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Purpose? My purpose, of course, is to kill you. The Original!
 ― Nightmare the Best Swordsman to The Best Swordsman[source]

Nightmare The Best Swordsman is the Nightmare version of The Best Swordsman. He is one of the Nightmare Players created after Lucid Adventure's 'Hidden Rule' was brought back to the surface by Zero.

Like all Nightmare Players, his goal is to kill his original, The Best Swordsman, and take his power, becoming the new The Best Swordsman in Lucid Adventure.


All Nightmare players have pale skin, pale hair and yellow eyes. Nightmare The Best Swordsman is a well built man with an unkempt wavy hairstyle. He wears a gray short stand collar jacket, gray shoulder plates on both shoulders, black gloves, gray bracers, gray waist armor, gray pants and boots.



Nightmare The Best Swordsman is an arrogant and insolently proud counterpart of The Best Swordsman. He acts superior around his enemies due to his innate Nightmare power and often tries to arrogantly tease them as they fight. He is focused on making himself stronger as he immediately asked for No Name's speech if she'll give them identities so that they become strong enough to kill their originals.

Ironically, he is stated to be exactly the same as his original by other Nightmares. A testament to his arrogance and overconfidence is when he still remained that attitude against the Best Swordsman despite being defeated multiple times. He's a sadistic individual as he finds it more exciting to take down someone who's struggling with all their might.



Nightmare Choco Bibi

According to Nightmare Choco Bibi, Nightmare The Best Swordsman is similar to that of the original as they both believe in teamwork and loyalty though he finds it insulting to be compared to his counterpart. Nightmare The Best Swordsman thinks Nightmare Choco Bibi ignores him to which the latter said that it was his counterparts fault. They both are on good terms as they have saved each other under the pretense that both are useful to each other.

Nightmare Tempest

Nightmare The Best Swordsman saved Nightmare Choco Bibi from Nightmare Tempest. He then went on a speech about teamwork towards them but Nightmare Tempest and Nightmare Choco Bibi complained that he was just like the original, annoying him. It can be assumed that they are on good terms since they cooperate with each other.

Nightmare Drip Soup

There wasn't any interaction shown between them but it can be assumed that Nightmare The Best Swordsman is on good terms with him as fellow Nightmare Grass Roots members.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

At first, Nightmare The Best Swordsman thought that the Hardcore Leveling Warrior looked goofy but after witnessing his power, he was surprised and found him useful, particularly his clairvoyant abilities.

When Nightmare The Best Swordsman was revived by him, he didn't know if this was a blessing or a curse but he was very thankful to him, calling him their "secret weapon". He was in awe of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's power, saying that he really is something and is quite helpful when he's on their side. After Nightmare The Best Swordsman was revived for the second time with just a drop of his blood, he was truly amazed by Hardcore Leveling Warrior as he wore an over joyous expression on his face.


The Best Swordsman

Nightmare The Best Swordsman holds the same hatred and hostility as all Nightmare Doppelgangers do to their originals. He thinks that his original is an annoying prick and is only strong because of his items. Despite the hostility between them, Nightmare The Best Swordsman is said to be just like his original by the other Nightmare Grass Roots members.

Nightmare The Best Swordsman despises The Best Swordsman so much that he had his neck stitched and used the pain he endured as a reminder of his hatred towards him. Despite being defeated multiple times, Nightmare The Best Swordsman is arrogant and confident against his original, declaring that once he destroys him, he'll be able to take all of his skills.

Since he was born from The Best Swordsman's dark side and holds all of his memories up until his creation. He laughed at the past that his original wanted to remember as a happy one as he stated that his original was only forcing himself to remember it that way. Though he despises his original, Nightmare The Best Swordsman states that only he knows what's really on his original's mind, stating that he doesn't really want to save Hardcore Leveling Warrior and is only doing this as obligation to Armes, the woman he truly loved.



As a Nightmare Player, Nightmare The Best Swordsman was born at the max level on his creation and is innately powerful due his access to the overall power of Nightmare. According to The Best Swordsman, Nightmare The Best Swordsman wields immense power although when they fought again, the former stated that the latter was weak as he never trained.[1] Although his most remarkable trait is his tenacity, surviving multiple near death situations against The Best Swordsman and Dark, even when his head was chopped off, he still managed to live.[1] Despite his status at that time, The Best Swordsman deemed him too dangerous to live and attempted to kill him before being threatened by Nightmare Choco Bibi.[1]

With the help of Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Nightmare The Best Swordsman was able to quickly and perfectly imitate The Best Swordsman's True Awakening and even his Twin Dragon Swords. Nightmare The Best Swordsman became strong enough to force his original to use his remaining mana to deal with him instead of saving it for Hardcore Leveling Warrior. The Best Swordsman still recognized his Nightmare Version as a dangerous opponent.[2]

Nightmare Mana User: As a Nightmare, Nightmare The Best Swordsman is able to use Nightmare Mana without being corrupted and is capable of using the power of Nightmare.

Original Player Skills: As the Nightmare Copy of The Best Swordsman, Nightmare The Best Swordsman is able to use the Nightmare version of The Best Swordsman's skills up to when Nightmare The Best Swordsman was created.

Speed: Nightmare The Best Swordsman was able to match The Best Swordsman's speed, who was in his base form, in their second confrontation.[1]

Attack Speed: Nightmare The Best Swordsman possessed quite a high attack speed as he was able to consecutively match The Best Swordsman's attack speed, who was in his base from, in their second confrontation.[1]

Physical Abilities


Nightmare The Best Swordsman is an extremely tenacious individual, maintaining his arrogant and confident attitude despite nearly being killed multiple times. He survived a brutal attack from Dark that tore through his sides, though this was thanks to Nightmare Choco Bibi, and a testament to his determination is when he survived despite being decapitated, he had enough energy to even shout at Nightmare Choco Bibi for trying to attempt a deal with his original to not kill them, telling him to tell his original to just kill himself.[1]


Nightmare The Best Swordsman's swordsmanship used to match The Best Swordsman when they fought each other during the Ragnarök Arc. However after the time skip, his swordsmanship was surpassed by his original as he didn't train, his original even stating that he got weaker.[1] Nightmare The Best Swordsman improved as he was able to block The Best Swordsman's sword despite being of no match to him last time.[2]

After Nightmare The Best Swordsman imitated his original's True Awakening, he was able to copy the latter's Moonlight Twin Slash perfectly as The Best Swordsman stated that it wasn't just an imitation and that its actually strong. Nightmare The Best Swordsman even managed to pierce through his original's chest as he had aimed for although it should be noted that The Best Swordsman was blind on one side.[2]

Nightmare True Awakenings


Main Article: Ghostblade

Ghostblade: Not much is known about this as Nightmare The Best Swordsman had only just unlocked this.[1] Nightmare The Best Swordsman discarded this in favor of imitating his original's powerful True Awakening.[2]

Duke of Loyalty and Warfare: Yi Sun Shin

Main Article: Duke of Loyalty and Warfare: Yi Sun-Shin

Nightmare The Best Swordsman's True Awakening that he imitated from his original with the help of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lucky Coin. Not only was he able to imitate his form, he was able to imitate and master his original's skills. It isn't just cheap imitation as The Best Swordsman stated it was actually strong.[2] Nightmare The Best Swordsman True Awakening was very strong as The Best Swordsman stated that he might've lost if he used his conceptual magic as well.[3]

Combat Style

Nightmare The Best Swordsman is a swordsman much like his original and only uses one blade in his base form. He favors using Nightmare Water Dragon Beam much like his original. He is a very mobile fighter as he prefers to move around while fighting as shown when he fought his original in their second confrontation.[1]

Skill Tree

Nightmare Skills

Yi Sun-Shin Skills

True Awakening: Duke of Loyalty and Warfare Skills


Ego Sword

  • Nightmare Sea Dragon Sword: Nightmare The Best Swordsman has his own version of the Sea Dragon Sword. It's characteristic were never shown as of now but it can be assumed it is the same as its original but with the power of Nightmare.


Ragnarök Arc

Nightmare The Best Swordsman emerged from his original's shadow and told him the purpose of the Nightmare Player's existence which is to kill and take the place of their originals.

Nightmare the Best Swordsman and his original fought for a short period of time until Choco Bibi teleported every player somewhere else. Nightmare the Best Swordsman tried to prevent this but his attack was deflected by the Best Swordsman. He cursed his luck soon after as the Gods death caused a planetary explosion.


AE 1

Nightmare the Best Swordsman was revealed to have been saved and teleported by Nightmare Choco Bibi somewhere else. He saved the latter from Nightmare Tempest and told them about the value of teamwork.

Everything is as the Queen Wishes

Nightmare the Best Swordsman and other Nightmare Players are teleported to Lakiren Castle by Nightmare Choco Bibi after the Nightmare Dummies were destroyed.

They then began their attack on the castle and conquered it quickly after.

Season 2

Sleepwalking Arc

Nightmare the Best Swordsman was summoned by the players that allied with Nightmare in order to fight Dark. He was quickly defeated and almost died were it not for the interference of Nightmare Choco Bibi who saved him once again. They both leave the scene and teleported back.

Lucid Adventure Arc

Nightmare the Best Swordsman and his guildmates teleported to Crosswalk of Moon in order to retrieve the Divine Item for the Queen. He and his members then encountered their originals after the Nightmare Chimera destroyed the dungeon.

They then engage in battle with each of them facing off against their originals. Nightmare The Best Swordsman fought against The Best Swordsman for a short period of time until he was overwhelmed. Nightmare the Best Swordsman attempted to use his True Awakening but was again, quickly defeated by his original.

When Nightmare Choco Bibi threatened The Best Swordsman, Nightmare the Best Swordsman got mad and told him to tell his original to "drop dead". Nightmare the Best Swordsman and his members teleported back to their base after completing their objective.

Advent of the Demon King Arc

Unnamed Arc


Major Battles

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Notes & Trivia

  • Nightmare the Best Swordsman is the only Nightmare Player whose attire is notably different from his original.