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Nightmare Tempest is the Nightmare version of Tempest. He is one of the Nightmare Players created after Lucid Adventure's 'Hidden Rule' was brought back to the surface by Zero.

Like all Nightmare Players, his goal is to kill his original, Tempest, and take his power, becoming the new Tempest in Lucid Adventure.


All Nightmare players have pale skin, pale hair and yellow eyes. Nightmare Tempest has an unkempt wavy hairstyle and he wears a black fabric suit which he wears under a grey crop top and grey cargo pants. Two boxes of ammunition are attached to the torso area of the crop top. A decorative symbol, a gray cross over a black circle of fabric, can be seen throughout his outfit. His entire attire is a darker version of what Tempest wore back then.



Nightmare Tempest is the insane and expressive counterpart of Tempest. Nightmare Tempest doesn't like being told what to do as he had attempted to kill Nightmare Choco Bibi for saying he owes him for his life.

He's a lot more expressive than his expressionless counterpart as he wears a psychotic smile on his face all the time, made a mocking expression when Tempest looked at him, swearing and laughed like a mad man at Tempest's continued shooting at him. His personality is the exact opposite of Tempest's personality.



Nightmare Master Swordsman

Nightmare Master Swordsman deflected Nightmare Tempest's bullet from killing Nightmare Choco Bibi. Both him and Nightmare Choco Bibi has stated that Nightmare Master Swordsman sounds just as old as the original when he tried to go on a speech about teamwork.

Nightmare Choco Bibi

At first, Nightmare Tempest didn't like Choco Bibi even though the latter saved him. He tried to shoot at Nightmare Choco Bibi and expressed that he tried to pay his 'debt' by killing him as he didn't like being told what to do. They are on good terms now as they cooperate with each other even sharing the same playstyle as Choco Bibi and Tempest.

Nightmare Drip Soup

There wasn't any interaction shown between them but it can be assumed that they are on good terms as they are both Nightmare Grass Roots members and part of the same squad.



Like all Nightmare Doppelgangers, Nightmare Tempest holds the same hostility and hatred for his original. He repeatedly mocked Tempest for showing his "hand" and his attempted shooting when they fought in their first confrontation. However, he impressed by how Tempest shoots from sub-space.

Nightmare Tempest is completely obsessed with shooting his original full of holes as he wants revenge for what happened in their first confrontation.

Skills & Abilities


As a Nightmare Player, Nightmare Tempest was born at the max level on his creation and is innately powerful due to his access to the overall power of Nightmare. Nightmare Tempest is a proficient and tenacious marksman, he was able to completely survive a large holy explosion caused by Tempest's miniature angels although with the left half of his face deformed as a result.[1] Proof of Nightmare Tempest's tenacity is when his entire head was shot off by Tempest, with parts of his body following soon after but still survive despite the fatal injuries though this is because of the regenerative power of Nightmare.[1]

Nightmare Tempest became much stronger in their second confrontation as even Tempest could feel his power when the Nightmare Player wildly shot every single one of his angels, causing small explosions from Tempest's point of view; for context, when Tempest's angels exploded in their first fight, it was a very large explosion.[1]

His original even stated that he was fast as Nightmare Tempest instantly covered an incredible amount of distance (one mile), appearing before his original at once with guns blazing.[2]

Nightmare Mana User: As a Nightmare, Nightmare Tempest is able to use Nightmare Mana without being corrupted and is capable of using the power of Nightmare.

Original Player Skills: As the Nightmare Copy of Tempest, Nightmare Tempest is able to use the Nightmare version of Tempest's skills up to when Nightmare Tempest was created.

Ranged Weapon Proficiency: Nightmare Tempest is able to wield any ranged weapon he has with great prowess and accuracy. He can shoot or throw even reload multiple rounds of projectiles with quick succession. As a proficient ranged fighter, his marksmen skills are extraordinary where he is even capable of hitting pressure points and other weak spots with ease.

Speed: Nightmare Tempest is very fast as he was able to immediately close an incredible amount of distance (one mile presumably) between him and Tempest within seconds.[2] Tempest was also unable to get away from him as Nightmare Tempest consistently closes their distance with each attempt.

  • Attack Speed: His attack speed is very fast as Tempest was unable to react and dodge his barrage of bullets.[3]

Nightmare True Awakening

Nightmare Tempest's true awakening has not been named but its power allowed Nightmare Tempest to precisely shoot Tempest's bullets from subspace.

Combat Style

Nightmare Tempest is a wild shooter, preferring to shoot at all directions, with a Minigun of all things. He has the same play style as Tempest where he borrows mana from Nightmare Choco Bibi that allows him to teleport to his desired vantage points.

As a marksman, Nightmare Tempests also prefers to shoot from vantage points with his sniper rifle. Despite his psychopathic tendencies, he is quite intuitive as he was able to figure out that Tempest was shooting from another dimension, a sub-space. Despite this, Nightmare Tempest most prefers closing the distance between his opponent and force a close combat.

Skill Tree


Space Magic

  • Teleport: Nightmare Tempest is able to access this skill through Nightmare Choco Bibi, allowing him to teleport over any position he chooses.



  • Handguns: Nightmare Tempest wields his own pistol which he uses to quickly finish off anyone with a head shot.
  • Sniper Rifle: Nightmare Tempest's signature weapon. Unlike the Holy Attribute that his original uses for his firearms, Nightmare Tempest's uses Nightmare.
  • UMP45: Nightmare Tempest also wields UMP45 submachine guns which he dual wields whenever an opponent is close to him.
  • M134 Minigun: Nightmare Tempest wields this massive machine gun that possesses its own formidable firepower.


Season 1

Ragnarök Arc

Nightmare Tempest rose from his original's shadow and fought against him until the latter was teleported away.


AE 1

Nightmare Tempest was revealed to have been saved and teleported to an unknown location by Nightmare Choco Bibi. After being told that he owes him, Nightmare Tempest tried to kill Nightmare Choco Bibi but his bullet was deflected by Nightmare the Best Swordsman.

AE 7

Nightmare Tempest and other Nightmare Players are teleported to Lakiren Castle by Nightmare Choco Bibi after the Nightmare Dummies were destroyed.

They then began their attack on the castle and conquered it quickly after.

Season 2

Sleepwalking Arc

Nightmare Tempest sat on a tower, killing off the last resistance of Lakiren Castle.

Lucid Adventure Arc

Nightmare Tempest and his guildmates teleported to Crosswalk of Moon in order to retrieve the Divine Item for the Queen. He and his squadron then encountered their originals after the Nightmare Chimera destroyed the dungeon.

They then engage in battle with each of them facing off against their originals. Nightmare Tempest faced off against his original and shot first, however, Tempest outplayed him and shot him multiple times. Nightmare Tempest then unleashed his True Awakening and was then able to match Tempest's attacks.

He was teleported along with his squadron back to the base by Nightmare Choco Bibi.

Notes & Trivia