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One Sword Style - Moonlight Flash, more commonly known as Moonlight Flash, is a swordsman class skill created by The Best Swordsman.[1] It is one of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's signature skills.


The user delivers a single powerful sword slash that bisects the target.[2]

Although it a powerful skill, the cut is not clean as a few of it's targets have regenerated after having their bodies cut in half.[2][3]

The skill is only "half a skill" because The Best Swordsman based it on Novelist Han's Lacerate(節).[2] Compared to Lacerate, the cutting power is poor.

According to The Best Swordsman, the skill isn't teachable.[4]


In chronological order

Instance Description
Episode 51 The Best Swordsman used a gold coloured Moonlight Flash to defeat Hardcore Leveling Warrior in their first ever PvP Duel.[5]
Episode 52 The Best Swordsman used Moonlight Flash to defeat Hardcore Leveling Warrior in their 113th duel.[4]
Season 2 Episode 104 The Best Swordsman used a Moonlight Flash on Hardcore Leveling Warrior during their PvP. Hardcore Leveling Warrior managed to dodge the attack.[6]
Episode 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior crouched down and his eyes gave off a strong red glow. The Sword of the Knights was charged with a red glow and Hardcore Leveling Warrior moved with enough force to crack the ground beneath his feet. He then proceeded to use One Sword Skill - Moonlight Flash to Flash down his targets the large crimson-red wave emitted from his sword.[7]
Episode 101 Hardcore Leveling Warrior used a Moonlight Flash on Kyo, who dodged it and appeared behind Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Hardcore Leveling Warrior then rotated and performed a Moonlight Flash - Tornado on Kyo. Kyon once again avoided the attack.[8]

How to Obtain

The Bet

A Gambler can obtain this skill as reward for winning a 'Bet' against a user with this skill .[9]


The skill can be taught to another swordsman by someone with the skill. From what has been revealed ,the trainee has to swing their sword a couple of thousand times to get it done.[10]




Translation Notes

Issues & Errors


일검류 - 월광섬 was incorrectly translated as Mono Blade Rage - Moonlight Slash by LINE Webtoon in Episode 1. They then called it One Sword Skill - Moonlight Slash in Episode 21 and Season 2 Episode 3.

'일' means "one".

'검' means "sword; blade".

'류' is the Korean form of the hanja 流. In Japanese, 流 (りゅう) translates to "art forms; methods; styles and techniques peculiar to a person or house".

월광 means "moonlight".

섬 is the Korean form of the hanja 閃, which means "flash".

일검류 - 월광섬 literally translates to One Sword Style - Moonlight Flash or One Sword Technique - Moonlight Flash. In fact, the skill is correctly translated in the Taiwanese (Traditional Chinese) version of Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

'도' is the Korean translation of '刀' which means sword. '일도류' literally translates to the Japanese kanji '一刀流' (Romanji: Ittōryū) which means 'One Sword Style'. The word 'Ittōryū' became popularised to western audiences by Roronoa Zoro of One Piece, who uses his own Ittoryu.

International Translations

Name Platform Language
LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Mono Blade Rage - Moonlight Slash; One Sword Skill - Moonlight Slash LINE Webtoon (English) English
La Rage De La Lame Unique - L'Entaille Du Rayonnement Lunaire; Ildoryu - L'Entaille Du Clair De Lune; Entaille Du Rayonnement Lunaire LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior acquired this skill from a 'Bet' with The Best Swordsman after defeating him. The Best Swordsman is still able to use this skill and according to him, Hardcore Leveling Warrior only took half of the skill. What The Best Swordsman meant by saying Hardcore Leveling Warrior took 'half the skill' is the fact Moonlight Flash is only half as good as the original skill (Lacerate) hence half a skill.
  • In Episode 91, The Best Swordsman said the skill was unteachable and could not be passed on. In Episode 129, it was revealed that Sora learnt the skill from Hardcore Leveling Warrior. This is either a setting error by the author or there is a special reason Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to pass on the skill.