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Nightmare Choco Bibi is the Nightmare version of Choco Bibi. He is one of the Nightmare Players created after Lucid Adventure's 'Hidden Rule' was brought back to the surface by Zero.

Like all Nightmare Players, his goal is to kill his original, Choco Bibi, and take his power, becoming the new Choco Bibi in Lucid Adventure.


All Nightmare players have pale skin, pale hair and yellow eyes. Choco Bibi has an unkempt wavy hairstyle and his hair covers the left side of his face. He wears an army print shirt and black pants and boots. Overall, his attire is a darker theme of Choco Bibi's. Instead of a lollipop, he smokes a cigarette instead.




Nightmare Choco Bibi is a mellow and relaxed person much like his original. He seems to portray the same cunningness, determination, and intelligence as his original as well as he was able to save every Nightmare Player despite being supposedly killed by Choco Bibi, saying that he doesn't die easily, saved Nightmare Master Swordsman, surprising Dark and he easily figured out what Tempest's plan was. He managed to play Stone for a fool as he stole the reward from him right in front of him.

He's very direct as well, calling Stone an "idiot" twice to his face, flicking his cigarette at him for added insult. He is very skeptical as he questioned The Crow on what he did with Grian Den's Soul Fragments despite being on the same side and also Hardcore Leveling Warrior's allegiance that even the Crow found unnecessary. He often wears a relaxed expression on his face but this quickly changes as soon as he faces against his original.



The Crow

Nightmare Choco Bibi first suspected the Crow of hiding something but was then indulged by the Crow of a secret plan. Nightmare Choco Bibi began to follow his tasks, stealing Stone's reward from defeating Ge Des and gave his soul fragments to the Crow.

Nightmare The Best Swordsman

According to Nightmare Choco Bibi, he seems to ignore Master Swordsman much like his counterpart. He does however seem to respect and care about Nightmare Swordsman as he saved him again from Dark this time, under the pretense that he was still useful to him. They are on good terms with each other.

Nightmare Tempest

Nightmare Tempest tried to kill Nightmare Choco Bibi for trying tell him what to do but Nightmare Master Swordsman saved him. When Nightmare Master Swordsman tried to went on a speech to teach them about teamwork, both Nightmare Tempest and Nightmare Choco Bibi said he's just like the original. Both are on good terms as they even share the same playstyle as Choco Bibi and Tempest.

Nightmare Drip Soup

Nightmare Choco Bibi noticed that Nightmare Drip Soup wasn't at all bothered by his original and thinks he is an apathetic person. He told Nightmare Drip Soup that he might be less lethargic if he kills his original which prompted the latter to do so, peaking his curiosity and saying that it was worth his time. It can be assumed that they are on good terms as fellow Nightmare Grass Roots members.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Though Nightmare Choco Bibi has remained silent on his opinion of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior, he considers him as the Strongest Player in Lucid Adventure. He was surprised when the latter also managed to stop Nightmare Sora's True Awakening transformation.[1][2]

However, he is skeptical of him as shown when he questioned Hardcore Leveling Warrior's true allegiances and what he feels about the people (Hardcore Leveling Warrior's friends) he saw with his clairvoyant powers to which the former no.1 ranker answered that they're just food that he consumes to gain experience points.[2]


Choco Bibi

Nightmare Choco Bibi holds the same hatred for his original as almost all of his fellow doppelgangers albeit his seems more personal. He thinks Choco Bibi is an annoying prick and someone that keeps underestimating him which is why he felt pure satisfaction and joy when he stabbed Choco Bibi, breaking his usual relaxed expression, saying that his original should've minded his business instead of helping his guildmates.

Despite this, Nightmare Choco Bibi acknowledges his original's power and skill which is why he, along with other Nightmare Player with their originals, imitated him and his great improvements. Now that he wields practically better versions of Choco Bibi's abilities, he is very confident facing him, declaring that their fight at an end despite only beginning. Though he considers it nice whenever its just the two of them, he thinks that Choco Bibi is a sly bastard that won't die easily because the latter just hid instead of fighting him.

Skills & Abilities


As a Nightmare Player, Nightmare Choco Bibi was born at the max level on his creation and is innately powerful due his access to the overall power of Nightmare. Shown throughout his appearances, Nightmare Choco Bibi is the most competent and arguably the strongest Nightmare Player under the Nightmare Grass Roots and potentially all Nightmare Players.

Compared to Choco Bibi who is strong in his own right, Nightmare Choco Bibi has inherently higher stats than him which is what allowed him to beat his original in their second bout despite being overwhelmed initially by Choco Bibi's swordsmanship and skill, though it should be noted Choco Bibi was busy also supporting his guildmates during their fight.[3]

Nightmare Choco Bibi is also an extraordinarily skilled and powerful Spatial Magic user. He is able to interfere with Choco Bibi's Spatial Magic over extreme distances, stopping his original from using his spatial magic then opening and closing portals where Nightmare Crows go after stealing the Soul Fragments of Grian Den and Ruud Ra Kan. Nightmare Choco Bibi, with the help of the Dummy Nightmares, was even able to play the current No.1 ranked Stone for a fool, as he was able to steal Ge De's Soul Fragments right in front of him.[4][1]

Further showcase of his skills as he not only imitate part of Choco Bibi's magic but also effectively created his own better version of it that even baffled Choco Bibi's Spirit of Time and Space. He was able to create new spatial magic abilities with his exceptional skills and above all, created his own version of the Spirit of Time and Space which was a spirit version of Red Time God herself.[5]

As the unofficial leader of his Nightmare group, his leadership is remarkable to say the least as he is the one making the decisions for his team and their safety. He saved Nightmare Sora from being quickly captured by Sora and forcibly teleported and locked all of them with their respective opponents in different subspaces.[6] His overwhelming skill and power forced Choco Bibi to hide for the rest of their fight as the latter waits for back up. Nightmare Choco Bibi would've been the only Nightmare counterpart to have killed their original had it not been for Constant's intervention.[7]

Nightmare Mana User: As a Nightmare, Nightmare Choco Bibi is able to use Nightmare Mana without being corrupted and is capable of using the power of Nightmare.

Original Player Skills: As the Nightmare Copy of Choco Bibi, Nightmare Choco Bibi is able to use the Nightmare version of Choco Bibi's skills up to when Nightmare Choco Bibi was created.

Speed: Even without his teleportation skill, Nightmare Choco Bibi is very quick and agile himself as he was able to quickly move behind Choco Bibi by jumping over him and stab him in the chest despite initially being in front of him.[3]

Sensory Skills: Nightmare Choco Bibi is able to detect anyone with the slightest disturbance with his mana as shown when he threatened The Best Swordsman to not do anything or Choco Bibi's heart would be sucked into the void if his mana is disturbed even a little bit. He is able to also determine the strength of his opponents as shown when he sensed The Best Swordsman's strength to be far beyond all four of the Nightmare Grass Roots combined.[8][3]

Spatial Magic Proficiency

Nightmare Choco Bibi is an exceptionally skilled and powerful Spatial Magic user, being able to interfere with Choco Bibi's spatial magic over very long distances, from the hidden base of Nightmare underground to the outskirts of Jelly Village, and even use his spatial magic to open and close portals.[4]

Not only is he able to imitate a part of Choco Bibi's skills, he was able to create an ever better version of it that baffled even Choco Bibi's Spirit of Time and Space, even saying that it was beyond his own expectations. Basically, he developed his own conceptual magic that not even the Spirit can disarm. Though he imitated Choco Bibi's abilities such as the Eye of Space, his own skills created better and more complex versions of his original's abilities. With the unlimited karma of Nightmare, Nightmare Choco Bibi created his own version of the Spirit of Time and Space which was a spirit version of Red Time God herself.[5]

His overwhelming skills even forced Choco Bibi to hide in their third bout, forcing his original to hide within the subspace inside of a spatial crack. The fact that Choco Bibi hid only proves that Nightmare Choco Bibi was indeed superior than him in every way.[7]

The Spirit of Space-Time: With the unlimited karma of Nightmare, Nightmare Choco Bibi was able to recreate the Red Space-Time God as his Spirit of Time and Space. Despite the spirit being an inferior version of the Red Space-Time God herself, it still possessed tremendous spiritual pressure that negated the mana of Choco Bibi's own Spirit of Time and Space.[5]

The dummy Red Time God is able to encase Nightmare Choco Bibi's opponents within a black space and blast them away, creating a massive explosion. Also, it is unknown whether this is his skill or the Spirit's but he is able to stack large square spaces on top of each other which supposedly crushes his opponents.[5][9]

  • Coordinates: As his Spirit of Time and Space, Nightmare Choco Bibi can be guided by his spirit on which spot to attack first with its coordinates. The skill reads the exact coordinates of the nerves inside the opponent's muscles and teleports only the nerves with minimum usage of mana.

Eye of Space: Nightmare Choco Bibi was also able to create his own version of the Eye of Space that reinforces his spatial magic and his control over it.

  • Teleportation Speed: Much like his original, if Nightmare Choco Bibi awakens his third eye and shares his skill with his team, they are able to teleport a dozen times a second.[10] If used solely for himself, his teleportation can become so fast that it could create afterimages.[11] [12]

Spatial Distortion: Three small black distorted circles surround Nightmare Choco Bibi which is in form that allows him to launch them at his opponents. Its function is that he repeatedly compresses spatial mana to an extreme extent and distorts the coordinates continuously.[5]

In easier terms, Nightmare Choco Bibi is able to basically shoot small black holes endlessly at his opponents, just a graze from the skill is enough to kill the opponent.[5]

Subspace: Nightmare Choco Bibi created his own special version of subspace, which is his own conceptual magic that cannot be disarmed by even the Spirit of Time and Space. He is able to twist up the entire space in multiple layers which shocked even Choco Bibi's Spirit of Time and Space who is an expert itself in Spatial Magic.[5]

He is able to lock each person inside different subspaces as shown when he teleported and locked both Dark's party and his within different subspaces with their respective opponents.[5]

Nightmare Choco Bibi's subspace can only be forcibly removed if everyone on the opposing team defeats his party members. It cannot be removed if only one of his party members is defeated. He is also able to sense the status of his party members within the different subspaces, whether they lost or won.[9]


Nightmare Choco Bibi is the smartest and most competent Nightmare Player shown in the series and is often the one leading his band of Grass Roots which is ironic as Nightmare The Best Swordsman should be the one leading it. He is quick thinking as when Choco Bibi supposedly teleported Nightmare Choco Bibi someplace else in their first bout, Nightmare Choco Bibi was able to quickly save hundreds of Nightmares by teleporting them someplace else the same as him before they all died to the collision of the Gods.[13]

His intelligence shown once again in his second fight with his original, where despite being overwhelmed initially by Choco Bibi, Nightmare Choco Bibi gradually adapted to his original's superior sword skills and smart enough to notice Choco Bibi's weakness which was supporting his guildmates while fighting, quickly taking full advantage of that and defeated him. Nightmare Choco Bibi was smart enough to also realize that The Best Swordsman was strong enough than all four of the Nightmare Grass Roots combined and instead used the defeated Choco Bibi to blackmail The Best Swordsman in exchange for the Divine Power they received from the Dungeon.[3]

Nightmare Choco Bibi is very devious as he, with the help of Nightmare Dummies, managed to bait Stone into fighting a fake No Name whilst Nightmare Choco Bibi steals Ge Des' chest and soul fragments from under his nose. When Dark's party headed straight for the Demon King Castle, Nightmare Choco Bibi and his Nightmare group intercepted them, with Nightmare Choco Bibi teleporting each player with their respective Nightmare Players in different subspaces.[6]

Combat Style

Nightmare Choco Bibi is a multi-ranged combatant. He is a very smart and adaptive fighter as shown during his second bout with Choco Bibi. He focuses more on offense, teleporting and attacking from all sides. With his high stats, he is able to accomplish this.

Nightmare Choco Bibi can also utilize his own spatial distortion skill to attack from any distance. He can also be supported by his spirit, the Red Time God who can intercept attacks from any directions, locking the opponent within a black space and then blasting them away, creating a large explosion.

Skill Tree

Space Magic

  • Teleport: It allows Nightmare Choco Bibi to transport objects and people instantaneously over any distances.


  • Cigarette: Nightmare Choco Bibi is seen smoking a cigarette most of the time. It is a narrow cylinder containing burnable material, typically tobacco, that is rolled into thin paper for smoking.


Season 1

Ragnarök Arc

Nightmare Choco Bibi, like all Nightmare Players, rose from their originals shadow and fought them. He was quickly defeated and teleported somewhere else by his original.


AE 1

Nightmare Choco Bibi teleported himself and every useful Nightmare Player to an unknown area and told them all that he saved their lives. He then explained their plan along with other Nightmare Players in order to conquer Lucid Adventure.

AE 7

Nightmare Choco Bibi teleported himself and other Nightmare Players to Lakiren Castle after the Nightmare Dummies were destroyed. They then began their attack on the castle and quickly conquered it soon after.

Season 2

Sleepwalking Arc

Nightmare Choco Bibi saved Nightmare the Best Swordsman from Dark by teleporting him away. They then leave the scene and teleported away.

Finding Lucky Coin Pieces Arc

Nightmare Choco Bibi teleported his squadron to the Crosswalk of Moon in order to retrieve the Divine Item that their Queen wanted. He and his guildmates then encountered their originals after the Nightmare Chimera destroyed the dungeon.

They then engage in battle with each of them facing off against their originals. Nightmare Choco Bibi fought against Choco Bibi but was outmatched at the start as his original outplayed him. As the fight went on, he took advantage of Choco Bibi's weakness and overwhelmed him due to his higher stats, defeating him as a result.

Nightmare Choco Bibi then threatened The Best Swordsman with Choco Bibi's life and told him to back off from Nightmare the Best Swordsman and to give him the Divine Item. After that, he then challenged The Grass Roots to a rematch next time they meet as he returned and teleported his team back to their base.

Advent of the Demon King Arc

Nightmare Choco Bibi shows up to steal the reward chest that Stone got from defeating Ge Des. He mocks stone for being stupid even though he's the first ranker flicking his cigarette and teleporting back to base. He gives the reward from the chest Ge Des's soul fragment to the crow nightmare. He follows him and is there to watch soul fragments combine with and awaken Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

Nightmare Choco Bibi is their with the other Nightmare Grass Roots watching over Hardcore Leveling Warrior as he eats and fights Nightmare Sora. Before they leave to fight their originals Bibi questioned Hardcore Leveling Warrior's loyalty asking who he fights for and what Dark's parties is to him.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior Retrieval Arc

Notes & Trivia

  • Instead of a lollipop, Nightmare Choco Bibi smokes a cigarette.
  • Nightmare Choco Bibi's Spatial Distortion is a similar but different skill to that of Choco Bibi's Spatial Distortion.
  • Nightmare Choco Bibi is the only Nightmare player to have consistently won against their original.