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What I really want to do as your queen is...to see the world's end with you
 No Name

New Nightmare is a Nightmare guild in Lucid Adventure. It is a guild created by No Name where she leads all Nightmares as their Queen.


New Nightmare was formed when the Nightmare Players found No Name and made her their Queen.[1][2]

The guild showed up out of nowhere and has been expanding at an incredible speed. They are not just made up of Nightmares anymore, but they are also recruiting normal users as well. Their headcount has been rising at an astonishing rate and they had even managed to rally the demon clan that were on the trapped in the outskirts. The demons were Nightmarized and on top of that, they can share skills, using Karma. By injecting karma into the the user, they destroy the rules of the world.[3]

New Nightmare won every battle. One by one they conquered Lucid Adventure. With infinite dummy soldiers, Nightmare Players, Chimera Monsters and joined by the Demon Clan, they were the ultimate power. The biggest reason they could gain so much strength in such a short time is because of the endless battle between the other factions who competed to be the first to see the game's ending. When a faction gest defeated by the Nightmares, their opponent only used it as an opportunity to start an even bigger was.[4] Players killed by Nightmare lost both their characters and their memories of ever playing Lucid Adventure.[4]

Nightmare's threat forced the big 4 guilds to have an armistice. They held a summit and formed the Players' Union to counter the threat of Nightmare.[4][5] This initiated the Great War between the Player's Union and Nightmare's Allied Forces.[5]

According to the Dragon of Light, New Nightmare is trying to open the door that leads to the other world. If they open the door, the two worlds will be collapse on one another.[5]

By the time The Great War had started, 90% of the known monsters had been Nightmarized which further bolstered Nightmares forces.[6]

Known Members

Name Type Character


Status Info
No Name Nightmare NPC Active Guild Master and Queen
The Crow (Han Gun-Ho) Human Player Active Strategist
Hardcore Leveling Warrior Chimera Player Active Demon King Chimera manipulated by Han Gun-Ho.
Nightmare The Best Swordsman Nightmare Player NPC Deceased Member of Squadron 3
Nightmare Choco Bibi Nightmare Player NPC Deceased Member of Squadron 3
Nightmare Tempest Nightmare Player NPC Deceased Member of Squadron 3
Nightmare Drip Soup Nightmare Player NPC Deceased Member of Squadron 3
Nightmare Cocomori Nightmare Player NPC Deceased
Nightmare Elena Nightmare Player NPC Active Member of Squadron 7
Nightmare Akira Nightmare Player NPC Active First Ranked Nightmare Ranker
Nightmare Sora Nightmare Player NPC Deceased
Nightmare Claw Player Nightmare Player NPC Active
Nightmare Oz Nightmare Player NPC Deceased Partnered up with Nightmare Bamboo Spear Man
Nightmare Bamboo Spear Man Nightmare Player NPC Deceased Partnered up with Nightmare Oz
Combo Combo Nightmare Player NPC Active
Staff Nightmare Player Nightmare Player NPC Active
Ge Des Demon NPC Deceased Demon Prince. The One Closest to Demon King.
Ruud Ra Kan Demon NPC Deceased Demon Prince
Grian Den Demon NPC Deceased Demon Prince
Le Zilk Demon NPC Deceased Demon Elder
La Tufenri Demon NPC Deceased Demon Elder
Tenelle Jules Demon NPC Deceased Demon Elder
Gorgota Demon NPC Active Demon King Army General
Kepin Demon NPC Deceased Demon King Army General
Tije Demon NPC Active Demon King Army General
Juto Gurland Demon NPC Sealed Demon Noble
Ro Tishushu Demon NPC Deceased High-Ranking Demon
Elahistos Demon NPC Deceased
Reporting Demon Demon NPC Active
Arachnea Unknown NPC Unknown Legendary Named Monster
Mentirok Unknown NPC Active Legendary Named Monster
Ukang Ukang Ogre NPC Deceased Legendary Named Monster
Chief Goblin Goblin NPC Deceased
Gobungi Goblin NPC Deceased
Keynes Chimera Player Inactive Angel Chimera. Defeated by King Dark

Military Strength

New Nightmare's strength rapidly increases with each player deleted from Lucid Adventure and with each NPC/Named Monster (including Dragons) recruited into their guild. They won every battle until the Four Major Guilds formed the Players' Union in order to fight back against New Nightmare.

Beings under New Nightmare are innately capable of using Nightmare abilities which immensely bolsters their overall powers and capabilities without any drawbacks.

Their allies are also able to access Nightmare through Nightmarization which can evolve them into a higher being, granting them incredible power but inevitably lose their minds in the process and become a rampaging monster that destroys everything in their path.




The Nightmares decided to form a group and find No Name, who is the last daughter of Zero, and make her their Queen. At some point earlier in the timeskip, they were able to find and convince No Name to be their Queen, creating New Nightmare Guild as a result.

They then started subjugating the other Guild's castles, starting with Lakiren Castle which was under Light's jurisdiction.

Season 2

Lucid Adventure Arc

New Nightmare had completely subjugated Lakiren Castle, destroying the last resistance within and taking the divine item from them.

Finding Lucky Coin Pieces Arc

No Name ordered Squadron 3 and Squadron 7 to each go to two different locations, Tower of Abstinence and Crosswalk of Moon where the last remaining divine items remain.

Squadron 3 was able to get the divine item from Crosswalk of Moon whilst Squadron 7 was too late and destroyed the dungeon.

Summit Arc

New Nightmare won and conquered every battle until it was announced that the Four Major Guilds had formed a union. They then stopped attacking the Guilds and carefully planned their next strategy.

Beyond the Boundary Arc

Ever since the Player's Union, New Nightmare's territories were sharply decreasing, losing two of the Demon Princes immediately. The Nightmare Players had been ranked and have begun to hunt down the rankers who were hunting them as well.


Notes & Trivia

  • '신 악몽' literally means 'New Nightmare'. Line Webtoon has translated this as 'New Nightmare Guild'.
  • The New Nightmare symbol is a combination of the Nightmare yellow eyes and a turtle symbol that was used by Zara Guild. This is because No Name has links to Armes that has not been explained as of yet.
  • They were first referred to as New Nightmare by Sora.[7]