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Originally No Name joined Hardcore because she thought he was having fun adventures. However, after taking a peek at his more ruthless nature, she considered him someone who uses cowardly moves and a person she can't lose to. Still, despite her feelings for him she reluctantly aided him in keeping his relationship with Guru a secret.

During the PvP she became disturbed when calling her Armes, not liking it. Leaving him in confusion. During their battle she saw him as someone strong, but only as an enemy that would make her stronger, stating by the end she would be the last one standing.

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While not much has been shown, it is clear the team got along fairly well and worked magnificently, even better than Team Dark. There teamwork nearly overpowering them with No Name caring for them to the point she was upset Hardcore Leveling Warrior attacked them.

At the end of the tournament however she lamented realizing that she didn't trust them enough when awakening her powers at their max. Where she should have linked with them instead of running off on her own. Realizing unlike Hardcore Leveling Warrior who had full trust, on his team, she didn't leading her to lose the tournament.

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No Name is an extremely powerful fighter. According to a Giga scout report, her estimated battle stat is Rank SS. It's the level of rankers of the two digit number.[1]

She defeated Anchovy Ending buffed by his personal attribute, Aggro, in one blow.[2]

She was able to dodge Bat-Girl's magic shots at point blank range and defeat her with ease, prompting Hardcore Leveling Warrior to say she has the power of a ranker.[3]

During the PvP Round, she defeated Team Timmy single-handedly, albeit with a bit of help from Taoist Kim.[4]

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Adventurer Columbus:

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According to Master Swordsman, No Name has a huge mana reservoir as she is able to maintain a conceptual magic the size of Santa Maria for a long, implying Armes could not do the same.[5]

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No Name using Nightmare Power
As a Nightmare, No Name is able to use the power of Nightmare freely. In this form she is capable of blocking The Ancient Dragon Ledinaia's basic attacks. Even when using a lot of Nightmare power, she is not consumed by it's power and does her best of keep her human side intact.[6]
No Name using Nightmare
According to Ledinaia, When No Name uses the full power of Nightmare her speed is comparable to Hardcore Leveling Warrior presumably in his prime. Her mind is still not tainted leading Ledinaia to label her as a 'Special Entity'.[6]

Ledinaia put a spell on her Heart so that she won't go berserk again.[6] The seal sealed Nightmare's power deep within No Name.[5]

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Purified NIghtmare Power

Due to a combination of Ledinaia's seal and No Name, No Name is able to use her own power to filter Nightmare's wild energy.[5]

No Name's body is overflowing with power in this form.[5]

In this form, No Name looks almost identical to Zero.

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