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Perfect Cure is a skill used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Hardcore Leveling Warrior extends his palm and casts Perfect Cure on the target. The spell restores the targets HP and MP fully.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 166 Hardcore Leveling Warrior used Perfect Cure on the critically injured Majinized Light. Light's HP and MP are fully restored.[1]
Instance Description
<Hardcore Leveling Warrior> Author Kim Sehoon Cheers for you Hardcore Levleling Warrior uses Perfect Cure on Dark and Sora. Thier Conditon is fully recovered and the Corona-19 virus disappears from their bodies.[2]




Notes & Trivia

  • It is unknown if the spell can be used on more than one target. Hardcore Leveling Warrior used it on both Dark and Sora but that was non-canon and not in the official webtoon series.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior used this spell so that Light could "last longer" in their fight. He essentially healed light to humiliate him.
  • It is possible that Perfect Cure can remove the debuff status of a target but this is non-canon as this was shown on Sora and Dark.


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