"I'm here as a guide, that's my role. A guide who leads this game to the right ending"

Principal is the Guild Master of the Elixir Plant Guild.[1]





Like her guild before going under the wing of the Dragon of Light, Principal is a pacifist and holds no malice. Unlike the majority of players who only want to conquer Lucid Adventure for power, she acts as a guide to lead the game to the right ending. This is the reason the dragon chose her.[2]

She also looks at the bigger picture at hand rather than what's right in front of her. She urged the "pointless" fighting between Giga and Yopi Land to stop in order for all the forces to focus on the growing power of nightmare.[1]

Despite Principal's almost sage-like disposition, she is aware it is in human nature for people to make promises and do something else behind your back.[3]

Principal rarely takes part in battles and her first appearance on the battlefield was to call for a truce between the major 4 guilds.[1]

Skills & Abilities

As the guild master of Elixir Plant Guild, Principal has authority over one of the strongest guilds in Lucid Adventure. 

It is currently unknown how strong Principal really is, but there have been some hints that she is extremely powerful.

Accompanied by Stone, Principal's mere presence and words were enough to stop the war between Giga and Yopi Land.[1]

Armistice Agreement Skill

  • Principal's lotus-shaped barrier
  • The big 4 guild leaders talking within Principal's barrier.
  • Principal creating 'The Bracelet of Rules'
  • A 'Bracelet of Rules'
  • The 3 Big Guild Leaders each receiving a 'Bracelet of Rules'

Principal has an 'Armistice Agreement' Skill ('휴전 협약' 스킬). It is a 'Skill of Promise' with a strong binding force that cannot be broken.[3] Principal encloses the targets in her giant pink lotus-shaped barrier. The inside of the barrier is Principal's own ground. Word and promises made within the barrier cannot go out. It is an amazing skill that can reestablish or even recreate the rules that exist in Lucid Adventure.[2]

  • The Bracelet of Rules (규율의 팔찌): A bracelet created by Principal for truce. It is a bracelet with 7 pink orbs. Those who equip the bracelet are enforced by Principal's skill. They cannot attack each other's bases. It is a bracelet for rules without any harm.[2]


Season 2

Summit Arc

Principal and Stone (Season 2 Episode 31)

Accompanied by Stone, Principal appeared at the border where Giga and Yopi Land where fighting. She urged both guilds to stop the "pointless" fighting as they had a common enemy in the form of New Nightmare. Stone chimed in and said anyone who had a problem with what Principal said should come and fight him. Immediately after her appearance, a temporary truce was made between Giga and Yopi Land.[1]

Principal exchanging pleasantries with Han Sung-Gong (Season 2 Episode 32)

Principal and Elixir Plant Guild arrive at the House of Beginnings. They are soon joined by Giga Empire. Han Sung-Gong and Principal exchange pleasantries and soon after, Yopi Land and the Big 4 of the Underworld arrive. Yopi's disposition changes when he sees Han Sung-Gong and he becomes enraged. Principal remarks that she could hear Yopi's heart beat from where she was. Dark Land are the final Guild to arrive at the summit. Akira attacks Yopi whilst Principal and the other guilds watch on.[3][2]

Principal talking to the major 3 guild leaders in her barrier (Season 2 Episode 33)

After the exchanging of greetings, Principal and the 3 guild leaders enter in Principal's lotus-like barrier. Principal tells the 3 leaders of her plan for a truce in order to deal with No Name and the threat of New Nightmare. Principal creates 'Bracelets of Rules', which she puts on and gives to the other guild leaders. With that, the Guild Alliance became official. Han Sung-Gong nominates himself as the leader of the new Guild Alliance, but Yopi disagrees which makes Principal question if Yopi himself felt he was the most qualified. Yopi proposes a fight for the position.[2]

Notes & Trivia

  • Principal's character may be based on Guanyin, the Buddhist bodhisattva associated with compassion


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