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Nightmarization 50% is a Nightmare skill used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior after using the Dark Coin.[1] It is a bug in Lucid Adventure.


Hardcore Leveling Warrior flicks the Dark Coin and is enveloped by a dark aura. He is then able to use 50% of Nightmare.


Hardcore Leveling warrior is granted 50% the power of Nightmare without fully becoming a Nightmare himself.[1] His stats are significantly increased and he is able to attack whilst ignoring his defence.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to use his ultimate skill, All-In, which was restricted previously at Level 30.[1]

There is a possibility of HCLW damaging himself with continued use of this skill.[2]

Using this skill left traces of Nightmare within him. These were removed from his body by Combat God.[2]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior used it to face Zero on the Battle field of the Combat God. He was able to use his ultimate skill, All-In, in this form.[1]

He was about to be arrested by Light but was saved by Combat God.[2]

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Notes & Trivia

  • Lucid Adventure Terms of Service - Part 3-1 of Art.4 states that Nightmare is strictly prohibited for normal users because it causes disorder.[2] HCLW was about to be arrested by for using this skill but was saved by Combat God.[2]
  • It is possible that Nightmare raises the actual Level of the user as HCLW was able to use All-In, a skill that was previously restricted to him when he was at Level 30.


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