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What I really want to do as your queen is...to see the world's end with you.
 ― No Name[source]

No Name is the Queen of New Nightmare.[1] She took part in the last ever Combat Tournament as a member of Team Giga No.8 in the Siege Round and Team Taoist in the PvP Round. Her team was eliminated by the eventual winners, Team Dark.[2][3]

Sometime after the end of the Combat Tournament, No Name became the new Queen of Nightmare and founded New Nightmare.[1] Her goal is to conquer Lucid Adventure, lead the Nightmares to the end of the game, step into the real world and create a utopia where monsters, humans, and nightmares are all equal.[4][5]


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No Name is a young woman with short lilac hair and heterochromia eyes of yellow and grey. She wears a white cleavage shirt with yellow outlines, dark-colored short shorts that holds her dagger, two yellow bracelets, a diamond-shaped necklace around her neck, and black scaled leg armor. She seems to be wearing black armor underneath her shirt as well. Her attire is similar to that of Armes and her looks are similar to that of young Zero.

Two years later, she is wearing black plated armor all over her body, a five diamond-shaped black crown hovering above her head, a red crystal engraved on her chest, purple and light-colored mantle adorned over her shoulders. She still wears the same attire she had back then underneath the armor.


No Name had a happy, adventurous and strong personality. She always tried to join other people's adventures and fights, whether she was a part of it or not because it looked fun and always seemed to be jolly about it.[6][7] She has very strong self confidence about herself, as she still believed that she could take on an Ancient Dragon, who are known to be the most powerful species, all by herself despite admitting it was a mistake.[8] Her confidence even matches that of the arrogant Hardcore Leveling Warrior during their match, calling his maximum buffed stats 'pathetic' as she is way above that now.[9]

She is quick to admitting her mistakes as she said that taking on an Ancient Dragon might've been too much for her but pressed on regardless[8] and during the combat tournament, she admitted that she should've trusted in her teammates when Team Dark ganged up on her.[3] She also has a strong sense of justice as she berated and slapped Hardcore Leveling Warrior for resolving to cowardly threats when he threatened Scallion Head.[10]

When she became Queen of Nightmare, her happy and adventurous personality seems to have greatly mellowed out, almost emotionless, taking on a more serious persona.[11] Her adventurous side comes out sometimes as she once said that she wished that she could join the battlefield as well.[12] She also seems to be sentimental as she told her Nightmare Guild that hate is not what they are made of and what she wants as their Queen is to see the world's end together with them all.[4]

She is an idealistic person as well as her goal was to enter the Real World and create an utopia where humans, monsters, and nightmares are all equal.[5]


  • (To the Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "Powerful enemies only make heroes stronger. And it looks like... I'm the Hero!"
  • (Regarding Humans): "Slyer then devils.. greedier than dragons. That's human. So we must become much more vicious and greedier than humans..."
  • (Regarding the Giga Empire's fall): "Giga... if you were going to fall apart like a sand castle... what was all that before?"

  • (By Han Gun-Ho as the Crow Nightmare): "Please don't worry. That's part of the plan as well. Everything will go as you dream."
  • (By Han Gun-Ho as the Crow Nightmare): "My Queen, it's time to finish everything off."
  • (By Liu Bei): "I didn't come this far with everyone just for it to end like this... What the hell is your reason for doing this? Are you enjoying this? Burning our memories to the ground.. Are you having fun?"

  • (By Bat Girl): "No way! She twisted her body from that distance to avoid the magic?! That's not a human's reaction speed at all..."
  • (By Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "That look... that confident look full of pride! And yet she's not Armes?! Our battle in Zara Guild, her capability to handle herself... Everything... they're the same! She's... She's Armes..!!
  • (By The Best Swordsman): "It became clear after this fight. That No Name isn't Armes. Maintaining a conceptual magic the size of Santa Maria for so long? How much mana does she have..?"
  • (By Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "That looks like.. the woman who dragged me down from my spot in Rank No.1... She looks just like Zero..!!"
  • (By the Gods of Time and Space): "A combination of the Dragon's seal and that girl's personality... ended up purifying the Nightmare. Interesting. Nightmare and Dragon combined..."
  • (By the Narrator regarding Hardcore Leveling Warrior's thoughts): "..That woman that stands before him, there's no other way for him to defeat... the most powerful enemy he's ever fought in the tournament!!!"
  • (By Nightmare Choco Bibi to the Nightmare Players): "With Zero gone, all we have left now is.. Zero's last daughter. Only she can unify all the Nightmare into one and lead us. We find her and make her our Queen."
  • (By Heart Heater to Dark, Lu Bu, Sora, and Werewolf): "From what I hear, of the Nightmare Players who leveled Castle Lakiren, there was someone odd eyed.. who looked like their Queen."
  • (By Principal to Yopy, Dark, and Han Sung-Gong): "By chance, I once saw a woman called No Name. She was a mysterious person. What's inside her... is unknown even to herself, making her more dangerous..."

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    • No Name's first appearance in the series was in Episode 58. Her name was revealed during her duel with Anchovy Ending in Episode 72.
    • In Episode 136, the writer made an error and No Name was accidentally called Armes by Choco, the commentator of the Combat Tournament. This was quickly corrected, but it became clear that No Name was related to Armes.