Rim is an NPC who is Heart Heater's Assistant and seems to be in charge of the chores for Heart Heater and by extension, Dark.

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Like Heart Heater, he is the servant to Dark and quickly comes to his aid when called upon. While his main allegiance is to Heart Heater, he still helps Dark whenever he calls for him. Even tries to impress Dark with his skill in bakery and food, becoming upset if its called 'lame'. Otherwise, he is a loyal follower and does what he can to help the team.

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The assistant to Heart Heater and loyal companion. Always doing exactly what Heart Heater says similar to Dark. Having full faith in him and always wants to please him. Cheering for him during the PvP rounds and gets upset if someone calls his boss names. A true follower that will defend his master no matter what.

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Rim was present when Heart Heater gave Hardcore Leveling Warrior the Cobalt Castle Trade Route Quest.

He then grabbed Hardcore Leveling Warrior after he reverted back to Level 1 before he was kicked by Sora. He proceeded to engage Sora in a duel and was being pushed back before he was sliced in two by General Guan Yu. He was then carried to Dragon Mountain along with Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Heart Heater and Rim in the mouth of Heart Heater's Dragon.

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  • Broadsword:

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  • Rim is the fourth character introduced in the series.

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