Oz is a Fire Wizard and is currently a member of Bamboo Spear Man's Party. She was originally a part of Keynes party, but after his banishment from Lucid Adventure, she joined Bamboo Spear Man's party to compete in The Combat Tournament.

Her team was knocked out in the Siege Round by Team Light.

She is usually introduced with Goldy as 'Oz & Goldy'.




Lucid Adventure

Video Games


As well as having an introverted personality, Oz is pessimistic and doesn't hold a high opinion of herself. Her low self esteem isn't helped by the constant bullying she receives from Goldy.[1][2] She is can bee seen crying regularly, usually from the bullying from Goldy or by the threats of others.[3]

She doesn't like using profanity and she doesn't like and tries to avoid it as much as she can. She is reluctant to hurt others, even going so far as apologizing to her enemies before attacking them.[1]

Her shyness and nervous personality sometimes makes her to stutter when she speaks.[4]

Surprisingly, Oz is able to consume a large amount of alcohol which emboldens her and makes her use profanity.[5]


Bamboo Spear Man's Party

Bamboo Spear Man

Although she is constantly being bullied by him, she considers him a teammate and even admitted he's "kinda handsome" while drunk. After Alpaca Man suddenly disappears, he is the only teammate she has left.

Alpaca Man





Like most of the public, it seem like Oz thinks that Giga created Lucid Adventure.

Skills & Abilities


Fighting Style


Skill Tree

Fire Magic


Magical Items:

  • Magic Staff:
  • Goldy: A sentient hat that constantly bullies Oz. It seems to have and rude personality. It's unknown what benefits it provides Oz.




First appears as a part of Keynes Party alongside Alpaca Man.

Is eliminated by Team Light during the Siege Round.

Before the final round of the Combat Tournament she is seen being taken away by God's Helpers for destroying the Teleportation Platform. This is due to being manipulated by Constant's Hypocrite's Lie.

Alongside the other people at the combat tournament, a nightmare version of her is created having an opposite personality. It also appears Nightmare Goldy has the opposite personality of Goldy.

Notes & Trivia

  • Oz is the only character described as a pair with her Item. Her description is 'Oz & Goldy' rather than just Oz alone.
  • She made her first appearance in Episode 13 but her name was revealed in Episode 14.
  • Oz is able to consume a large amount of alcohol. During the Preliminary Round, she was able to consume barrels of alcohol and was the last person standing.[5] It is unclear and unlikely that she can repeat this feat in the real world.
  • Some fans have likened Oz's personality to that of the Soul Eater character, Crona
    • As well as both of them having similar personalities, they both have an abusive and submissive relationship with their items. In Oz's case it is with Goldy and in Crona's case it is with Ragnarok .


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