Non-Player Characters (NPC) is a standard RPG term used for characters in a video game that are not controlled by the gamers but by the video game's Artificial Intelligence (AI).

NPCs serve a number of purposes in video games including:

  • As plot device: NPCs can be used to advance the storyline.[1]
  • For assistance: NPCs may act as partners to the gamer.[1]
  • Game functions: NPCs often serve as save points, item stores, health regeneration points and so on.[1]

Lucid Adventure

It is commonly believed that NPC in Lucid Adventure were created by the technology of Giga. This led to some people treating them as colleagues while some players treat them like tools and looked down on them.

It was later revealed that Lucid Adventure was created using God's Toy and the NPC are in fact not AI but real people[2]. This is unknown to ordinary players who still refer to them as NPC.

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