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Quadruple Buff - Mana Super Amplification is a buff skills in Lucid Adventure.[1]


A four fold buff used by four players to significantly boost the mana of the target.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 54 Super Mana Amplification was used by four Zara Guild members to boost Choco Bibi's mana significantly, which enabled Choco Bibi to use Mass Teleport to teleport Zara Guild's infiltration team into Cobalt Castle.[1]

Translation Notes

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

4중버프 - 마나 초 증폭 is translated as Four Buffs - Mana Super Amplification

4중 can be translated as "quadruple; fourfold".

Notes & Trivia

  • It has been assumed that the skill was used by the four wizards. It is possible that Choco Bibi is the one tat actually used the skill and it's in his skill tree but this is very unclear. The former will be assumed for now till the author confirms it.