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I am not my copy. I, who surpassed you, is the original.
 ― Nightmare Drip Soup to Drip Soup[source]

Nightmare Drip Soup is the Nightmare version of Drip Soup. He is one of the Nightmare Players created after Lucid Adventure's 'Hidden Rule' was brought back to the surface by Zero.

Like all Nightmare Players, his goal is to kill his original, Drip Soup, and take his power, becoming the new Drip Soup in Lucid Adventure.


All Nightmare players have pale skin, pale hair and yellow eyes. He wears a dark crop top with a large stand collar and white outlines, dark pants and white boots. He has three large white belts surrounding his midsection.

He has an unkempt hairstyle and overall, his entire attire is a darkened version of Drip Soup's former attire.




Nightmare Drip Soup is apathetic and doesn't seem much interested in anything else. Unlike the rest of his fellow doppelgangers, he doesn't seem to hold the same hostility for his original and would rather follow his queen's orders.

Although Nightmare Drip Soup does seem to be curious about certain things, he was interested to see what No Name was talking to them about and only attacked his original just to see what he'll become after he kills him. Outside of battle, Nightmare Drip Soup is a drowsy person, falling asleep on the floor as shown when he was at the Demon King Castle, and only woke up when Nightmare Cocomori told him that they'll go after the originals.

Nightmare Drip Soup is very confident in his power and skill, already thinking himself superior than his original. This is further shown and bolstered when he managed to awaken into the final class, the Angel Knight, confidently telling Drip Soup that he has surpassed him and that he is now the original.



No Name

Nightmare Drip Soup is very loyal to No Name as he chooses to follow her orders over his own desire to kill his original and wasn't disturbed his original at all until Nightmare Choco Bibi told him that he'll be less lethargic if he kills his original.

Nightmare Grass Roots

As a part of the Nightmare version of the Grass Roots Guild, Nightmare Drip Soup has good relations with them all despite their lack of interaction.

Nightmare Choco Bibi

According to Nightmare Choco Bibi, Drip Soup doesn't seem that all disturbed by his original and told him that he might be less lethargic if he kills his original. Nightmare Drip Soup became interested and curious when Nightmare Choco Bibi said that he might become less lethargic if he kills his original.


Drip Soup

Unlike the rest of his fellow Nightmare Players, Nightmare Drip Soup doesn't seem to hold that much hatred and hostility for his original. He became curious as to what he'd become if he kills Drip Soup. Nightmare Drip Soup thinks his original is very predictable.

Nightmare Drip Soup finds his original very disappointing and boring, stating that he is much better than him and that he reached a level that he never will reach. He declared that he has surpassed him and that he himself is the true original.[1]

When Drip Soup imitated him, Nightmare Drip Soup laughed at his imitation though he was called a hypocrite by Drip Soup who said that he copied him as well.[2]

Skills & Abilities


As a Nightmare Player, Nightmare Drip Soup was born at the max level on his creation and is innately powerful due his access to the overall power of Nightmare. Nightmare Drip Soup is a strong and agile fighter, able to launch two heavy attacks with his large sword while in mid-air against Drip Soup.[3]

With his Holy Attribute and Nightmare combined, Nightmare Drip Soup is a powerful combatant who was able to perfectly imitate Drip Soup's Paladin Form and is capable of wielding Divine Fire, fire from which his enemies cannot recover from with the added effect of Nightmare's defense nullification.[4]

Despite using the same attribute, Nightmare Drip Soup was stronger and eventually overwhelmed his original, ascending into the final level of the Paladin Class, the Angel Knight, a hidden class. In this form, Nightmare Drip Soup possesses a tremendous amount of holy mana, enough that he is able to summon the blazing version of the Sword of God with incredible ease. It had more than enough power to even destroy Drip Soup's Paladin armour.[1]

Even when Drip Soup unleashed his True Awakening, Angel of the Holy Sword, Michael, there wasn't much difference in power between Nightmare Drip Soup's Angel Knight and his. Nightmare Drip Soup even believed that if their fight dragged on, he will have the upper hand since all of his stats are overall better than Drip Soup's.[2]

Nightmare Mana User: As a Nightmare, Nightmare Drip Soup is able to use Nightmare Mana without being corrupted and is capable of using the power of Nightmare.

Original Player Skills: As the Nightmare Copy of Drip Soup, Nightmare Drip Soup is able to use the Nightmare version of Drip Soup's skills up to when Nightmare Drip Soup was created.

Swordsmanship: Nightmare Drip Soup's swordsmanship is as strong and skilled as his original's[3] but with the added power of Nightmare, his is stronger as he forced Drip Soup to use his Paladin/Holy Knight Form in order to overwhelm him.[3]


Nightmare Drip Soup's transformation as he merges with his Ego Sword, wearing full black feathered plated armor and coating him in his violet divine fire. A form that he imitated from his original.

As such, he is able to inflict Divine Fire which latches unto the target once comes into contact, causing a large burst of his own divine fire from which the opponent cannot recover or regenerate from.

Angel Knight

The final stage of the Paladin Class, the Angel Knight, a hidden class that can only be reached through enlightenment. Through this, Nightmare Drip Soup transforms in a blaze of violet fire, becoming an entirely new being.[1]

His entire being is alighted in purple fire and light. His hair rises like fire as he is crowned with a violet halo. Four black wings manifests; two on his back discharging flames depicting that of a blazing pair of wings, and two on his shoulders that serve as his pauldrons that then emit a circle glow. His body is covered in black, patterned with violet lines, and his Ego Sword flares up, becoming the literal definition of a flaming sword.[1]

In this form, Nightmare Drip Soup displays a tremendous amount of holy mana as he is able to summon the enormous blazing version of the Sword of God so easily, using it to smite down his opponents such as his original, Drip Soup.[1]

Angel Knight Nightmare Drip Soup is even able to match the power output of the True Awakening of Drip Soup, Angel of the Holy Sword, Michael though only for a short time. Though had the fight dragged on, Nightmare Drip Soup's Angel Knight would've had the upper hand in the end.[2]

Sword of God: With his fiery blade, Nightmare Drip Soup is capable of summoning an enormous violet blazing version of the Sword of God with ease and utilize it to smite his opponents, burning and exploding them with Divine Fire.[1]

Flight: With his violet blazing wings, Nightmare Drip Soup is capable of flying at high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground.[2]

Nightmare True Awakening

Nightmare Drip Soup's true awakening has not been named but its power was able to easily repel the Paladin form of Drip Soup easily with an unskilled unarmed attack.

Combat Style

As previously said, Nightmare Drip Soup is a strong and agile swordsman, preferring to move around and attack from any direction as shown when he attack Drip Soup from above.

In his Paladin form, he engages the opponent and initiates the fight with a blaze or blast of violet godly fire. With his new class, Angel Knight, he takes to the air with his blazing wings and smites his opponents with his enormous blazing Sword of God.


Angel Knight

  • The Burning Sword of Judgement: Nightmare Drip Soup alights his blade with violet divine fire and unleashes a colossal blazing version of the Sword of God upon his opponents, crashing down on them with violet divine fire.



  • Nightmare Three Attributes: Nightmare Drip Soup wields the Nightmare Version of his Ego Sword. An Ego Sword with a rare ability that allows the user to wield skills of three different attributes.


Season 1

Ragnarök Arc

Nightmare Drip Soup rose from his original's shadow and fought against him until the latter was teleported away.


AE 1

Nightmare Drip Soup was revealed to have been saved and teleported by Nightmare Choco Bibi somewhere else.

AE 7

Nightmare Drip Soup and other Nightmare Players are teleported to Lakiren Castle by Nightmare Choco Bibi after the Nightmare Dummies were destroyed.

They then began their attack on the castle and conquered it quickly after.

Season 2

Sleepwalking Arc

Nightmare Drip Soup warned the NPCs in Lakiren Castle to not resist or they'll be killed.

Lucid Adventure Arc

Nightmare Drip Soup and his guildmates teleported to Crosswalk of Moon in order to retrieve the Divine Item for the Queen. He and his squadron then encountered their originals after the Nightmare Chimera destroyed the dungeon.

They then engage in battle with each of them facing off against their originals as Nightmare Drip Soup fought against Drip Soup and initiated the fight. however, after Drip Soup unleashed his Paladin form, Nightmare Drip Soup was scorched by Drip Soup's attack and was almost defeated. He then unleashed his own True Awakening and overwhelmed Drip Soup.

He was teleported along with his squadron back to the base by Nightmare Choco Bibi.

Advent of the Demon King Arc

Nightmare Drip Soup was there sleeping with the other Nightmare Grass Roots as they were watching over Hardcore Leveling Warrior as he ate food and fought with Nightmare Sora. After words they wake him up to go fight their originals.

Unnamed Arc

Notes & Trivia

  • Nightmare Drip Soup has not shown his True Awakening since Season 2 Episode 29, this maybe because it was discarded by him in favor of imitating his original.