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Recreation of the Legend - Field: Uldolmok is the conceptual magic of The Best Swordsman's personal attribute, Yi Sun-Shin.[1]


'On Board' Effect (승선효과): The sea currents absorb the enemy's mana. The absorbed mana is distributed to the party members who are 'on board'.[3]

Condition: Can only be used in The Best Swordsman's own territory.[1][3][2]

The Best Swordsman uses conceptual magic to create Uldolmok. Once activated, Grass Roots Guild territory is recognised as Uldolmok and the 'On Board' effect is activated.[3]

When the party members have been released from the field, the 'On Board' effect is deactivated.[3]

The skill also has a binding and restraining effect on the target which prevents them from moving.[3]

The Best Swordsman can narrow the size of the barrier and use it to seal magic attacks and enemies.[3][4]

The conceptual magic can be broken down by powerful skills such as Ancient Dragon Demios's (Ruud Rakan) Dragon Magic - Spell Breakdown which emitted powerful enough mana to split apart Uldolmok.[3] A user using Mandala can also destroy Uldolmok.[5]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 53 As The Best Swordsman prepared to defend the Grass Roots Guild Castle from an invasion from the Elephant Guild, he met the conditions and unlocked the Recreation of the Legend skill.[3] The Best Swordsman then used the Recreation of the Legend skill to defeat the Elephant Guild's troops.[3]
Season 2 Episode 52 While in the Grass Roots Guild's territory, The Best Swordsman activated Recreation of the Legend: Field: Uldolmok during the Grass Roots Guild's battle with the Nightmarized Ruud Ra Kan.[1][3]

The Grass Root's Guild territory is recognised as Uldolmok. Ruud Ra Kan's mana was absorbed from his body at great speed and redistributed to the Grass Roots Guild members and Ruud Ra Kan's body was bound by the water. The Grass Roots Guild members attacks that could previously not harm Ruud Ra Kan were going through his body while he was under the Uldolmok effects. Ruud Ra Kan's body was cut into 4 pieces by The Best Swordsman's Double Lacerate.[3]

Ruud Ra Kan underwent the final Nightmarization and turned into the Demonic Demios. 50% of Uldolmok's conceptual magic was broken once Demonic Dragon Demios emitted its mana. After Demonic Dragon Demios prepared to use Dragon Magic - Spell Breakdown, The Best Swordsman released his guild members from the Field: Uldolmok and minimised the barrier to lock himself, Demonic Dragon Demios and Spell Breakdown within the barrier.[3] The Best Swordsman was torn apart by the spell but the explosion was contained by the barrier, protecting the Grass Root Guild's members and terriotry.[3]

Season 2 Episode 97 Constant used Lies that Deceive Space ability to change the field that Choco Bibi and Nightmare Choco Bibi where locked in into the Grass Roots Guild's base.[2] With the space recognised as the Grass Roots Guild's terriotry, The Best Swordsman was able to use Choco Bibi's Teleportation Marker to return to their "base" which was now recognised as Grass Root Guild's base.[2] The Best Swordsman then used Field: Uldolmok in the space whilst riding on the Dragon head of The Last Turtle Ship with Constant. Uldolmok completely overloaded the spatial barrier with sea water.[2]

The sea water of Uldolmok completely absorbed Nightmare Choco Bibi's mana and eventually cancelled Nightmare Choco Bibi's conceptual magic of multiple spatial barriers.[2] The members of Dark's Party returned to their original locations before their forced teleportation and the Nightmare Players returned to their original locations by Nightmare Choco Bibi's side.[2]

Season 2 Episode 99 The Best Swordsman used Uldolmok in an attempt to trap Han Gun-Ho and the LV.3 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (100% controlled by Han Gun-Ho), but both Han Gun-Ho and Hardcore Leveling Warrior escaped Uldolmok's field via Nightmare Choco Bibi's teleportation.[6]
Season 2 Episode 100 The Best Swordsman used the Sea Currents of Uldolmok to nullify the multiple Sword attacks from the LV.66 Demon King Chimera Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[7]
Season 2 Episode 100 Uldolmok surrounded the Turtle Ship x Santa Maria as it charged towards the LV.66 Demon King Chimera Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[7]
Season 2 Episode 104 As Hardcore Leveling Warrior (100% controlled by Han Gun-Ho) launched a powerful magic to finish off Dark's party, The Best Swordsman, who decided to sacrifice himself, lifted the Uldolmok field surrounding The Turtle Ship x Santa Maria and and narrowed it to absorb Hardcore Leveling Warrior's magic and to trap Hardcore Leveling Warrior and himself.[4] While in Uldolmok, The Best Swordsman used [[Sea Dragon Ascension (海龍 昇天)]] to bind Hardcore Leveling Warrior, before unleashing multiple Origin (元) on Hardcore Leveling Warrior. After The Best Swordsman was killed Hardcore Leveling Warrior, the Uldolmok field was lifted.[8]
Season 2 Episode 110 After using the Demon King - Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lucky Coin, Hardcore Leveling Warrior used The Best Swordsman's Uldolmok that he had seen The Best Swordsman use earlier in their own fight.[5] The sea water of Uldolmok was completely vaporised by Stone's Mandala - Flame (炎).[5]



Setting Error (?)

In Episode 154, it was revealed that The Best Swordsman had a conceptual magic and concept destruction by Tempest. This happened 2+ years ago (14+ years ago in Lucid Adventure). This skill was unlocked a year into the time skip (7 years ago Lucid Adventure Time).

Either this is a completely different skill to the one referred to in Episode 154 or there is a possible setting error with the time difference.

Translation Notes

'수성(守城 )' is translated as Gate-Guarding by LINE Webtoon. '수성' means "protectors; defenders; Fort Keeper; garrison keeper".

Notes & Trivia

  • The skill was actually initiated in Season 2 Episode 5 but was completed in Season 2 Episode 53.
  • The skill is based on the 'Uldolmok Strait' (known today as Myeongnyang Strait) (Lit. Screaming Strait). For more info, see below.
  • Nightmare Choco Bibi said his mana lines felt like they were about to explode while he was trapped in the sea water of Uldolmok.


The 'Uldolmok Strait' has proved important at several points in Korean history. The seclusion it provided allowed the Sambyeolcho Rebellion to take refuge here in 1271. In 1597, during the Imjin War, the Korean admiral, Yi Sun-sin, achieved a decisive victory in the Battle of Myeongnyang although he was massively outnumbered by the Japanese fleet. Tidal forces make current of the Myeongnyang Strait reverse direction roughly every three hours. During the lifetime of Yi Sun-Shin, it was called 'Uldolmok,' or 'the Roaring Channel,' most likely because of the powerful tidal forces occupying and traversing the channel, which were especially loud during Springtime.