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"You guys all have 'Lucid Adventure' accounts right? Login tonight! I will write my will in there"

Han Gun-jae (Line Webtoon: Roy Han), also known as Sword Master, Alpaca Man and Novelist Han in Lucid Adventure, was the former Chairman of Giga Group, The Creator and former Absolute God of Lucid Adventure.[1] He was the father of Sam Han, June Han and James Han as well as the paternal grandfather of Nathan Han, Sua Han, Lucas Han and Carter Han.

Sometime after creating Lucid Adventure, Zero spread a curse through his body that has been slowly killing him in the real world.[2] He fell into a coma, but his consciousness remained online in Lucid Adventure.[3]

In the game, he was constantly being chased by Giga who were trying to capture him in order to control Lucid Adventure completely.

After engaging Sam Han in Lucid Adventure,[4] the rest of his power was used up and he he was forced to log-out and his life is was hanging on by a thread.[5] He remained in The Subconscious World and aided HCLW in returning Lucid Adventure after he was killed by the Contractor.

After the conclusion of the PvP Round, he used the last bit of his power to see Carter Han in Lucid Adventure, encouraging him one final time before finally passing away.[6]

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His relationship with his wife was never has not been revealed but Sam Han said that if she was alive, she would have been against his game development project.

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Roy Han cares for his grandson dearly as he is the only person that gave him something without expecting anything in return.[7] Unlike his sons, who he had an almost business like relationship with and criticised, he teased Dark and even was not angry when Dark interrupted him during a meeting.[7]

Roy Han used to play video games with Dark when he was younger and even received an ugly gift from him which made him happy. Dark was the first person that Roy Han invited to play Lucid Adventure. He was extremely worried when Dark seemed to be choking in the game.

After Roy Han fell into a coma, their close relationship caused Dark to be killed by his family members everytime he logged into Lucid Adcenture to look for him. Despite Roy Han being chased, he still tries to help Dark by giving him a geneorous quest to help him level up and become stronger.[8]

Upon reuniting with Dark, their closeness can be seen as Dark was able to pull his ponytail and chastise him. He encouraged Dark to find the answer in Lucid Adventure and told him he believed in him before he leaving Leaf Dungeon with The Antler.[9]

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Roy Han had an almost business like relationship with his son, Sam Han, and don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues. He was referred to as 'Chairman' rather than Father by Sam. Sam was highly against Roy Han's massive investment in Lucid Adventure as his guys had reviewed it and said the idea was not possible.[7] This is the reason Roy Han was surprised to see Sam Han playing Lucid Adventure.

Despite their differences, Roy Han believed Sam is a competent and bright leader but believes that his biggest weakness is that he believes he can always have his own way.

He left Sam in charge of Giga to suppress Nightmare. Sam and Giga ended up joining Nightmare and becoming Nightmares themselves They have become corrupt and are doing the opposite of what he wishes despite Sam believing that he is fulfilling his will. He believes Zero has tricked Sam and he is inadvertently bringing about the destruction of the world.

Roy Han tried to delete him from the game but Sam Han's personal attribute prevented him from doing so. Due to Sam Han's abilities, Roy Han exhausted all his power and was forced to log out of Lucid Adventure which led to him almost dying in the real world.

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Zero was first created when Roy Han's ideas merged with the core of The God's Toy. On first seeing her, Roy Han remarked that she looked like an in-game NPC. She is a 'God' that was used as a tool to create the world that he envisioned.

Whatever Zero saw during her research of the real world changed her. She currently wants to destroy Lucid Adventure to prevent the players from corrupting it.

She is currently in possession of the hand he cut off and is trying to create a weapon that can penetrate his 'Divine Flesh' and kill him.[10]

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"Grandpa is basically a God in this game..." Dark

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As the creator and Absolute God of Lucid Adventure, Roy Han was the most powerful entity in the game. He had all of his stats maximised as well as all attacking skills activated.[1]

As the creator, he has the power to banish players from Lucid Adventure permanently and stop their consciousness from ever accessing the world ever again. He has also been shown with the ability to stop time. The only player that can stop this attack is his son, Sam Han, who has a personal attribute designed specifically to kill him.[4]

Whilst waiting for his power to recover from Sam's paralysis, he believed he could wipe out Giga single handedly.[11]

Strength: Roy Han was the strongest entity and had the highest attack power seen in the series. His attack power was most likely planetary level at its peak. After Lucid Adventure was completed and about to be opened to the rest of the world, Zero gave all of her power of the world to Roy Han.[2]

In his battle against Zero, God of Combat claimed that there was noone whose power surpassed his in Lucid Adventure except for Roy Han, the Absolute God.[12]

Despite still possessing great power his incomplete form, using his ultimate attacks put a great strain on him. He becomes so fatigued that his breathing becomes increasingly heavier with each ultimate attack used and he starts bleeding from his mouth. His control of power decrease with each ultimate skill used in this form.[4]

While in his complete form and healthy, he was able to easily defeat Zero with a single swordless Lacerate.[2]

In his incomplete form, he was able to destroy multiple multiple GF-999s that boasted great defences by himself using Lacerate x100.[4]

He was able to defeat a Constant in single attack despite Constant physical abilities being buffed by Nightmare and to a divine level by Self-Deception. Without the Nightmare revival skill, Constant would have died instantly.[4]

He was able to deliver sword slashes that were powerful to kill Nathan Han and destroy his unavoidable attack that was powered by Nightmare, while accidentally vapourizing the large mountain range of Yopi Land.[4]

In his Alpaca Man, Roy Han had the 3rd highest strength stat behind Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Fengxian during the Siege Round of the Combat Tournament.[13]

In his Novelist Han avatar, Roy Han was able to split a mountain with a tiny tree stick.[14] He was able to pick up the Sword of Honor and swing it easily with one arm despite the sword requiring at least a strength stat of 800+ to wield it properly. This shocked even Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the former strongest player in the game.[15] [16]

After Yopi used the Last Card, he was able to summon Roy Han's power in the form of his avatar, Sword Master. Sword Master under Yopi's will delivered a single slash that was powerful enough to cut apart the Zero, God of Combat and the God of Time and Space who were all buffed by the power of the users and could survive a clash with each other that led to the space around them being torn apart.[17]

Yopi then willed Roy Han's Avatar to completely obliterate the Gods which created a massive planet sized explosion and led to the rules of Lucid Adventure being changed.[17]

Speed: As the God of Lucid Adventure, Roy Han was most likely the fastest entity in the game. Even in his incomplete form, he was as fast if not faster than a Constant whose physical abilities were buffed to a divine level by Self-Deception.[4]

Prime Source: Roy Han was one of the cores of Lucid Adventure alongside Zero. If either one them were to disappear then Lucid Adventure would start to collapse.[2]

After Zero's core was destroyed, Roy Han lost full control of Lucid Adventure and needed a core made of the dreams of many players to stabilise it.[2]

Nigh Invulnerability: As the Absolute God of Lucid Adventure, Roy Han most likely boasted the highest physical defence in the series. He is completely unharmed by Nightmare attacks and Nightmare based weapons that are capable of even paralyzing the #1 Ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[18]

He was able to tank Zero's Murder of God skill which rained down God killing weapons that were not from Lucid Adventure.[2]

His invulnerability does not extend to his own self inflicted attacks, as he was able to cut off his own hand in order to prevent Zero's curse from spreading to his core.[2]

Zero's Unnamed Nightmare Arrow that was created with the specific purpose of killing Roy Han, could not even leave a scratch on his divine flesh.[10]

He was able to slap away Nightmare powered Gold Lion Chains used by Giga Special Forces Team 13th Squad with his bare hands without any injury.[4]

The only character bar Roy Han himself that was able to harm him in the series is his son, Sam Han. Sam Han's personal attribute, Oedipus, was granted to him directly by Zero before she handed over all her power to Roy Han.[19][2] It gives him the power to kill his father.

  • Psychic Immunity: In his complete form, Roy Han most likely had absolute resistance to mind manipulation although this was not confirmed. In his incomplete form, he thought Constant's God Fooler that combined his own power with Nightmare created a dangerous patter that was "a little dangerous", implying that it might have worked on him.
  • Magic Immunity: The extent of his ability to resist all types of magic is unknown, but Roy Han was unaffected by The God of Time and Space's Time Space Freeze that was able to time stop all the characters in the

Subconscious Manipulation: As The Creator and God of Lucid Adventure, Roy Han has the ability to manipulate the subconscious of those in Lucid Adventure although the true extent of this is unknown.

He was able to hide his subconscious in the Subconscious World after he used up all his power and temporarily stop his inevitable death.[20][5] He was also able to personally intervene to stop Hardcore Leveling Warrior's subconscious from returning to the real world.[20]

Dream Walking: Whilst trying to gather data to create his world, Roy Han was able to fill the gaps by gathering information from the memories and inside the dreams of other people. The exact limit of this power is unclear.[2]

Creation: Roy Han was able to create Lucid Adventure after The Witch fused the information in his head with the core of The God's Toy. Through Zero, he was able to create the topological system, Kingdoms and mechanics of Lucid Adventure. As he was not a God himself, he used Zero as tool to do his bidding. As he gathered more informaion from the internet and other people's dreams and memories, Zero used it to further consolidate and improve Lucid Adventure's mechanics.[1][2]

Roy Han created an entire adventure story for Carter Han.[21]

  • Fantasy Connection: Roy Han connected the Real World to Lucid Adventure, which led to The Overlap incident. It seems like he used Zero as a conduit to do this.[1]
  • Dimension Creation: Roy Han was able to create a 'Hidden Ending' that involved a separate dimension from the normal Lucid Adventure in order to see his grandson one last time.[6]

System Manipulation: Roy Han buried 'The Rule' of Nightmare far beneath the system during Lucid Adventure's development phase in order to prevent the players bad memories from creating Nightmare Players.[22]

Banishment: Roy Han could use his divine skill, Sword of Deletion - Delete to delete a users existence from the game, permanently banning their accounts from the world.[4]

Teleportation: With a snap of his finger, Roy Han was able to teleport both himself and Dark to the 'Story Dungeon'.[21]

Portal Creation and Portal Manipulation: During the Leaf Dungeon Arc, Roy Han created a portal that took him to one location, but teleported Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Beubeu to Yopi Land.[9]

Animal Telepathy and Communication: Several times in the series, Roy Han is seen riding powerful monsters. Although not explicitly stated, it is implied that he can communicate with animals, perhaps even telepathically. It is possible that he was manipulating these animals but this was never confirmed.

During Dark's character creation and entry into Lucid Adventure, Roy Han was seen riding a Dragon which he used to catch the free-falling Dark.[7]

When Yopi was getting attacked by the Purple Phoenix hatchlings, Roy Han stopped them from attacking by telling them Yopi was not an enemy, implying that he could communicate with the animals. He was stood on top of a giant bird, presumably the Purple Phoenix itself.[23]

In the Leaf Dungeon top floor he is seen sitting on the horns of The Antler and they both notice someone following them and leave together in the portal.[9]

Divine Communication: After Roy Han had used up almost all of his life force, he was able to communicate to The Gods telepathically directly through some sort of 'Divine Messenger'. He spoke told them he was dying and they all came to meet him soon after.[24]

Division: Through some unknown ability, Roy Han was able to split his consciousness into separate avatars in order to enjoy Lucid Adventure as a regular user. Roy Han split his consciousness into Sword Master, Alpaca Man and Novelist Han. It was implied that there was a 4th avatar but this has not been explicitly confirmed.[25]

Each of the characters are distinct, but are all Roy Han at the same time. It appears that each of them have their own Class and separate skills associated with that class.

When the split avatars use powerful skills, it puts a strain on Roy Han's split consciousness as Novelis Han was bleeding from the mouth after using Great Barrier and Sword Master was at the point of exhaustion after using Lacerate x100 and God's Hand.[4]

Absolute Weapon Proficiency: The extent of this ability is unknown. Whilst using his Noveslist Han avatar, Roy Han was able take the Sword of Honor directly from Hardcore Leveling Warrior's back.[15] This is despite the fact that the sword can only be picked up by the one under contract with it and repels others that try to wield it. It is most likely because of his status as 'The Creator' that he is able to bypass rules.

Power Bestowal, Stats Bestowal and Skill Bestowal: Roy Han is able to give powers, stats and skills to other players characters temporarily or permanently. The bestowals are customised specifically for the said players so that they can use it efficiently. He is also capable

  • Story Dungeon: Roy Han created an entire adventure story for Carter Han. At the beginning of the story, Roy creates a panel where he and Carter select their characters for the adventure. Once selected, Roy and Carter assumed the appearance, skills and stats of the characters. This was only temporary.[21]
  • Last Card: Knowing that he was nearing the end of his life span, Roy Han was able to give his fading power to Yopi in the form of the Last Card.
  • Strength Stat: Roy Han as Novelist Han was able to give Hardcore Leveling Warrior 500+ strength stat as a reward for completing the Novelist Request Quest. What makes this even more unique is that when Hardcore Leveling Warrior's stats were reset to level 1 for the Siege Round, his strength stat of 500+ remained, showing that his stat bestowal to Hardcore Level transcended even God of Combat's Combat Tournament rules.
  • Lacerate (節): Roy Han as Novelist Han was able to give Hardcore Leveling Warrior the Lacerate skill as a reward for completing the Novelist Request Quest. Even when Hardcore Leveling Warrior was rewound back to his #1 Ranker form by Dark, the Lacerate skill remained in his skill tree, implying once again that Roy Han's 'gifts' transcended the laws of the game and even a Transcendent personal attribute such as Dark's Time Magic.

Skill Replication: Whilst using his Novelist Han avatar, Roy Han was able to perfectly replicate Moonlight Slash after seeing Hardcore Leveling Warrior using it on Viewtube.

Time Magic: Roy Han is able to use Time Magic although the full extent of his Time spells was never explored. Dark, a proficient Time Magician himself, described Roy Han's Time Magic as 'Perfect Time Magic'.[6]

  • Time Stopping: Roy Han's Time Freeze was so powerful that it even paused the God's. It is possible that even the whole of Lucid Adventure's time was frozen but this was unconfirmed.[6]

Almighty Edit

Roy Han was granted this skill after his body was created by Zero during Lucid Adventure creation[1]. It grants him the following abilities:

  • Maximum Stats: Roy Han had the maximum stats in the game. It was never confirmed that he was an All-Stat but seeing that he was the God of the World, it is more than likely that he even transcended the usually 999 stats limit for regular users.[1]
  • All Attacking Skills Activated: All of Roy Han's attacking skills were activated. it is unclear if this meant that Roy Han could use any offensive skill in the game or this was restricted to just his 'Sword Master' avatars own skills. It is most likely the former altough this has not been confirmed.
  • Immortality : Roy Han was granted immortality. The exact mechanics of this was unclear as he was not immortal in the Real World and it is unconfirmed if player characters age and deteriorate in Lucid Adventure.
  • Potential Abilities Detection: Roy Han had the ability to detect all the potential abilities of all characters.[1] Whilst training Sora in his Novelist Han avatar, he told her "eating will be your strength one day".[14] This proved true as her personal attribute was the Taster class which allowed her to gain various buffs through eating different foods.[26]
  • Flight:: Roy Han had the ability to fly in the sky. Even after he split his consciousness into various other avatars, his Sword Master avatar retained the ability to fly.[9]
  • Worship Inducement: Roy Han could be worshipped at any place he wants. It is unclear if this is limited to just choosing the place that he can be worshipped or if this includes forcing NPCs or even players to worship him at will. It was never confirmed if he could draw power from worship.

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As the name implies, Sword Master has been seen to favour melee combat with swords, but he is more than capable of fighting at any range as 'Almighty' grants him access to every attacking skill in Lucid Adventure.

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As a God, Roy Han is capable of using Divine Skills that are capable of causing multiple-mountain level destruction.

  • Lacerate: Sword Master delivers a powerful slash with his hands that is capable of defeating Zero. His other form, Novelist Han, uses this skill with a sword and it has enough force to cut the clouds in the sky and negate a monster's Low-Mid regeneration. Moonlight Slash is a weak copy if the sword version of Lacerate.
    • Lacerate x100: A more powerful version of Lacerate. Sword Master uses his bare hands to deliver a 100 consecutive Lacerates in an instant to multiple targets.
  • God's Hand - Roy Han can summon a giant hand to deliver a powerful blow to the target. it was strong enough to disable a Constant whose physical abilities were at a Divine Level.
  • Sword of Deletion - Delete - Roy Han can use this skill to delete players from the game and banish them from Lucid Adventure permanently.
  • God's Skill: A skill used by Roy Han to save the core in Zero's severed head to stop Lucid Adventure from collapsing.

Other Skills Edit

  • Moonlight Slash: Roy Han in his Novelist Han avatar was able to use Moonlight Slash after seeing Hardcore Leveling Warrior using it on Viewtube.
  • Massive Defense Magic - Great Barrier: Roy Han in his Noveslist Han avatar creates a powerful barrier that is capable of blocking multiple Raid attacks from Giga's GF-999s.

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  • Sword of Deletion - The strongest sword in the game. Roy Han can use this sword to delete characters from Lucid Adventure and banish them from the game forever, preventing them from ever re-entering, even with a new character.
  • Sword Master was seen with a sword in a brown scabbard while he was riding The Antler.[9] The scabbard has a padlock on it presumably sealing it's power.

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Background Edit

Not much is known about Roy Han's past, other than he became the President of Giga Corporation after his wife passed away. He became the richest person ins South Korea and achieved fame that made him a celebrity as well as one of the most powerful and influential people in the country.

Game Development Edit

At some point in the past, Roy Han was creating a game. He wanted to create an RPG game that people could play by connecting their brain signals to a 'dream world'. He saw this as his last challenge as Giga president. As he was sitting in a room and contemplating about the great challenge ahead of him, a blue bird spoke to him and proposed a deal only a guy like Roy Han could afford. As the blue bird was departing, it told Roy Han to come and meet it alone on the second floor of of XXdonald's at 12 AM the next day.[1]

Roy Han was clear on what he wanted to do with regards to his game idea, but the lack of technology was holding him back so he wanted to hear what the Blue Bird was going to propose.[1]

The next day, he went alone to the designated location at the designated time. He approached the table with a young looking woman asking if she was the blue bird. When the young woman started talking about the free toys that a person could get when they buy food at XXdonald's, Roy Han immediately turned around and began to walk off, thinking to himself that he was out of his mind for ever coming to such a place.[1]

The young woman then gave an eerie speech about The Gods and their toys which led Roy Han to infer that she was 'The Witch' that offers something not from the world for a big amount of money that rumours in the industry spoke about. The Witch then took a picture of Roy Han which suddenly transferred his consciousness into the God's Toy and she dimension jumped in with him.[1]

She then fused the information in Roy Han's head with the core of The God's Toy to create a world. The core then exploded and gave birth to a new world and Zero, the moderator of the new world. Roy Han's body was then analyzed by Zero and his body was created and he was granted the skill Almighty.[1]

Zero was unable to get sufficient data from Reality. The landscape data of the planet was reconstructed, the climate data of the planet was automatically generated to affect the planet and countless tribes and kingdoms were created within it.[1]

Zero then took more information from Roy Han's head to record the planet's history and retrieved more data from his dreams. Once the server construction was completed, The Witch then informed Roy Han that the 'new world' is a world where dreams are mediated to keep the consciousness bound and that it is in fact a 'real' world. The Witch then told him to get the money ready as she will be there to collect it soon.[1]

Roy Han's consciousness was then logged out and returned to reality and a phone with 'Lucid Adventure' being installed appeared next to him.[1]

Three Years Ago Edit

Soon after Lucid Adventure's creation he invested a lot of Giga's money into The Game development project at the behest of his sons Sam and James but he carried on as he believed it was Giga's future.[7]

Due to his deteriorating health, Roy Han gathered his family members together and told them to log into Lucid Adventure that night as he would be making his will in the game. He then fell unconscious and hasn't woken up since. The Doctors said he had three months to live.[3]

Roy Han's consciousness is still in Lucid Adventure as his status shows that he's online.[3]

The outside world thought he was still healthy because they had him filmed when he was still healthy.[3]

At some point before the start of the series, Sword Master split himself into three other characters namely Novelist Han, Alpaca Man and a fourth unidentified character.[25][4]

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Blck Magic Dungeon Arc Edit

Sword Master visited Yopi's office and asked him to do a few things and then vanished. One of the things asked was for Yopi to give Dark's Party the Grade S Secret Quest on his behalf[8] as he wanted Dark and his party to level up and get stronger.[27] He also informed Yopi that he would be participating in The Combat Tournament himself, supposedly for fun.[8]

Leaf Dungeon Arc Edit

Roy Han accompanied by The Antler, met Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Beuebu on the top floor of Leaf Dungeon. He explained the situation to them that involved Dark's Uncle but had to rush off into a portal because he was being chased by someone.[9]

Due to Zero's curse that would have destroyed his core, he cut off his right hand which is currently in Zero's possession.[10]

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  • Roy Han's game name, Sword Master was mentioned by Dark in Episode 19 but his real name was revealed in Episode 21.
  • Roy Han was first seen in a flashback in Episode 6 and his Sword Master silhouette was first seen in Episode 6. The Corrupted Spirit of Grasses materialised a strong enemy that took on Sword Master's appearance in Episode 19. His first true appearance in the series was in Episode 21.
  • He is the only player that has been seen with the ability to use multiple characters in Lucid Adventure.
  • Roy Han splitting himself into three pays homage to the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity, where there is only one God in three hypostases: while distinct in their relations with each other, they are stated to be one in all else, co-equal, co-eternal and consubstantial, and each is God, whole and entire.
  • It is implied but not specifically stated that the poison that Zero tried spreading through Roy Han's avatar in Lucid Adventure is the cause of his illness in the real world and the reason why using his ultimate skills takes such a toll on his avatar.

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