One Sword Skill - Moonlight Slash, more commonly known as Moonlight Slash, is a sword skill that was created by Master Swordsman.[1] It is one of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's signature skills.

According to Novelist Han, it is a copy of the real version, Lacerate (節).[2]

Overview Edit

The user delivers a single slash to the target.[2] The targets body part that is slashed is cut.

Although it a powerful skill, the cut is not clean[2] as a few of it's targets[3][2] have regenerated after having their bodies cut in half.

The skill has the potential to cut multiple targets as seen when HCLW used it when he was the #1 Ranker to cut down multiple targets.[4]

Presumably, it might have a Level 30 restriction or even higher as HCLW was unable to use it at level 30 before using his Dark Gate.[1] This might only apply to his class and not a Swordsman class.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior acquired this skill from a 'Bet' with Master Swordsman after defeating him. Master Swordsman is still able to use this skill and according to him, Hardcore Leveling Warrior only took half of the skill.

Usage Edit

Formal Combat - Master Swordsman vs Hardcore Leveling Warrior Edit

Somewhere near Cobalt Castle, Master Swordsman used Moonlight Slash to defeat Hardcore Leveling Warrior in their first ever Formal Combat.[5]

In another Formal Combat, Master Swordsman defeated HCLW once again making their head to head in fights 113 Wins and 113 losses to HCLW.[6]

Cobalt Castle Kill Python Request Quest Edit

After wiping out the entire front line of Scallion Head's Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union with Hell Fire, Hardcore Leveling Warrior used One Sword Style - Moonlight Slash To wipe out its remaining members.[4]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior crouched down and his eyes gave off a strong red glow. The Sword of Honor was charged with a red glow and Hardcore Leveling Warrior moved with enough force to crack the ground beneath his feet. He then proceeded to slash down his targets with a red wave emitted from his sword.[4]

It should be noted that this was the only time that the skill was seen being used on multiple targets. It was most likely aided by HCLW's #1 Ranker power which boosted the skill beyond it's original limit.

Grade S Secret Quest Edit

After gaining the upper hand in his fight against The Red Player, Hardcore Leveling Warrior used One Sword Style - Moonlight Slash to cut off his legs, defeating him in the process.[1]

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • When Hardcore Leveling used Moonlight Slash the first 2 times, it was accompanied with a prefix two different hangul prefixes.
    • In Episode 1 he used '일검류 - 월광섬' which Line Webtoon translated incorrectly as 'Mono Blade Rage - Moonlight Slash'.
      • '일' means 'one'; '검' means 'sword'/'blade'; '류' translates to 'style' or 'class'. So it can translate to 'One Sword Style' or 'One Sword School'.
    • Hardcore Leveling Warrior used '일도류 - 월광섬' in Episode 21 which was translated as 'One Sword Skill' by Line Webtoon.
      • '도' is the Korean translation of '刀' which means sword. '일도류' literally translates to the Japanese kanji '一刀流' (Romanji: Ittōryū) which means 'One Sword Style'. The word 'Ittōryū' became popularised to western audiences by Roronoa Zoro of One Piece, who uses his own Ittoryu.
    • Ultimately both can be translated as 'One Sword Style - Moonlight Slash'
  • What Master Swordsman meant by saying HCLW took 'half the skill' is unclear.

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