Nightmarization is a Nightmare skill.[1] It is classified as a 'bug' in Lucid Adventure and any player caught using it is banned from the game.

It can be used by both Players and NPC.


Nightmarization grants the player the ability to use Nightmare which significantly increases the players stats such as strength, speed, regeneration and defence as well as imbuing all their skills with the power of Nightmare, which nullifies all defences.[1]

Players can be forcefully Nighmarized and have their stats significantly increased as could be seen when Zara Guild was infected by Nightmare through the machinations of Gia.[2]


Castle Dandan Infiltration

After being defeated by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Radish Kimchi used Nightmarization and tried to attack him from behind but was defeated by Master Swordsman.[3]

He was soon arrested by Giga's Security Team for using the skill.[3]

Cobalt Castle Infiltration

The Nightmare bug on a stone in Constant's pocket resonated with the Cobalt Gemstone and opened its eyes. It then spread spread itself on the Gemstone which then amplified it and Nightmarized the Zara Guild, imbuing them with the power of Nightmare.[2]

Giga Guild's Security Team proceeded to arrest the Zara Guild.[2][4]

Subjugation Round

After being overwhelmed by #3 Ranker form HCLW and sliced in half by his Moonlight Slash, Rigos used Nightmarization and recovered instantly. He was able to overpower Hardcore Leveling Warrior and his ice attacks were able to nullify HCLW's defences.[1]

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Notes & Trivia

  • Lucid Adventure Terms of Service - Part 3-1 of Art.4 states that Nightmare is strictly prohibited for normal users because it causes disorder.[5] Radish Kimchi was immediately apprehended by Giga's Security Team for using it.[3]


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