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In the beginning, God created Four Gods and Two Dragons...
 Heart Heater[source]

The Primordial Dragons,[3] also known as the Dragon of Evil and The Dragon of Light[1] and The Dragon of Light and The Dragon of Darkness,[4] are the two dragons created at the beginning of Lucid Adventure.


The Primordial Dragons are a godlike, legendary and transcendent presences that surpasses the power of almost all known existence in Lucid Adventure. Along with the Four Gods, the Primordial Dragons were created at the beginning of Lucid Adventure by The Absolute God. They were created to balance the power of the Four Gods.[5] The first two dragons were created to monitor The Four Gods and prevent them from setting their eyes on the 'other world'.[6] They follow the will of the Absolute God, which is to prevent Lucid Adventure and the real world from crossing paths.[6]

Ancient Dragons are the firstborns of the Primordial Dragons who came at the start of the world. All magic originated from the dragons, even the ancient Majins copied the dragons at first.[4]

The two dragons were as powerful as the gods, and they were protecting order in their respective realms.[6] A pair of Dragons, Good (Light) and Evil (Darkness), were one body.[6] The dragon's offspring's thrived and flourished and multiplied to fill the world.[6] This was also the will of The Absolute God.[6] With the intention of destroying the the two Primordial Dragons, one of the four Gods deliberately corrupted the children of the Primordial Dragons. It was to steal their forbidden power.[6]

The Evil Dragon ate his children up as punishment.[6] Enraged by this, The Dragon of Light held a grudge against him.[6] Light and Darkness started to fight.[6] The Primordial Dragons fought each other for over a millennium and their blood soaked the earth, leaving magic and technology in the world.[1] After gnawing at each other for a thousand years, the two dragons finally found out that they got played by one of the Four Gods, but both dragons had already become weak. When the Gods disappeared because of Yopy, the power they left behind got absorbed into the Primordial Dragons. [6]

After becoming fond of the Ancient Knights during the Human-Demon War, The Dragon of Evil created the Dragon Knights in order to raise them up to be as strong as the Ancient Knights.[7] To confront the Dragon of Evil, The Dragon of Light also created her own knights.[7]

Such is the tremendous power of the Primordial Dragons that their clear and distinctive mana spread and could be felt from thousands of miles away by someone as powerful as No Name, the Queen of Nightmare.[3]

The Primordial Dragons have the last two pages of the Absolute Quest and they are the final bosses that must be defeated in order for the Absolute Quest to be cleared.[3]

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Human - Demon War

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Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Changes

태초의 용들 is translated as First Dragons by LINE Webtoon.

태초 means "the beginning [of the world]". 태초의 is usually translated as "primordial".

용 means "dragon".

태초의 용들 means Primordial Dragons. Some translators translate it as Dragons of the Beginning. Essentially, the name implies that they are Dragons that have been in their respective world since its inception.

Notes & Trivia

  • The Dragon of Light and the Dragon of Evil are actually references to the Chinese Mythology of the Dragon and the Phoenix, with the Dragon of Light representing the latter and the Dragon of Evil the former. Their themes, Light and Dark, symbolizes the Yin and Yang which is the idea of two completely opposite things coexisting. Together, they are both considered to be the ultimate symbol of love and marital joy in ancient Chinese culture.