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A Personal Attribute is a skill randomly given at character creation. It is an attribute given regardless of classes or tribes.

For example, magicians normally can't use bows because they are low in dexterity, but if their Personal Attribute is dexterity, it allows them to be magicians that can use bows.[1]

For characters that have martial arts skill as their personal attribute, they can become daunting healers that fight and heals at the same time.[1]

Personal Attribute Types  

Original Types

Originally, all Personal Attributes were categorized into Three Types/Tiers. Currently of all named Personal Attributes, only Hardcore Leveling Warrior's 'Absolute Luck', which gives improbable Luck, Assistant Managerpark 38's original Personal Attribute'Agriculture-Related Skill', which presumably grants him farming skills, Han Sung-Gong's Oedipus and Cave's Hustler have an undetermined Type .

  • Tier 3 - Skill/Stat Type - Skill Types are granted a unique skill. Stat Type increases the players stats. Players With Skill/Stat Types can find out theirs in the beginning, when they start to fight. It's better for them to choose the class that matches their increased stats and skill.[2]
  • Tier 2 - Class Type - allows players to get an extra Class but a hidden condition must be met in order for this to happen. The player needs to reach Level 40 to know this.[2]
  • Tier 1 - Person Type - It is a type were a a particular person (or object) such as a great person, a celebrity or a hero in a myth becomes a class. This attribute allows the user to create his/her own original skill. Unlike other Personal Attributes, players with Person type Personal Attributes can create their own skills. The player needs to reach Level 40 to know this.[1]
  • Tier 0 - Transcendental Skill Type - This is a type of Personal Attribute that Transcends the Laws of the game. Very few few players have this and little is known about this type.[1]

New Types

These are the new personal attribute Types that appeared after the death of the Gods.

  • Tier 2.5 - Monster Attribute Type - The newest personal attribute Type to appear after the death of the Gods. It allows users to have attributes of the monsters in Lucid Adventure. The name and tier of this type are unofficial as they have not been officially revealed in the series.

True Awakenings

Main Article: Personal Attribute True Awakening

Personal Attribute 'True' Awakening occurs when a character unlocks their True form of their Personal Attribute, leading to an exponential increase in their combat power.

Personal Attribute Specialised Weapons

It appears that some Personal Attributes have specialised Weapons such as Zhang Fei's '1.8 Zhang Long Steel Spear'[3] and The Best Swordsman's The Song of the Sword.[4]

Notes & Trivia

  • Personal Attributes was first mentioned by Hardcore Leveling Warrior in Episode 13 and then explained in Episode 22 by Heart Heater. The Appendix about Personal Attributes in Episode 22 breaks down the categories in more details.
  • So far in the series, Zhang Fei and The Best Swordsman are the only characters revealed to have Personal Attribute Specialized Weapons. These weapons seem to be restricted to only Person Types but this is unconfirmed.
  • Personal Attributes are not restricted to players. There are a few NPC that have been shown to use personal attributes:
    • Heart Heater: During the final of the PvP Round, Heart Heater was shown to have a personal attribute in his character info.[5]
    • The Nightmare Players are the Nightmare versions of players themselves so can use their own versions of the players personal attribute, with some even showing far more power than their original counterparts. No Name is still the only Nightmare that has been shown using the exact personal attribute of a player but it is unclear if she is a Nightmare Player or something more.
  • Each Person Type and Transcendental Types are exclusive to a single player unlike Stat Types, Class Types, and Skill Types where there can be multiple players of the same personal attribute.


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