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Nightmare Cocomori is the Nightmare version of Cocomori. She is one of the Nightmare Players created after Lucid Adventure's 'Hidden Rule' was brought back to the surface by Zero.

Like all Nightmare Players, her goal is to kill her original, Cocomori, and take her power, becoming the new Choco Bibi in Lucid Adventure.


Nightmare players have pale skin, pale hair and yellow eyes. Cocomori has slick back long hairstyle and she wears the same outfit that her original wore during the Combat Tournament.



Nightmare Cocomori is quite aggressive as she wanted to kill her original just after she was saved and teleported by Nightmare Choco Bibi. She is also very confident in her capabilities as shown when she fought against her original, Cocomori, for the second time, saying that she truly knows her original inside and out, is the reason why she won.[1]


New Nightmare

Not much has been shown of her but as a Nightmare Grass Roots Member, it can be assumed she's on good terms with the rest of the team as well.

Nightmare Drip Soup

Nightmare Cocomori's only interaction with the New Nightmare Guild was with Nightmare Drip Soup. She called him an 'idiot' trying to wake him up.[1]



Nightmare Cocomori and Cocomori never met once after their first interaction during the Combat Tournament which is why Nightmare Cocomori never knew of Cocomori's progress, forcing her to train her quick-draw technique to the extreme.[1]

However as her Nightmare counterpart, Nightmare Cocomori claims to know Cocomori full well, saying that she's full of ugly things on the inside and revealed her complicated and mixed past with Cocomori's former master, Han Soo-Ah, and even a hint of their relationship. Nightmare Cocomori claims that she is different from her original which is why she supposedly won before being slashed by Cocomori.[1]

Skills & Abilities


As the Nightmare counterpart of Cocomori, Nightmare Cocomori is also an exceptional and strong swordswoman with a remarkable Iaijutsu technique and a swordsman capable of even cutting apart barriers of Master Wizards.

Nightmare Cocomori, wielding only a basic Katana, was able to match Cocomori in their sword clash and even left her bloodied and bruised.[2] Were it not for Cocomori's Amnesia, Nightmare Cocomori would have been able to defeat her original with her superior Iaijutsu technique.[1]

Nightmare Mana User: As a Nightmare, Nightmare Cocomori is able to use Nightmare Mana without being corrupted and is capable of using the power of Nightmare.

Original Player Skills: As the Nightmare Copy of Cocomori, Nightmare Cocomori is able to use the Nightmare version of Cocomori's skills up to when Nightmare Cocomori was created.


Nightmare Cocomori is an exceptional and quick swordswoman much like her original and so they possessed the same supposed swordsmanship. However, Nightmare Cocomori developed her Quick-Draw technique to an extreme extent that surpassed even Cocomori's quick-draw that was praised by the no.4 Ranker, The Best Swordsman, to be the best in the game even better than his.[1]

Nightmare Cocomori's swordsmanship was arguably better than Cocomori's swordsmanship as she was able to supposedly cut her down and would've won if it wasn't for Cocomori's Demonic Sword that can delete a memory.[1]

Attack Power: As Cocomori's Nightmare counterpart, Nightmare Cocomori also possessed the same incredible offensive power that her original has but with the added power of Nightmare.[1]

Iaijutsu: A combative quick-draw sword technique that can be aggressively used to wage a premeditated attack against an enemy. Nightmare Cocomori's Iaijutsu was superior than even Cocomori's highly praised Iaijutsu and would have defeated her were it not for the amnesia effect of Cocomori's Ego Sword.[1]

  • Speed: The moment Nightmare Cocomori unsheathed her blade, she instantaneously covered the great amount of distance between her and Cocomori as she slashed her and appeared another great distance away behind her simultaneously. Despite Cocomori seemingly witnessing her first, she was unable to react.[1]

Magic Cutting: Much like her original, Nightmare Cocomori's swordsmanship specializes in cutting apart magic itself, neutralizing or destroying any magical skills such as barriers of Master Wizards.[3]

Skill Tree

Cocomori has not shown any skill whatsoever.



  • Katana: Nightmare Cocomori wields a normal Katana, a Japanese sword characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands.


Season 1

Ragnarök Arc

Nightmare Cocomori arose from Cocomori's shadow along with other Nightmare Doppelgangers from their originals.


AE 1

She was saved along with other Nightmare Doppelgangers by Nightmare Choco Bibi. She then immediately expressed her desire to kill her original right after.

Season 2

Advent of the Demon King Arc

Hardcore Leveling Warrior Retrieval Arc

Notes & Trivia

  • Nightmare Cocomori and Cocomori only met twice in comparison to the rest of their Grass Roots Guild.