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For other uses of this name, see Rajie Style Kill Fist (Disambiguation).

Rajie Style Killer Fist - Bear Killer is is the first original skill created by Rajie.


Le. Rajie first used this skill to defeat a bear and that is how it got it's name.[1] It looked like a two fisted punch.

It seems like the higher the level, the bigger the Aura on the arm of the user.[2]

Dark is able to use this skill when in Devil x Dark Magician Mode.[3]

When Dark used this skill the rocks around the him where destroyed[3] and his hands moves so fast that it looked that he had multiple arms.[1]

It can be used as a combination skill as Dark used Bear Hunt Two-Hit Combo (곰죽이기 2연격, gomjug-igi 2yeongyeog) to defeat Axe Beard.[1]

The Combat Skill was powerful enough to defeat Axe Beard.[1]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 16 Demonic Mode Dark used Bear Killer to fatally wound Heriach.[4] Heriach recovered due to his passive skill, God's Body.[5]
Season 2 Episode 70 Le Celinna tried to use Bear Killer while Dark had his back turned but it was blocked by Dark's hand.[6]





Rajie first created the skill when he killed bear.[1]

Pooh Upooh Request Quest

Dark used a combination skill of Bear Hunt and delivered a two hit combo to defeat Axe Beard.[3][1]

Pooh Upooh Rescue

Rajie used Bear Hunt to destroy some of the Golems. When he used it there were giant blue energy beams around his arm.[2]

Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

라지에식 살권 - 곰죽이기 is translated was first translated by Line Webtoon as Lazie's Deadly Combat Skill - Bear Hunt in Episode 60. It has since been translated as 'Lazie's Deadly Move - Bear Hunt' by Line Webtoon.

라지에 literally means 'Rajie'. '식' means 'style', 'way of doing things'. '살' is the hangul form of which means 'to kill';'to murder'. '권' is the hangul form of '' which means 'fist'. Therefore, 라지에식 살권 means Rajie Style Kill Fist.

'곰죽이기' literally means to 'kill a bear'/'Kill the Bear'.

The skills literal translation is therefore 'Rajie Style Kill Fist - Kill a Bear'. This wiki will be rephrasing that as 'Rajie Style Kill Fist - Bear Killer'.

Notes & Trivia

  • '라지에식 살권' was first translated by Line Webtoon as 'Lazi'es Deadly Combat Skill'.[1] Since then, it has been translated as 'Rajie's Deadly Move' since.