The Qeentharin Family is a family in Lucid Adventure.


The Qeentharin Family was a noble family from the Luo Kingdom. They were in charge of the Luo Kingdom's finances.[1] After the Luo Kingdom was destroyed, it is unknown what became of the Qeenthairn Family.

Known Qeentharins

Translation Issues

'퀸타린' (romaja: kwintalin) is translated by Line Webtoon as 'Quintarin'.[2] '퀸' means 'queen'. '타린' can be translated as 'Taryn' and 'Tarin'. A better English translation would naturally have been 'Queentarin'.

'퀸타린' was romanized as 'Qeentharin' by Kim Sehoon in Season 2 Episode 36. Although 'Queentarin' is the logical spelling of the word, 'Qeentharin' is the official English spelling.

Notes & Trivia

  • Based on Architect Brick's reaction to seeing Heart Heater, jade green hair and bright red eyes appears to be a physical trait of the Qeentharin family.[2]
  • Heart Heater's financial ability most likely stems from his family dealing with the Luo Kingdom's finances.


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