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Nightmare Guild is a Red Player Guild that killed the players in Lucid Adventure which led to a huge war called The Very First War.[1]


A year ago, which was the second year for Lucid Adventure, the No.1 Guild called 'Nightmare' was created. They worshipped something called 'Nightmare' and gained power from him.[2]

The Nightmare Guild wants to destroy everything in Lucid Adventure whether it be the player or the world itself. Nightmare Guild gains power from destruction and destroys everything. That was their main quest and how they levelled up. Once a character experienced the power of Nighmare, its main attribute is changed.

There is a rank in Nightmare as Nightmare soldiers have to perform a given quest to advance to the next level. The quest must be done in a society and involves the slaughtering of citizens, children, killing innocents, looting and many other brutal acts.[2]

Nightmare Guild got more powerful, they believed they could beat the game by totally destroying the world.[2]

As the number of players in Lucid Adventure grew, Nightmare Guild grew stronger. In order to deal with the growing power of Nightmare, Giga and Yopi Land had an armistice to deal with the Nightmare Guild because it would have been a Game Over if Nightmare took over.[3]

This led to The Allied Nation being formed between Giga, Yopi Land and the combined weaker countries.[2]

Nightmare was fortunately stopped and it has gone into an idle period.[3]

Known Members


Capturing Sora

Nightmare on Ideiju



Notes & Trivia

  • According to Yopi, Zero used the Nightmare Guild as her tool. She was the real enemy hiding under the name of Nightmare.


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