Petrification is a curse inflicted on targets.


When Borgoba punches a target the target is cursed with Petrification. The target turns grey in color and is unable to move.[1]

It seemingly lasts longer on low level players but doesn't last long against higher Level players such as Sora.[1]

After acquiring Medusa's Gauntlet, Sora had a certain probability of casting Petrification on the target she touches. Buffs can be used to increase the chance of petrification to 100%.[2] The petrification caused by the Gloves causes a snake to wrap around the target, restricting their movement.

Medusa's Gaze inflicts the Petrification status on it's target, blocking both their hearing and vision[3]


Black Magic Dungeon

Borgoba punched Sora and inflicted Petrification on her. To the surprise of The Witch, she was freed from the curse pretty quickly and cut off Borgoba's legs.[1]

Sora used Petrification on Lazie on the third floor of the Black Magic Dungeon but he broke free of it easily and gave her a critical hit.[2]

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