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Personal Attribute True Awakening[1] or simply True Awakening, occurs when a character unlocks their True Personal Attribute .[1]


The character unlocks their true personal attribute, which increases their combat power by several folds. According to Hardcore Leveling Warrior, it is rare for a personal attribute to be awakened.[1]

The character becomes the physical embodiment of their personal attribute, carrying it's motif and uses skills associated with the personal attribute.[1][2]

Known True Awakenings

In order of introduction






No Name Adventurer Columbus Explorer: Columbus_No Name[1]
The Best Swordsman Yi Sun-Shin Duke of Loyalty and

Warfare: Yi Sun-Shin[3]

Heriach Hercules 12 Labors of Hercules[2]
Constant Liar Tongue of Judas[4]
Gangrim Grim Reaper God of Death (死神)[5]
Tempest Angel of the Battlefield - Lucifer[6]
Drip Soup Angel of the Holy Sword - Michael.[6]

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Translation Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

LINE Webtoon translates '진(眞) 개방' as 'Jin Unlocked'[1] and 'Jin Unleashed'[7][2].

'진(眞)' (romaja: jin) literally translates to 'True'. '개방' translates to 'Opening'.

In Korean rpg based genres, "개방" is translated as "awakening". This can be seen in Overgeared series, where characters experience "Awakenings" every 100 level (i.e. Level 100, 200, 300, 400 and so on). In Dungeon Fighter Online, characters experience Awakenings after reaching level 50.

'진(眞) 개방' simply means 'True Awakening'. This is the translation that this wiki will be using.

Even saying it colloquially, LINE Webtoon's translation does not make any sense. For example, Hardcore Leveling Warrior said in Episode 157 after No Name had her True Awakening: "인물형에서 진개방까지 가는건 ..". LINE Webtoon translated this as "She went from being a person type to unlocking her jin...". As we have already discussed, "jin" simply means "True", So Line's Webtoon means "She went from being a person type to unlocking her 'true'..." which doesn't make any sense. The correct translation is "She went from a person type to her True Awakening..."

By the same logic calling it Jin Unleashed means True Unleashed which makes no sense.

Notes & Trivia

  • True Awakening are not restricted to person types. So far we have seen class types and transcendental skill types use True Awakenings.
  • Some fans compared the True Awakenings of personal attributes to the 'Awakening' of Devil Fruits in the One Piece series.