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The Paralysis Sword is a Legendary Weapon created by The Master Black Smith, Zero.


Attack Power (공격력): +1

Hidden Skill: Attacks the opponent with a 100% critical hit on its 100th strike. It completely ignores the targets defense. Even the strongest target becomes critically wounded after the strike.[1][2]

The target is surrounded by a red electric-like aura if they are successfully struck by the 100th strike.[3]


Season 1

The Reset Arc

Disguised as Choco Flavoured Potato Soup, Zero used the Paralysis Sword to paralyse the ranked no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[3]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior used the Paralysis Sword during his Formal PK with Scallion Head. He swung it 99 times while he was getting beaten up by the enraged Scallion Head. Hardcore Leveling Warrior slashed Scallion Head's forehead with the 100th strike which led to paralysis.[1]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior used the Paralysis Sword on the first floor of the Black Magic Dungeon.[4]




Translation Issues

마비검 is translated as Paralyzing Dagger by Line Webtoon.

마비 means 'paralysis'. 검 means 'sword'.

The correct translation is Paralysis Sword.

Notes & Trivia

  • It is referred to as 'Master Blacksmith's failure'.[2] This could be because the weapon failed to damage Han Gun-Jae's hand that Zero was testing weapons on in Episode 90.
  • It resurrects with the last person that uses it or has it equipped. Hardcore Leveling Warrior resurrected with it when he was killed, and Keynes will supposedly resurrect with it when he returns after his ban from Lucid Adventure is lifted.
  • The length of the paralysis is not known.
  • The hidden skill of the sword is enchanted. You have to either have pre-existing knowledge about the 100th trike like Keynes or figure it out through trial and error like Hardcore Leveling Warrior.
  • In the 2019 Military Diary, Choco Flavoured Potato Soup used a weapon called 'Letter of the Heart' (마음의 편지) which was a parody of the Paralysis Sword. The Attack Power of the skill was ??? and the description of the skill is "It is a legendary weapon that can be used by anyone, but it can only be used by those who have true courage, and mainly used to poke garbage". Choco Flavoured Potato Soup used it to stab Hardcore Leveling Warrior in a similar fashion that he did in Episode 1.
  • The Paralysis Sword of Pk used by Keynes is based on the Paralysis Sword. The exact relationship has not been divulged as of yet.