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We, the Nightmare Players, are created to kill the original users and when the original player is defeated by the Nightmare, the original is gone forever and the Nightmare takes over his powers. Without the originals, the duplicates will become the new originals.
 Nightmare The Best Swordsman[source]

The Nightmare Players are the Nightmare Doppelgangers of Lucid Adventure users.


After witnessing the last strategy of Han Gun-Jae to defend the world made by the users, Zero also predicted her defeat devised a plan as her own last stand. [1]

The first daughter of Zero used the power of Lucid Adventure and herself as a sacrifice to reveal 'The Hidden Rule' inside Lucid Adventure. The Nightmare Players were born when this 'Rule' was brought back to the surface by Zero.[1]

The Rule applies to everyone with the exception of a handful of players.[1]

All Nightmare players are filled with hatred of thier originals and are created to kill the original users.[1][2] When the original player is defeated by the Nightmare, the original is gone forever and the Nightmare takes over his/her powers.[1]

When the Originals are killed, they lose all their memories of ever playing Lucid Adventure.[3]

Known Nightmare Players


Unlike their original counterparts, Nightmare Players are innately string without any trouble since they were born with Nightmare power from the beginning. To put in the terms the originals would use, they were born at max level with the Nightmare power.[2]

Nightmare players are not perfect Nightmares. They are hybrids molded in the image of their originals. At first Zero planned to enslave the Nightmare Players and use them as mindless puppets with her Nightmare Power. Using the Nightmare Power also means that their minds are consumed by Zero.[2]

A Nightmare Player can make the power theirs. The process is highly complicated and needs to be done in a specific order. The main point is that the Nightmare Player must know who they truly are. They must remember their names.[2]

Nightmare Version Skills: Nightmare Players can use the skills of the Nightmare versions of their original counterparts skills. The originals skills are imbued with the power of Nightmare which makes it stronger.[1]

Nightmare 'Original' Skills: The Nightmare Players are also capable of using their own personal skills that are separate from their original counterparts.[4]

Nightmare Mana: As Nightmares, Nightmare players have Refined Nightmare Mana.[5]

Nightmare True Awakenings: Nightmare Players can use their own version of True Awakening. They are able to do this when they purify their own Nightmare Power. The catalyst for the transformation seems to happen when they have taken extraordinary damage.[2]


Season 1

Ragnarök Arc

The Nightmare Players are born after 'The Hidden Rule' is brought to the surface by Zero. They immediately engage their originals. Some Nightmare Players end up killing their originals and absorbing their powers. Nightmare Master Swordsman tells Master Swordsman the purpose of the Nightmare Players and Coma broadcasts it to the all the users in the Tomb of Swords.[1] As the Gods clash for the last time, the space around them is torn apart, killing anyone that remained there.[4]


Finding the Queen

Nightmare Choco Bibi teleports only 100 of the Nightmare Players of the Tomb of Swords away from the explosion. He suggests that they find No Name and make her their 'Queen'.[4][6]

Biding their Time

Over the next 14 years (Lucid Adventure time), the Nightmare Players found for No Name and stayed hidden.[2]

As the Queen Wishes

Accompanying their Queen, Nightmare Players including Choco Bibi, Master Swordsman, Elena, Drip Soup, Cocomori, Oz and Akira invaded Lakiren Castle and conquered it.[7][8]

Season 2

Lucid Adventure Arc

After conquering Lakiren Castle, the Nightmare Players retrieved the Divine item known as The Unknown Energy. According to their Queens wishes, the Nightmare Players spared the NPCs that co-operated and killed all the players.[9]

Finding Lucky Coin Pieces Arc

Summit Arc

Notes & Trivia

  • Dark is one of the handful of players that 'The Rule' did not apply to. He did not have a Nightmare Doppelganger because of Han Gun-Jae.