Purple Head (Tentative Name) is a member of Scallion Head's Guild.


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He seemed like a decent person as he was willing to get a healer for an injured person before discovering it was Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He also seems to care about his Guild Master as he tried calming him down so he didn't get arrested by the Guard NPCs.[1]


He was part of a failed ambush attack on Hardcore Leveling Warrior on the Cobalt Castle Trade Route.[2]

He later found a Level 1 Hardcore Leveling Warriror and took him to Scallion Head, where he was then tied up. He was part of the mob that continuously beat Hardcore Leveling Warrior whilst healing him so they could beat him up longer.[3]

He pleaded with Scallion Head to not assault Hardcore Leveling Warrior in the village as there were Guard NPCs around.[1]

Skills & Abilities




The only Item he was seen with was a flute during the ambush on Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It never showed any special abilities

Notes & Trivia

  • The 6 dots on his forehead are identical to those used by Buddhist monks and Shaolin Monks.
  • His name has not been revealed an 'Purple Head' is used a s reference.


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