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Restraining Orb is an Immobilization Equipment that is used by Giga Guild's Security Team. It is an Ancient Relic. Restraining Orb - Multiple Shots is a more powerful version of this skill.[1]


It is a Golden ball that is surrounded by multiple eyes. When the eyes are opened the immobilization Magic can be fired from the orb.


The Ancient Reilic is used by The Security Team to apprehend 'Bug Players'. The restraining Orb fires Golden beams towards the target that binds them and forcibly extracts the Nightmare bug from their bodies.

The magic can be avoided by a player with great speed such as Armes, who avoided the shots at point blank range or by deflecting them with a powerful skill such as Armes Santa Maria.

It seems like the magic cannot be broken once it comes in contact with the player.


Zara Guild Arc

The orb was used by on Radish Kimchi after he used Nightmare. He was then arrested by Giga and presumably deleted from Lucid Adventure.

It was used by The Security Team to capture the Bug infected players of the Zara Guild as well as to capture Armes.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The actual name of the Orbs have not been stated clearly. It has been referred to as an Ancient Relic (고대유물, godaeyumul) in Episode 56 and in Episode 103 when Nathan Han used multiple orbs, it was called a Restraining Orb (구속구, gusoggu). This latter has been used as a name.
  • It might have been implied by Armes that magic of these orbs contain Nightmare. This would be consistent with Nightmare as the orbs have multiple eyes similar to other bug weapons.


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