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This isn't a physical attack...!! This is a feeling of being erased from the origin of my existence!! Original, just how did you reach such a level..!!
 ― Nightmare The Best Swordsman[source]

Origin(元)[1] is a sword skill created by The Best Swordsman to improve his half-lacerate.[1]


It is the strongest skill of the The Best Swordsman's swordsmanship, which he made by overlapping countless incomplete lacerates to reach the extremes of a swordsman.[1]

If the perfect lacerate completely cuts off the form of an existence from its concept, the 'origin' of The Best Swordsman is an extremely compressed dot of sword attacks, which repeatedly stabs the enemy at transcendental speeds.[1] The extinction dots of nanometer size are repeated to form an extinction line, and the lines gather to form a surface.[1]

The skill consumes a lot of mana and the caster cannot move when the skill is executed.[1]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 89 After having his precious memories defiled by Nightmare The Best Swordsman, The Best Swordsman used Origin to completely destroy Nightmare The Best Swordsman's body, leaving not even a single trace left.[1] The Best Swordsman should not have used the skill since his damaged body could not regenerate mana, but he could not forgive the Nightmare that defiled his happy memories, which were the only precious thing he had left of the lost people and broken relationships.[1] His mana reserves went from 31% to 0.5%.[1]
Season 2 Episode 98 The Best Swordsman used Origin(元) to counter Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lacerate. The skill not only countered Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lacerate, but it broke his sword as well.[2]
Season 2 Episode 99 The Best Swordsman used Origin(元) to take of the head of Han Gun-Ho.[3] Han Gun-Ho instantly recovered by switching bodies to another one of his dummies.[3]
Season 2 Episode 101 The Best Swordsman used Origin(元) to neutralise the magic spells fired by the Level 66 Demon King Chimera Hardcore Leveling Warrior in order to clear a path for Constant to use The Last Lie.[4]
Season 2 Episode 104 After trapping the LV.66 Demon King in Uldolmok Field, The Best Swordsman uses Origin as Hardcore Leveling Warrior simultaneously uses Lacerate (節).[5] The skills neutralised each other.[6]
Season 2 Episode 107 After immobilising the Demon King Hardcore Leveling Warrior with Sea Dragon Ascension (海龍昇天), The Best Swordsman used Origin(元) 4 times to rip apart Hardcore Leveling Warrior's body apart, but Hardcore Leveling Warrior instantly regenerated due to the Demon King Passive.[6]
Season 2 Episode 107 In order to hold Hardcore Leveling Warrior back and buy time for the Superscale Mass Transfer that would transfer the Primordial Dragons to his location, The Best Swordsman used Origin(元) 5 times on the on rushing Demon King Hardcore Leveling Warrior and tore Hardcore Leveling Warrior's body apart. Hardcore Leveling Warrior instantly regenerated due to the Demon King Passive.[6]


Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

원(元) is translated as Core by LINE Webtoon.

원 is the hangul form of the 元, which means "cause; origin; source", "beginning; first; prime", "basis; foundation", "(finance) capital" or "principal".

Origin or Source fits in best with the definition of the skill as Nightmare The Best Swordsman even said he felt like he was being "erased from the source(근원)" of his existence (LINE translated it as "origin of his existence"). 근원 means "root, cause, source, origin" which is a play on the skill's name and which LINE Webtoon themselves translated as The Origin for Zero's base.

Curiously, in Chapter 2 Episode 132 of Gosu, '존재의 근원이' was translated as "Source of Existence", this further shows the inconsistency of LINE Webtoon's translations across the Korean webtoons.

The skill is meant to cut the very source, origin of a person's existence which is why LINE may have translated it as "core". The skill cuts the very essence of the person aka the core of a person. While the LINE translation contains the "spirit" of the skills function, "Origin" is the literal definition so it will be used.

Notes & Trivia

  • Some Naver fans have questioned why The Best Swordsman did not use this skill during his fight with Ruud Ra Kan as he would not have had time to practice the skill while he was injured.