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Rankers are the top strongest players in Lucid Adventure.

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Rankers were previously given their rank by Giga scouts, but after the death of God of Combat,[2] the ranking system was re-established by Lucid Ball.[3]

Lucid Ball ranks each user based on the power of the world itself, with the limit set by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who had reached the humanly limit in the past when he was the Ranked the No.1 Player.[3]

Rankers became so popular that they shoot commercials like celebrities and are even used on products such as Ranker Milk.[4]

Due to their popularity, information of Rankers abilities can be found on the internet, ensuring their weaknesses can be known by everyone[5]

High Rankers are able to use combo skills that are taxing to other users like they are nothing.[6]

Giga Ranking System


Rankers were named during the war against Nightmare. They were first chosen based on the information Giga's Scouts had, which was then leaked to the public. It became a power ranking.[2]

Giga made it a standard and created a ranking system by naming the strongest 100 players whether they were from Giga or Not.[2]

After the ranking system got re-established by Lucid Balls, Giga's Ranking System stopped being used.

Known Rankers

These were the players that were officially ranked by Giga Scouts.

Rankers in Order of Rank

Rank Name Class Personal Attribute Info
1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (former) Gambler Absolute Luck Lost rank after being killed by a Zombie Dragon.[7]
3 The Best Swordsman (former) Swordsman Yi Sun-Shin Grass Roots Guild Master.

Former Vice Guild Master of

Zara Guild.[8]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior (former) Gambler Absolute Luck Became Rank no.3 after defeating The Best Swordsman.
9 Coma Unknown Unknown Friend of Elena.
11 Elena Unknown Unknown Friend of Coma
40 Heriach Unknown Hercules
43 Secretary


Lancer Valkyrie - Geirskögul Member of Giga
49 Secretary Park Sword Weapon Specialist Persistent Teeth Member of Giga
55 Rui Rui Martial Artist Summoning Skills Type Member of Giga
76 Ranker 76 Unknown Speed Stat Type
88 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (former) Gambler Absolute Luck Zara Guild First

Battalion Commander.

Top 100 The Best Swordsman Master swordsman Yi Sun-Shin Guild Master of Grass Roots Guild.
Top 100 Silla (former) Unknown Unknown The 'Hero of Bansark'.

Deleted from game by Zero.

Top 100 Kkakdugi (former) Unknown Stone Golem Guild Master of Tete Guild. Deleted from the game by Giga for using Nightmare.
Top 100 Philip (ranker status unknown) Unknown Unknown Member of Chairman Kim's Workshop.[9]
Top 100 Unnamed Top Ranker (former) Unknown Unknown Member of Chairman Kim's Workshop. Murdered by Chairman Kim.

Estimated Rankers

These were the players that were not in the official rankers list but had their ranks estimated by Giga scouts and other players.



Name Class Personal Attribute Info
3 Light Master Wizard Majin Estimated to be Rank 3 by Coma after turning into a Majin during the PvP Round Semifinals.[10]
Top 99 No Name Explorer Adventurer Columbus A Nightmare that has some connection to Armes. Her Combat Power was estimated to be Rank SS by Giga before the PvP Round Semifinals, which put her at a level of rankers of the two digit number.[11]


Lucid Ball Ranking System


Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior...The Ranking System 'Limit'

After the God of Combat died, the ranking system was re-established by Lucid Balls that emerged when the divine power of the Gods was absorbed into the world.[3]

Lucid Ball ranks each user based on the power of the world itself, with the limit set by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who had reached the humanly limit in the past when he was the Rank No.1 Player.[3]

Based on the rankings, it continues the 'battle' system that matched users based on their ranks. This was very different from the past standards set by 'Giga', thus creating a major shift in overall rankings. This gave the rankers more freedom. Lucid Ball of the Rankers had special colours.[3]

Matching System

A Player has to actively enter the ranking system to take become a ranker. If a player wins consecutive ranked matches, they earn huge rewards. There is a matching system that searches for ranked players within the vicinity and it gives and estimated queue time.[12]

The Great War

The initiation of The Great War led to a change in the ranking system. Unlike before where players had to battle each other to improve their rankings, players could now only improve their rank based on how many points they gained from subjugating Nightmare. Just before the subjugation of Nightmare began, a few simple rules were added to the ranking system.[13]

  1. When a Named Nightmare is subjugated, that record will be announced to the whole world.[13]
  2. Territories regained from Nightmare will be taken into consideration and their portions will be awarded to the rankers.[13]
  3. 10x of Exp earned from subjugating Nightmare will be reflected in the rankings.[13]

Known Rankers

Rankers in Order of Rank
Rank Name Class Personal Attribute Info
1 Stone Warrior ??? Vice Guild Master of Elixir Plant
2 Ham Unknown Rule - Chess Member of Giga
3 Dark Dark Emperor Time King of Dark Land and leader of Players' Union.
4 The Best Swordsman (former) Master Swordsman Yi Sun-Shin Guild Master of Grass Roots Guild
5 Gangrim Grim Reaper Grim Reaper Member of Giga Team 1
6 Zhao Yun Unknown Zhao Yun Member of Giga Team 1
9 Coma Unknown Unknown Member of Dark Land
10 Cave (former) Swordsman Hustler Former Beard Gang Underboss.
11 Elena (former) Unknown Unknown Former Member of Dark Land
12 Elena (former) Unknown Unknown Member of Dark Land
21 Dr. Park Healer Unknown Member of Giga Empire
33 Yopy (former) Tamer TCG Former King of Yopy Land and Leader of Anti-Giga Coalition.
40 Sun Wukong Wizard Sun Wukong Member of Elixir Plant
42 I Lick Ketchup Swordsman Unknown Member of Yopy Land
Top 50 Brown Haired Ranker (former) Unknown Unknown
Top 50 Hat Wearing Ranker (former) Unknown Unknown
60 Halloween Girl Thief Unknown Member of Dark Land
89 Ariast Knight Unknown Unaffiliated Player
Top 100 Heriach (former) Unknown Hercules Member of Giga Mythical Team.
Top 100 Apple (former) Unknown Unknown Member of Giga Mythical Team.
102 Prince Dumpling Unknown Veteran Maximus Boyfriend of Apple.[14]
379 Lemon-Flavored Noodles (former) Unknown Unknown Member of Giga Empire
459 Cave (former) Swordsman Hustler Former Beard Gang Underboss.
Top 1000 Live or Die by Style 2 Swordsman Unknown Claims to be a top 1000 Ranker.[3]
2033 Cave (former) Swordsman Hustler Former Beard Gang Underboss.

Known Ranked Battles

In chronological order

Name (Rank) Instance Winner Rank Change
Start Finish
Dark (?) vs. Stone (?) S.2 Episode 14 (Mentioned Only) Stone Unknown
Dumpling Prince (102) vs. Cave (2033) AE 5 AE 5 Cave Cave: 2033 → 459
Dark (3) vs. Heriach (Top 100) S.2 Episode 16 S.2 Episode 26 Dark None

Known Rank Changes

In chronological order

Name Instance Starting Rank Info
Start Finish Before After
Cave AE 5 AE 5 2033 459 Defeated the Rank No. 102 Dumpling Prince in a Formal Combat.[14]
Elena S.2 Episode 45 S.2 Episode 45 12 11 Rank went up by 1 after she gained 10 points from subjugating the Nightmare in Ketoru Castle.[13]
Yopi Season 2 Episode 61 Unranked 33 Rank went up drastically after he hunted Nightmares.[15]

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Notes & Trivia

  • The ranking systems only applies to the users. There are NPC such as Heart Heater, The Dragons of Light and Darkness, The 4 Gods and other named monsters that transcend the power of ranked players.
  • Both the Giga and Lucid Ball ranking systems are not always indicative of a players true power. Examples are given below.
    • Armes hid her true strength so she was never on Giga's ranker list. She was stronger than the then ranked no.3 The Best Swordsman.[16]
    • Despite not being a 'Lucid Ball' ranker, Sora defeated Apple, who is one of Giga's top rankers. Sora was not on the Lucid Ball Ranking System because she hadn't been engaging in ranked battles to climb up the ranks.
    • For the sake of secrecy, members of Giga's Special Investigation department are not allowed to be ranked and they do not usually get involved with combat in the open.[17]
  • It appears that when rankers logged into Lucid Adventure in Season 1, their rank appeared next to their name such as when Hardcore Leveling Warrior logged in in Episode 1. This appears to have changed with the new Lucid Ball System, as Dark's rank did not appear when he logged in as the Rank 3 in Season 2 Episode 1.
  • Curiously, the Rank No.3 seems to be the most popular rank used by the author in the series. At some point in time The Best Swordsman was Rank Rank No.3, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was Rank No.3, Light was estimated to be the Rank No.3 and Dark is the Rank No.3 in Season 2. It is unknown if that number has a hidden mystery behind it.
  • There seems to be some confusion as to The Best Swordsman's ranker status after he lost to Hardcore Leveling Warrior. The Best Swordsman was still a ranker but is presumed to be a non-ranker in season 1 because of Line Webtoon's poor translation. Coma said this to The Best Swordsman in Episode 172, "...요새 랭커질 안하더니, 감 다 죽었나보네요."; this is translated by Line Webtoon as "...after all those years of being unranked, you must've lost your touch."; The correct translation is ""You haven't been doing the act of a ranker lately, so I guess you weren't you weren't ready for that." Further confirmation that The Best Swordsman is still a ranker as Tempest confirms it when he was talking about conceptual magic in Episode 154. Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing confirmed The Best Swordsman was a ranker in Episode 173 as she referred to both Coma and The best Swordsman as "These rankers...".
  • Unlike the Giga Scouts Ranking System, it appears that a Ranker is not restricted to just the 'Top 100' players anymore. Both Dumpling Prince and Cave referred to Dumpling Prince as a "Ranker" despite him being Rank 102.[14] It is possible that the term 'Top Ranker' is used for the top 100 players in order to distinguish them. This will be added to the 'Lucid Ball Ranking System' above when more information is revealed.
    • Kelea was to have the ability to match a Ranker by Dark in Season 2 Episode 7. This insinuates that Rankers are the 'Top 100 Players'.
    • Apple is implied to be a ranker by Sua Han in Season 2 Episode 11. Due to the issue stated in the above bullet point, it is unclear if she is actually a 'Top 100' Ranker, but just for the sake of consistency, this wiki has assumed that she is a 'Top 100' player. When her rank is confirmed, the Ranker list will be updated. This is the same issue with Sun Wukong, who is revealed to be a Ranker by Tempest in Season 2 Episode 13.
  • Jezeri is called a 'Giga Ranker' in Season 2 Episode 22. It is unclear if this is based off 'Giga's Ranking System' or ' Lucid Ball Ranking System'. For this reason, Jezeri has been left off both ranking systems and will be correctly allocated when more information is revealed by the author.
  • In Season 2 Episode 59, Nightmare Akira asked "Rankers, you're talking about the 20 strongest people?". By the storyline, this would be incorrect as the Rankers refer to the players within the system and goes as far as 2000+. Presumably he meant that both Coma and Elena were in top 20 in the rankings.