Pooh Upooh is one of the representatives of Yopi Land and serves as an Advisor to Yopi[1] and is Yopi's left hand.

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Pooh Upooh is generally very serious and also

She doesn't take it lightly when she feels that Yopi is being disrespected as she


Yopi Land


Pooh Upooh serves as an adviosr to Yopi and is Yopi's favourite.[1][2] She always worries about Yopi and was against him giving Dark's party the Grade S Secret Quest, fearing it would affect his exp and stats. She regularly nags him to act like a proper King.[3]


As one of the other people in Yopi's close circle, Pooh Upooh is very close to Tac. She gets frustrated with his rashness and lack of foresight . She refers to him as duck mouth regularly scolds Tac for not being respectful enough to Yopi.[1]



Pooh Upooh and Lime are like sisters.[4] When Pooh Upooh tried getting Lime to run from Rigos after she sensed his tremendous magic power Lim refused to leave her side and stayed to fight by her side.

When Pooh Upooh was captured by Scallion Head, Lime was ready to go after him by herself.

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Pooh Upooh is a named Darked Magician is extremely powerful.[5]

As a Dark Magician, Pooh Upooh uses a lot of Dark magic related to summoning undead creatures, spells and curses She doesn't engage in direct physical combat.

She has completed her 4th Job Advancement for the Dark Magician class and is one Job Advancement away from being a Master Dark Magician.[5]

It appears that Pooh Upooh has been alive for a very long time, possibly transferring he soul to bodies that matched her Soul Wave. This theoretically makes Pooh Upooh immortal.

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Dark Magician: Pooh Upooh is a very powerful Dark Magician and has completed her 4th Job Advancement. Her Jobs have not been revealed as of yet.

It is unknown if NPC have Personal Attributes .

Soul Transfer

Pooh Upooh is able to transfer her soul or part of her soul into another body as long as the owners soul has the same soul wave as hers.[6] It can be a dead body or the body of a living entity.

Pooh Upooh was able to transfer a part of her soul to a lab rat that was running away before her body was taken away by Scallion Head.[7] The Soul Link between he lab rat and her body grew weaker the further apart they were. Once the mana tether is broken Pooh Upooh's soul left the lab rat.[8]

After Pooh Upooh's body was crushed by collapsing buildings, Dark offered his body for possession but Pooh Upooh said she couldn't use his body as their souls have different Soul Waves.[6]

Pooh Upooh transferred her Soul into The Dead Body of a Forest Witch and now uses a new body.[6]

This ability theoretically makes Pooh Upooh immortal.

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It is imped by Yopi that Pooh Upooh is very old. It seems that The 28th Forest Witch might be one of her descendants.


Pooh Upooh accompanied Yopi back to Yopi Land after the Castle was attacked by assassins. Yopi told her to pu a tail on Team Dark and report back to him.[1]

She was present during Yopi's meeting with Giga's Diplomatic Ambassadors.[9]

She escorted Yopi to his meeting with the members of The Easter Alliance, chastising him for being late.[3]

Pooh Upooh entered the Combat Tournament, representing Yopi Land in Team Yopi Land. She was seen with Team Yopi Land during the start of The Preliminary Round.[10]

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