Personal Attribute True Awakening occurs when a character unlocks their True Personal Attribute .[1]


The character unlocks their true personal attribute, which increases their combat power by several folds. According to Hardcore Leveling Warrior, it is rare for a personal attribute to be truly unlocked.[1]

The character becomes the physical embodiment of their personal attribute, carrying it's motif and uses skills associated with the personal attribute.[1][2]

Known Awakenings



Personal Attribute True


No Name Adventurer Columbus Explorer Columbus No Name[1]
Master Swordsman Unknown True Awakening 50%[3]
Heriach Hercules 12 Labors of Hercules

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Notes & Trivia

  • Line Webtoon translates '진(眞) 개방' as 'Jin Unlocked'[1] and 'Jin Unleashed'[3][2].
    • Jin '(진(眞))' literally translates to 'True'. '개방' translates to 'Opening'.
    • '진(眞) 개방' simply means 'True Awakening'.
  • Based on the 'True Openings' revealed, it seems like only characters that possess the Person Type Personal Attributes can use this. This has not been officially confirmed.
  • Some fans compared the True Openings of personal attributes to the 'Awakening' of Devil Fruits in the One Piece series.


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