Quest House is a pawn shop that is owned by Heart Heater. It is currently located at the centre of Dark Land and serves as the de-facto base of operations of the Kingdom.


This is where Heart Heater conducts his business and where he can be usually found acting as an intermediary for quests and also this is where he is paid the money owed to him.[1]

Inside of Quest House, there are wanted posters on the wall as well as the fingers of debtors who did not pay back their debt on time.[1]

Dark's Party can usually be found here when not doing quests.


Notes & Trivia

  • There are multiple wanted posters on Heart Heater's walls that include:
    • A red devil valued at 99999G.[1]
    • Sehun Kim with bounty of 309G.[1]
    • A boy with a red cap with an unknown bounty.[1]
    • A character with white hair with a bounty of 72700G.[1]


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