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New Nightmare - Squadron 3, also known as Nightmare Grass Roots are the third squadron of New Nightmare. It is composed entirely of the Nightmare Grass Roots Guild Members.


A squadron created by No Name to fulfill certain quests and missions. They were the ones in charge of retrieving the Divine Item from the Crosswalk of Moon.

Known Members


Season 2

Finding Lucky Coin Pieces Arc

Squadron Three were sent by No Name to retrieve the Divine Item from Crosswalk of Moon, however, they were too late as the dungeon has been closed off. The Mysterious Nightmare made a backup which is a Nightmarish Chimera capable of destroying an entire dungeon.

After the Chimera collapsed, Squadron Three faced off against the Grass Roots. At the climax of the battle, Squadron Three was able to retrieve the Divine Item but challenged the Grass Roots into another match in three month in real life time.


Notes & Trivia

  • Fans on both LINE Webtoon and Naver Webtoon platforms have dubbed the team 'Nightmare Grass Roots' because the Nightmare Players in the team are the equivalent of the players in Grass Roots Guild.