ruud appears to have a competitive rivalry with his two brothers. He was upset that they were fighting directly in the front lines whilst he was sitting doing nothing in Jelly Village because of No Name's orders.[1]


No Name

Ruud begrudgingly accepted No Name's orders due to her freeing him and the rest of the demons. He felt aggrieved and disgraced that she had him sitting in Jelly Village while his brothers were fighting on the front lines which led him to refer to her as a "half-Bitch".[1]

Grass Roots Guild

When one of his underlings reported that humans were attacking them, Ruud was extremely excited to face off against humans once again after a 1000s of years. Apart from the Best Swordsman, Ruud was disappointing in the strength of the Grass Roots Guild members, especially when compared to the Ancient Knights.[1] He even felt offended that Drip Soup and Cocomori even dared to attack him with what he considered weak swordsmanship. When the rest of the Grass Roots members fled, he was intrigued by Choco Bibi's spatial magic.

The Best Swordsman

...You're the strongest human I've ever met
 ― Ruud Ra Kan

The Best Swordsman was the only member of the Grass Roots Guild that piqued Ruud's interest. Ruud Ra Kan was impressed with The Best Swordsman because he was able to counterattack immediately after Ruud kicked him into a mountain and also deflect his Dark Ball, although he was still a disappointed with his power when compared to the Ancient Knights. The Best Swordsman was the only member of the Grass Roots Guild that piqued Ruud's interest.

Skills & Abilities


He has greater power than Ligos...
 Choco Bibi

As the direct descendant of the Demon King, Sic, Ruud Ra Kan is extremely powerful. His power was far above that of a Named Monster. Bunny Turtle said that when he met Ruud, in the hundreds of years he had lived, he had never felt that kind of fear in his whole life. Such is his power that his rating appears as "???" and cannot be measured using the normal monster rating scale.

Choco Bibi theorised that he has greater power than Ligos, the 5* rated Demon that single-handedly defeated the Hardcore Leveling Warrior-Yopi Land-Grass Roots Alliance during the Subjugation Round. In fact, Ruud Ra Kan referred to Ligos as a lowly being.

Ruud easily overpowered the Grass Roots Guild by himself which included The Best Swordsman who had awakened 50% of his True Personal Attribute. The Best Swordsman said that Ruud Ra Kan was the strongest monster they had ever faced. Such was Ruud Ra Kan's power, that Choco Bibi had to flee with the rest of the group while The Best Swordsman had to use 100% of his True Personal Attribute for the very first time.

Physical Strength: Ruud has extraordinary physical strength. He kicked the Best Swordsman with enough force to send the No.4 Ranked player crashing into a mountain and case a small injury. He slammed The Best Swordsman with enough force to crack the ground.

Attack Speed: He was able to deliver two powerful blows to Drip Soup and Cocomori almost instantly before they could hit him with their swords, which sent the two swordsmen flying.

Speed: Ruud has displayed extraordinary movement speed and reactionary speed.

  • Movement Speed: He was able to fly from his base in Jelly Village to The West Entrance of Jelly Village almost instantly. He was so fast that The Best Swordsman could not even react quick enough to block his attack and was kicked into a rock. He was fast enough to dodge Choco Bibi's perfectly executed Space Deletion. He closed the gap to The Best Swordsman who had deflected his Dark Ball instantly.
  • Reaction Speed: Due to having Royal Demon's Eyes, Ruud is able to read attacks and dodge them. He was able to react to a counterattack from The Best Swordsman who was using 50% of his personal attribute and ha buffed his movement speed with Hero's Footsteps. He was able to see Choco Bibi's Space Deletion.

Durability: Ruud's Durability is extremely high. He easily tanked a consecutive sword attack from Drip Soup and Cocomori as well as a holy mana shot from Tempest without suffering any damage. He caught a sword strike from The Best Swordsman who was using 50% of his True Personal Attribute and buffed his movement speed with Hero's Footsteps with his bare hands and did not suffer any damage. Tempest could not damage Ruud's body even when using his mana imbued with holy attribute that is supposed to be a demon's weakness, although Ruud did say that the shots stung.

Demonic Regeneration: Due to his Demon's Blood passive, Ruud has extraordinary regenerative capabilities. He instantly recovered from the fatal wounds caused by his own Dark Ball in just a few seconds; he was mostly broken bones and torn flesh before his regeneration.

Royal Aura: Ruud's crimson aura causes weaker creatures to feel absolute fear. The Goblins all cowered in fear when reporting to Ruud and even broke into sweats.

Immense Magic Power: As a high ranking Demon, Ruud possesses extraordinary magic power. His mana was so strong that The Best Swordsman could feel him approaching and tried warning his guild members of the danger approaching.. His magic attacks are so strong that they are even capable of completely overwhelming his own body's immense durability and resilience.

Royal Blood of the Demon King

I'll fight you with all sincerity, Human!!
 ― Ruud Ra Kan

Ruud Ra Kan uses this skill when he takes his opponent seriously. He opens the bloodline of the Demon King and the Demon King's insignia is appears on his forehead in a manner that is similar to his ancestor Hoi and his father Sik.

In this form, all of Ruud Ra Kan's abilities are given a tremendous boost and he releases a tremendous amount of mana that can be felt from far away and causes demons to go berserk. Choco Bibi could not believe that The Best Swordsman was fighting such a being.[3]

Ruud Ra Kan let '100% True Awakening - The Best Swordsman' attack him first in order to learn The Best Swordsman's mana and suffered no damage.[4][3] Once Ruud Ra Kan got serious, he instantly overwhelmed The Best Swordsman despite the latter using his 100% True Awakening; Ruud critically injured the Rank No.4 Player once his swordsmanship was revealed.[5]

Only when The Best Swordsman unlocked his hidden skill that buffed all his offensive stats by five times was Ruud Ra Kan bested.[5]

Enhanced Physical Abilities: All of Ruud Ra Kan's physical abilities are amplified.

  • Enhanced Strength: A single blow from Ruud Ra Kan sent The Best Swordsman flying back, despite the latter blocking it with his Twin Dragon Swords.[3]
  • Enhanced Durability: Ruud Ra Kan's already tremendous durability is further amplified in this form. He was able to tank the a 100% True Awakening The Best Swordsman's Moonlight Twin Slash, Double Dragon Blast without suffering a single scratch.[3] He was able to give a blow to The Best Swordsman's sword directly and suffer no injuries.[3] He blocked a sword strike from The Best Swordsman's Twin Dragon Sword with his bare hands and caught it.[5]
  • Enhanced Endurance: Despite The Best Swordsman critically wounding him, Ruud Ra Kan was still breathing to The Best Swordsman's surprise.[5]

Enhanced Magic Power: In this form, Ruud Ra Kan's magic power is further amplified and he is able to use powerful destructive magic such as the Sphere of Destruction that can cause large scale damage.[5]

Enhanced Swordsmanship: In this form, Ruud Ra Kan is able to wield Demios. An single unskilled sword slash from Ruud Ra Kan sent The Best Swordsman miles into the earth.[5] Ruud Ra Kan critically injured The Best Swordsman after striking him in the back with Demios.[5]

Berserk Inducement: The sheer amount of mana released by Ruud Ra Kan in this form caused all his subordinate monsters to go berserk, which presumably their attack power.[3]


Main Article: Nightmarization

The Power of Demios, the Demonic Dragon is overflowing inside me!!

After being critically injured by The Best Swordsman, Ruud Ra Kan's desperate call for more power caused the Nightmare Core that he had consumed at an earlier point to awaken and grant him the power of Nightmare. Ruud Ra Kan is forcibly fused with Demios and undergoes Nightmarization.[2]

Ruud Ra Kan strength, speed, regeneration and defence are significantly increased and his skills are imbued with the power of Nightmare and he gives off an extreme concentration of Nightmare Mana that made even The Best Swordsman wary.[2]

In this form, Ruud Ra Kan is capable of easily overpowering The Best Swordsman who had his offensive stats increased by Those Who Seek Death Shall Live, Those Who Seek Life Shall Die and was using a personal attribute hero weapon. Just blocking and dodging Ruud Ra Kan's punches overwhelmed The Best Swordsman and left him no room to counter attack.[2]

Despite the great power granted by the buff, Nightmare takes away Ruud's ego. Ruud's emotion and reason became suppressed and absorbed into the power.[2] As the Nightmare Core's voice grew louder and louder, Ruud Ra Kan became more powerful and became closer in power to the real Demonic Dragon, Demios.

Enhanced Physical Abilities: All of Ruud Ra Kan's physical stats are enhanced to an extreme level.

  • Enhanced Physical Strength: Ruud Ra Kan's physical strength is further amplified. His punches are capable of reducing The Best Swordsman's HP to critical levels despite The Best Swordsman blocking his punches with The Sword of the Song.[2]
  • Enhanced Durability: Ruud Ra Kan's durability is amplified in this form. He is able to block The Best Swordsman The Song of the Sword powered Moonlight Twin Slash with his bare hands; for context, Ruud Ra Kan was critically injured by the same skill before he used Nightmarization.[2] Ruud Ra Kan took an attack from all of the Grass roots Guild and was completely unharmed.[6]He was even able to take his own powerful attack Dragon Magic - Meteor directly and perfectly come out unscathed.
  • Enhanced Speed: Ruud Ra Kan's speed was massively increased by Nightmare, instantaneously appearing in front of Drip Soup and almost killed him were it not for Choco Bibi's teleport skill.

Enhanced Swordsmanship: Ruud Ra Kan's swordsmanship is further amplified during his Nightmarization.

  • Sword Force: Due to fusing with Demios, Ruud Ra Kan is able to use Sword Force and can use swordsmanship without actually equipping a sword; in fact, a single blow from Ruud Ra Kan reduced Sea Dragon Sword's durability to zero and would have shattered it were it not for The Best Swordsman's Personal Attribute.[2]

Dragon Magic: Due to fusing with Demios, Ruud Ra Kan is able to use powerful Dragon Magic with extreme destructive capabilities.[2]

Dragon Wings: Using Nightmarization, Ruud Ra Kan grew dragon wings that amplified his speed and allowed him to take flight.

  • Enhanced Speed: Ruud Ra Kan's speed was faster than Choco Bibi's casting speed.[6] He became so fast that he could approach his targets and attack before teleportation was used which practically made the teleportation skill useless.[6]
  • Overwhelming Mana: As Ruud Ra Kan drew on more of Nightmare's power, his mana grew exponentially. Cocomori said that just being in the same space as Ruud Ra Kan was suffocating.[6] Such is the power of his mana that Grass Roots Guild members that were unable to leave a single scratch on him before could severely wound him after they absorbed his mana through The Best Swordsman conceptual magic.[7]

After being sliced apart by The Best Swordsman's Double Lacerte, the dying Ruud Ra Kan gave in to the voice in his head fully and transformed into the Demonic Dragon, Demios.[7]

Demios' mana is overwhelming and it's magic attack tore The Best Swordsman's body into pieces. It too The Best Swordsman reaching the final stage of his Yi Sun-Shin attribute to defeat Demios and The Best Swordsman was severely damaged from their encounter.[7]

Demonic Dragon Mana: As an ancient dragon, Ruud Ra Kan's mana cannot be compared to Demios. Just by emitting its mana, Demios was able to break The Best Swordsman's conceptual magic by 50%.[7]

Overwhelming Magic Power: As a true dragon, Demios is able to use real dragon magic and use spells that are capable of destroying The Best Swordsman's conceptual barrier and territory.[7]

Skill Tree

Demonic Skills

  • Royal Demon's Eyes: A skill that let's Ruud Ra Kan to decipher the skill used by a person.
  • Dark Ball: Ruud Ra Kan creates a huge spherical dark ball and launches it at the target. The ball creates a huge explosion upon impact with the target.
  • Demon's Blood: A passive skill that heals all of Ruud Ra Kan's injuries.
  • Demon World's Rain: Dark Rain: Ruud Ra Kan releases a rain of blood at the target that causes damage.
  • Sphere of Destruction: Ruud Ra Kan creates a large energy ball from the tip of Demios and launches it at the target. It creates a huge explosion on impact with the target.

Nightmare Skills

  • Nightmarization: grants Ruud Ra Kan the ability to use and Nightmare and even transform, merging with his own sword, Demonic Sword - Demios.
  • Transformation - Dragon Wings: Using Nightmarization, Ruud Ra Kan creates Dragon Wings that drastically increases his movement speed and flight speed. Ruud Ra Kan's speed becomes faster than Choco Bibi's magic casting speed.

Sword Force Skills

Sword Force - Demios: Ruud Ra Kan uses Sword Force in both his hands and delivers a powerful blow to the target. He is able to use this skill because he combined with Demios after Nightmarization.

Ruud Ra Kan Skills

  • Dragon Fist: The Nightmarized Ruud Ra Kan rushes at the target and delivers a series of powerful punches that create an explosion on impact with the target. Ruud's arms move at speeds that make it appear like he is punching the target with multiple arms.

Dragon Skills

  • Dragon Magic - Meteor: Ruud Ra Kan raises his arm above his head and summons an almost-island sized black meteor to crush the target.


Demonic Items

  • Shield of Origin: A Demon King's treasure summoned by Ruud Ra Kan. It is used to shield attacks directed at Ruud Ra Kan.
  • Demios: Ruud Ra Kan's Sword. Demios is one of the Demon King's heirloom that only pure-blooded demons can use. It was made by refining the Ancient Dragon's bone with the demon mana. After Ruud Ra Kan underwent Nightmarization, Demios fused with Ruud Ra Kan and enabled him to use Sword Force.



Over 1000s of years ago, Ruud took part in the Human-Demon War and faced the Ancient Knights. He was sealed along with all of the blood descendants of Sic and demons in the Demon World by the Knights after the demons lost the war. He was released back into the human world by Nightmare, who broke the seal on the Demon World.

Season 2

Beyond the Boundary Arc

Ruud Ra Kan is sitting in the Jelly Village Castle when a Goblin reports that No Name told him to stay put in Jelly Village. Ruud Ra Kan curses No Name in Demonic Language and is eager to get on the front lines like his brothers. Another Goblin runs into the castle to report that Gobungi had been murdered with what looked like human users. Ruud Ra Kan laughs maniacally and asks for the location before flying off to The West Entrance.[1]

He kicks The Best Swordsman into a rocky hill. He stands there and takes two sword strikes from Drip Soup and Cocomori and is disappointed at how weak the Grass Roots Guild is. He hears Grass Roots Guild comparing his power to Ligo's and tells them not to compare him to such a vulgar life form.[1]

Ruud Ra Kan blocks an attack from The Best Swordsman with his hands and slams the swordsman tinto the ground.He is shot by Tempest's holy attribute bullets and uses his Royal Demon's Eyes to see that Tempest was shooting him from another dimension. He blocked punched Drip Soup and Cocomori while they were midway through their sword attacks and mocked their swordsmanship. He then dodged Choco Bibi's Space Deletion at point blank range before charging at the Space-Time Wizard.[8]

The blow meant for Choco Bibi is blocked by The Best Swordsman which leads Ruud Ra Kan to launch a Dark Ball at the swordsman. Dark Ball is deflected into the air by The Best Swordsman's Parry and Ruud Ra Kan rushes at The Best Swordsman but is teleported to the trajectory of his own Dark Ball by Choco Bibi. The Dark ball explodes on impact with Ruud Ra Kan, but the Demon prince immediately recovers due to his Demon Blood and all his items are repaired instantly with the Demon Prince's mana.[8]

Ruud then uses Dark Rain which forces Choco Bibi to teleport the rest of the Grass Roots Guild back to Jelly Village and The Best Swordsman to use his 100% True Awakening.[8]

..it's my defeat...indomitable Swordsman.

Ruud Ra Kan's final moment

Demios Ruud Ra Kan uses Dragon Dive on The Best Swordsman but is split apart by The Best Swordsman's The Last Skill - Artillery Fire of Victory x Lacerate (切). In his final moments, Ruud Ra Kan acknowledged The Best Swordsman.


After Ruud Ra Kan's died, he had become a giant reward box which the Best Swordsman noted to be quite sad. There were numerous items from the chest such as the dark attribute gauntlet that Drip Soup couldn't wield and Ruud Ra Kan's Soul Fragment's.

However, a crow suddenly appeared and successfully stole a piece of the souls from the Best Swordsman's hands then going through a portal, teleporting it somewhere else.

Translation Notes & Issues

Ruud Ra Kan's name was incorrectly translated as Ruud La Kan by Line Webtoon. It was retrospectively corrected in all past episodes and future episodes.

Major Battles

Notes & Trivia

  • Ruud Ra Kan was the first demon Prince introduced in the series.