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Piggy, is literally a pink colour pig that wears a white chef hat.


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Piggy is the established owner of the best restaurant of Yopi Land - The Best Food.

Season 1

He is first shown, when heart heater, Dark, Sora and Holla visit the restaurant in which Holla allowed Sora to order anything on the menu, as a way to unlock her personal attribute - taster. Surprised by Sora's full menu request, he was excited to challenge her and after completing in eating the Super Gold Fried Rice, which no one else had been able to do so, commends her for her efforts. [1]

Later on, Dark and the group revisit the restaurant as well watch the Siege Round broadcast. Upset that Lu Bu was ranked 1 in strength, Hardcore Leveling Warrior quarreled with Lu Bu only for both of them to be put under rest, the two groups escaped to avoid being disqualified. Ultimately leaving the restaurant in ruins and a crying pig.[2]

Notes & Trivia

  • '꿀꿀이' literally translates to 'piggy'/piggie', a playful word children use for pigs. It is also used as aA figurative term for a greedy person.