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... It changes the user's skills, personality and everything else...
 Han Gun-Ho[source]

Nightmare is an entity, a force of existence in Lucid Adventure serves the will of Zero which is the destruction of Lucid Adventure.


The exact origins of Nightmare are still shrouded in mystery but it seems to originate from Zero.[1][2]

The power of Nightmare seems to come directly from Zero, who infected her own core with a curse. This is the reason that although Nightmare grants temporary power, it ends up destroying everyone and everything as it is Zeros will.[2]

A year ago, A red player guild, Guild_Nightmare worshipped the existence of Nightmare which made them stronger with the more destruction they caused. This led to huge war that enveloped the whole of Lucid Adventure. They wanted to destroy the game in accordance to the will of Nightmare itself and caused a massive amount of destruction, the effects of which are still being felt to this present day.[3][4]

According to Yopi, the core of Nightmare was sealed.[5]

Players are banned by Giga from using the power of Nightmare as it causes disruption.[6]



Season 1


Season 2

The use of Nightmare powers up a characters stats and skills significantly. However, the infected player begins to lose their sanity and are filled with a drive to destroy everything.[7]

Nightmare changes the very property of the characters and causes them to become more misshapen.[3]

Nightmare Effects

Enhanced Stats:

  • Enhanced Attack Power:
  • Enhanced Magic Power:
  • Enhance Regeneration:

Enhanced Defence Nullification:

Karma Usage:

Nightmare Usage in Lucid Adventure

Although players are banned from using Nightmare, members of The Giga Empire are not prohibited from using its power. The core of Nightmare which seems to be in Zero's head is currently with the Giga Empire. Sam Han had it fully analysed and Giga have essentially become Nightmare themselves.[8] Unbeknown to them, they are secretly being used by Zero to bring and end to Lucid Adventure.

Any player caught using Nightmare is arrested by the security and eventually banned from the game. Radish Kimchi was immediately apprehended after his Nightmare usage[9] and Hardcore Leveling Warrior would have been arrested were it not for the timely intervention of the God of Combat.[6]


Nightmare can be used in many ways, it can be used to boost the players stats and skills, it can be used to create 'bug' weapons that are capable of deleting players from the game, it also can be used to create some sort of armor. 

Known Nightmare Skills

These are the skills that are associated with Nightmare. They can range from power ups, boosting normal attacks, using unavoidable skills.


  • Nightmarization - Grants the user the ability to use Nightmare which significantly increases the players stats such as strength, speed, regeneration and defence as well as imbuing all their skills with the power of Nightmare, which nullifies all defences.

Player skills Combined with Nightmare

  • Freeze Up -
  • God Fooler -
  • Restraining Orb - Multiple Shots -

Nightmare Weapons

Nightmare Weapons

Nightmare Sword

Nightmare Armor

Known Nightmares

New Nightmare

Nightmare Players


Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing


Named Monsters


Known Nightmare Groups


About Nightmare

  • (By Han Gun-Ho to Zara Guild): "There's a new bug going around these days. It is a very dangerous bug. If found you see it again, please contact the sanction team immediately. I'm sure most of you are seeing this for the first time, it's a very wicked bug that changes all of the user's skills and personality and everything to evil. else to...what they call Nightmare. It's become popular among some users because when it's used, they become stronger in a short space of time."[9]


Notes& Trivia

  • The exact Nature of Nightmare has still not been revealed. It is usually a blanket term for the NIghtmare Guild, Nightmare skills.


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